Let your halo shine!
Did you know everyone has one?
Did you know you can help it to shine and strengthen and of course you can also make it diminish ….

Did you know when strong it naturally repels negativity and danger from you …?

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Warm greetings to you! 

So have you been feeling more connected with your amazing physicality, and the incredible mechanisms and profound intelligence within you, within every cell of your body?  Have you hugged yourself, connected and supported the magnificence of your physical vessel more? I feel such gratitude to experience it and to share about it too. Let’s give thanks to our incredible body and its healing powers right now again and again. 

Please keep bringing to yoga your mug (free chai in winter), mat, rug, pillow(s) and water, for the ultimate joyous experience and comfort. 

And let me know how you go with the new website and booking system, I gather from the reports so far that it is very easy and very user-friendly. You can book in advance and you can cancel bookings too. It is a very flexible system. Once you buy a class pass, each week you simply book the classes you wish to attend, and each time it coordinates this with your class pass. It is important that you please still sign in as per usual at the desk, and let me know how you processed the class. (For tax times). 

So let’s get into it! 
This week we work with our 6th Light Body of Consciousness – the Arc Line Body. Otherwise also called the HALO. 

You will often see it depicted in drawings of holy people/saints etc in art works. EVERYBODY has one, believe it or not.

It is described as a band of energy from ear to ear to the top of the head. Women have an extra arc line that goes from nipple to nipple.

Your halo/arc line can clearly vary in radiance .. it can be faint  (dull and broken even) or very very strong and powerful. Some of us naturally have a tendency towards a strong, radiant arc-line. In kundalini yoga, we have a great gift in that we can enhance this field of intelligence/light, and consciously connect with it and work with it.

Your arc line is about: PERSONAL INTEGRITY. And with personal integrity (speaking what you truly mean, honestly and taking action regarding your promises), you enhance and amplify it.

Once it is enhanced and amplified, it acts as a protective field against negative vibrations affecting you. If it is weak, accidents and other calamities are attracted into your field more easily.  We all know people that seem to attract problem after problem or calamity after calamity into their lives.

So what exactly do we mean with integrity?

Integrity means: your inner reality meets your outer projections. 

Firstly you have to understand yourself, deeply, within. This of course is often a lifetime’s work in itself.

Note it is important to realise not to project who you think you should be,especially if you have a perfect ideal about who you should be, or wish to be, and are trying to live up to.

It is about consistency and who you really are, your core, warts and all. Including your dark and light sides. 

Speaking your truth and meaning it, following up on it, is vital.

This week, if you resonate, you are invited to only challenge yourself and only speak your truth for 30 days as a practise. This is deeper than it sounds .. it gets very subtle … speaking for a hidden gain is not speaking truth for example .. speaking to receive a favour or positive attention is not authentic …

It does not mean tell people they look or sound terrible either, and offend half the planet ;-).   It means you don’t tell them they look beautiful when you don’t mean it. It means you focus on what is true that you can speak about.. keeping it honest and loving, respectful while being your absolute truth. True to you 100%. No lying or subtle manipulation. Really staying centred and clear. This makes your word strong and effective! This makes your halo strong. I will share a story about this to illustrate in class .. very  profound .. if you can’t make it to class and wish to know it, message me and I’ll photocopy the pages for you!

Soon .. would you like to challenge yourself to even just notice when you say things you don’t really mean, out of habit or the feeling that you have to, from cultural conditioning?

Your energy field radiating from this place of awareness and integrity becomes very powerful in many ways.

This is awesome stuff. If you haven’t tried it, it(this process) will show you much, and only benefit you to live your truth and hence allow others to live their truth too. It does not mean you condone to others choices .. or that you subscribe to them. You are simply walking your truth, honouring that. It will powerfully speak for itself much more than if you try to argue against someone who is not ready to hear you, or who cannot contemplate what you are saying. 


In class we will experience a kriya and awesome meditation to go very deeply into this. This class will have the physical yogic warm ups but the actual kriya is powerfully meditative in nature and very unique in releasing blocks that reduce your arc line’s radiance and protective power.

Please do book in if you plan on attending… simply visit www.kundalinistudio.com.au
It is very easy.  Thank you so much!!!!

Below is a great image by famous artist and spiritually directed Alex Grey. Beautiful!!!

Please keep in touch and share experiences … you can simply reply to this newsletter and drop me a few lines about your experiences, questions or anything that relates to the kundalini yoga classes.

I will love that!!!

Thank you for being you! You are divinity!!!

Humbly and in joy,
Sabine Abnashjot


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It takes a lot of awareness to being true to yourself. It is the only thing that will make you happy though. We are told how to be, how not to be … all the time. We all know about this. And it is in our subconscious mind, stored. We may not at all be aware of it even. Kundalini yoga is here to allow us to recognise these unconscious directives so we can break free from any old programming that really does not serve us. It is an amazing realisation. And we still get programmed now .. by society, authorities etc .. whomever we decide to give our own thinking power away to. That is ok, and yet it is vital to simply recognise this.

This gives us an openminded freedom to live our full expanded potential, each fresh moment, and allows us to connect to our leading core truth.

Ahhh that is bliss!!! Just writing it is bliss!!!!

Your arc line ~ halo 

Here is a great link to an article written about it, in kundalini yoga terms of course.


Some music from last week’s class 

A bit about her and her beautiful album ..

How to get the most out of my kundalini yoga classes:
Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class starting time.

See the yoga time as a time to connect with yourself, to empower yourself, and to realise that all people in your life will benefit from your yoga practise, as you vibrate high and have great self-care, others will learn from you, be inspired and also see these benefits .. and as your vibration rises, so does the world’s naturally. As you take care of yourself, you can offer more love, depth and creative joy into others lives.

Please bring your own mat, blanket, pillow and water to really take best care of your unique needs; it is easy if you keep your gear in the car always. 

It is better hygiene if you have your own mat, plus greater commitment to practising yoga regularly. You can get amazing mats online or in sports shops. I may have to include a hire fee as cleaning mats is a process and takes a lot of time (i take them home, wash them, dry them, bring them back and it takes days for them to dry often.. there are many germs on the mats from other peoples skin, e.g. feet (fungus? which then can end up on your face) and whatever was on their hands (cough, sneeze, germs) etc .. if you had a microscope you would pack your own mat regardless of if I just washed it even.. ).. if i charge a $2 rental you will soon be inspired to get your own mat, as it is financially more viable in the longer run also). Please contemplate this. 🙂
Set an intention before arriving by contemplating about your current priorities. You can use intention setting as a powerful tool to release old habits or to bring in new ways of being. The group energy supports this enormously! Set your intent in a “now” state, as if it is happening now. Paint the image in your mind, and FEEL how you would feel with this already fulfilled. Then let go and trust, without clinging.
Have only very little in your tummy. If you need food, see if you can have it latest an hour or so before class, and perhaps something light, like fruit or a bit of yoghurt, or coconut water .. it will sustain you and keep you hydrated in a great way full of electrolytes. Yoga is best on an almost empty stomach.

Communicate with me if you have questions or experiences: experiences can be incredible joy, or wishing to stay within, or the mind becoming noisier as it is seen for what it is .. I have a fair bit of experience and am here to reassure you and to share tips and awareness with you in how this process of raising the kundalini manifests and works. It is unique for everyone, and there are common points we all share on the seeming journey. I am here to share and support in yogic ways.
Let me know if finances are challenging or if you changed to going back to studies (concession) – I truly honour this and invite you to talk openly with me about this.
If you wish to include some of our work at home, talk with me, we can create a home practise to anchor your practise. This can be uniquely tailored to you completely. If you wish for a 15 minute or 1 hour practise .. if you wish to work through a specific challenge (addiction, relationship, breathwork, toning, increase awareness training, stress release, better sleep, spinal adjustment, hormonal balance, immune system boosting, emotional challenges etc), if you wish for a general practise.. there are infinite possibilities.
Offer me feedback on how you are going and what you are experiencing and if there are certain things you wish to hear more about, or learn more about.