Blissful awareness through connecting fully with your physical dimension and what it teaches you and reveals to you. A fantastic vehicle for transformation and liberation. Powerful beyond the intellect. Read below and be blown away .. and this is just the tip of the iceberg. 
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Warm greetings to you!

We are going deeper into your ten light bodies of consciousness and this week is about tapping into the incredible intelligence of your amazing physical body, and how  ignoring it is like missing out of the most immediate guidance system you have… we can recreate an incredible connection, which leads to physical radiance, strong immune system, weight balance and all the physical stuff you know about already (hormonal balance, nervous system balance etc) … which is unique for us all.

Our body truly is our best friend and I am sharing in this newsletter what totally blew my mind at age 19. And I typed it up for you word for word last night, so you can read it and realise something miraculous ……. something truly AWESOME! A life changing profound blissful and deeply empowering realisation is what it was for me …. this is at your fingertips right NOW …. 

Actually I’ll share it right now … below this image .. I cannot delay, this is followed by the yogic wisdom about the physical body and of course the kundalini yoga viewpoint on it… and in class you will experience a kriya and meditation to take you deeply into the divinity of your physical embodiment. 

Bring your cup for filling it with my chai tea provided with joy and love …  Bring warm layered clothing, blanket, mat and pillow. I’ll set the ambience, energy and space and the rest  … sooooooo looking forward to it as always!!!! 


Our bodies are PURE intelligent miracles beyond scientific conception… vast, amazing, self-healing …… love your body and empower it by offering it wonderful fuel, tender love, rest and healthy movement, fresh air.. great loving thoughts … !! … laughter .. connect with your own inherent amazing brilliance there .. right now .. here :-)… here is an excerpt I loved when I read it at the age of  19 .. it impacted me hugely and offered deep reassurance and bliss which never left me.. and was only reinforcing  my childhood-knowing and all the studies as a scientist and reading beyond into ayurvedic science of yoga later on in my life.  Plus vibrational healing! Oh what a great book!
The excerpt is about something termed “Natural hygiene”.
I used to read it out to people with cancer, re-empowering them, they smiled and loved this … truth~ real deep, ultimate  empowering truth is liberating and uplifting when we embrace it for all it is.
Here goes: p16 Fit for Life (Diamond)
The underlying basis of Natural Hygiene is that the body is self-cleansing, self-healing, and self-maintaining. Natural Hygiene is based on the idea that the healing power of the universe is within the human body, that nature is always correct and cannot be improved upon. Therefore nature does not seek to thwart any of its own operations. We experience problems of ill-health (i.e excess weight gain, pain, stress) only when we break the natural laws of life.
The most beautiful thing is that Natural Hygiene is about using your natural tools of inborn common sense, instincts, logic and reasoning. These are critical tools that we all have built-in, but somehow they get overridden with other programmes from upbringing and the world around us… and buying into this. Outside pressures overriding our intuition or natural awareness.
The greatest tool of all – indeed the greatest gift of all- is the human body and the immense intelligence that directs it.

The human body has to be nature’s finest creation.  It is unmatched in power, capacity and adaptability. The intelligence inherent in our bodies is so vast that it is positively staggering.

The human heart beats about one hundred thousand times every twenty-four hours. Consider the fact that the heart and its pumping system, which scientists have attempted to duplicate without success, pumps six quarts of blood through over ninety-six thousand miles of blood vessels. This is the equivalent of sixty-three hundred gallons being pumped per day. That is almost one hundred fifteen million gallons in only 50 years.
The six quarts of blood are made up of over twenty-four trillion cells that make three to five thousand trips throughout the body every day.
Seven million new blood cells are produced every second! This pumping system has the capability of working non-stop for decades without skipping a beat. And this is only the circulatory system!
Consider the heat this machine must generate in accomplishing these functions, yet realise that it maintains a constant temperature of around 98.6 degrees.
The biggest organ of the body, the skin, is made up of over four million pores that are constantly acting as the cooling system for this machine.

The digestive and metabolic systems have the remarkable ability to transform the food we eat into healthy blood, bone, and the cell structure. Perfect balance is always maintained, and if it were off by only a small fraction, the balance would be destroyed. 

The lungs succeed in supplying the blood with the oxygen it needs.

A complex skeletal system furnishes a supporting framework to allow the body to stand upright and walk. The skeletal system works in harmony with an amazing muscular system that allows locomotion.

This machine can astonishingly reproduce itself! The force and wisdom necessary to turn a fertilised ovum into a fully grown man or woman are beyond our comprehension. The five senses alone can stun the intellect.

The list of activities performed by your body on a regular basis could fill a book.

At the helm of this pinnacle of perfection is the brain, overseeing all these miraculous activities, making sure everything is working with the precision that would make the work of a master watch-maker look clumsy.
The brain consists of more than 25 billion cells that are the most highly evolved of any known.
Looking at an individual cell, you will be even more impressed. A single cell cannot be seen without a microscope, yet what goes on within a cell is astounding. The wisdom of a single cell is said to exceed all the accumulated knowledge of the human race to date. Even the smallest cell in your body is about one billion times the size of its smallest component! The cell is the site of  more chemical reactions than all the chemical factories in the world combined.  There are thousands of components in a cell: chromosomes, genes, DNA, organelles, mitochondria, enzymes, hormones, amino acids, and thousands of various chemicals and compounds too numerous to mention.
And no one on this earth can explain what makes an individual cell operate.
All the thousands of different functions can be categorised, but the force behind these functions is beyond our comprehension. In other words, the innate intelligence of the body is infinitely more sophisticated than our thinking minds.  And to think there are over seventy-five trillion (75,000,000,000,000) of these astounding cells working with pinpoint perfection for some sixty, seventy, eighty years or more!

On a yogic level, it is greatly appreciated how the physical body allows you to experience duality (all the senses, thoughts and experiences) and your cosmic self … your expanded self, beyond the apparent physicality (which is as we know actually mostly empty space). 

Yogis know that when you are going through a difficult time, or you are having strong emotions, it is wise to work with the physical body first.

Often people decide to have counselling or practise meditation, or run away from the physical body by looking at it all from that point of view – which is great and definitely has its profound place – we are merely saying to not ignore the profound physical body in its path to healing, revealing and releasing ability.

We store it all in the physical body. Every tension or stress. Unless it is released of course. For long term transformation we cannot ignore the physical … which is why I understand why some people who just receive energy healing and practise meditation only, can’t hold the energy in the physical long term ..  it is like a lightbulb and the wattage it can hold; if you put too much current through the lightbulb, it cannot hold it … the physical needs to be INTEGRATED TO HOLD THIS ENERGY. This is why we do kundalini yoga – I do anyway 😉 – it keeps my physical balanced while raising the kundalini and expanding consciousness, in its unique perfect time, ready to hold it and handle it. 

Another important perspective is that we hold experiences/emotions in the physical body, causing physical tension and energetic blocks (meridian flow is blocked, underactive or overactive).

This is why suddenly you may turn a certain way (a simple movement) and go out of alignment and be on the floor in agony  ~ why? Because it was already a vulnerable spot holding old stagnant energy and needed to be balanced and released and just created an effect out of apparently ‘random’. It is like the straw on the camel’s back.

Working in awareness of, and honouring of the physical body will allow these releases gradually and gracefully to YOUR unique capacity and timing. Regular physical exercise is important for this to be effective. 

We process through the physical body. We must be aware and in gratitude of the process and receive the messages to be whole and in alignment. Deepest reverence is how I feel it .. the rewards are immense. 

Connecting deeper:

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Much much joy and gratitude for YOU!!!! Sabine Abnashjot
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Enjoy being you, your unique infinite self! 

How to get the most out of my kundalini yoga classes:

Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class starting time.

Bring your own mat, blanket, pillow and water to really take best care of your unique needs; it is easy if you keep your gear in the car always. It is better hygiene if you have your own mat, plus greater commitment to practising yoga regularly. You can get amazing mats online or in sports shops.

Set an intention before arriving by contemplating about your current priorities. You can use intention setting as a powerful tool to release old habits or to bring in new ways of being. The group energy supports this enormously! Set your intent in a “now” state, as if it is happening now. Paint the image in your mind, and FEEL how you would feel with this already fulfilled. Then let go and trust, without clinging.

Have only very little in your tummy. If you need food, see if you can have it latest an hour or so before class, and perhaps something light, like fruit or a bit of yoghurt, or coconut water .. it will sustain you and keep you hydrated in a great way full of electrolytes. Yoga is best on an almost empty stomach.

See the yoga time as a time to connect with yourself, to empower yourself, and to realise that all people in your life will benefit from your yoga practise, as you vibrate high and have great self-care, others will learn from you, be inspired and also see these benefits .. and as your vibration rises, so does the world’s naturally. As you take care of yourself, you can offer more love, depth and creative joy into others lives.

Communicate with me if you have questions or experiences: experiences can be incredible joy, or wishing to stay within, or the mind becoming noisier as it is seen for what it is .. I have a fair bit of experience and am here to reassure you and to share tips and awareness with you in how this process of raising the kundalini manifests and works. It is unique for everyone, and there are common points we all share on the seeming journey. I am here to share and support in yogic ways.

Let me know if finances are challenging or if you changed to going back to studies (concession) – I truly honour this and invite you to talk openly with me about this.

If you wish to include some of our work at home, talk with me, we can create a home practise to anchor your practise. This can be uniquely tailored to you completely. If you wish for a 15 minute or 1 hour practise .. if you wish to work through a specific challenge (addiction, relationship, breathwork, toning, increase awareness training, stress release, better sleep, spinal adjustment, hormonal balance, immune system boosting, emotional challenges etc), if you wish for a general practise.. there are infinite possibilities.

Offer me feedback of how you are going and what you are experiencing and if there are certain things you wish to hear more about, or learn more about.