Neuroplasticity, Epigenetics and Kundalini Yoga! 
Neuroplasticity: The brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment.
Epigenetics: is the study of biological mechanisms that will switch genes on and off.
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Warm greetings to you!!! 

Don’t worry, I’ll keep my science jargon to a minimum … because it is not about the knowledge for you in class (unless you wish to know more, and I am more than happy to share references and literature and chat in and after class) but about the direct experience. 

In essence: you can change! You can not only change your way of thinking and seeing the world (neuroplasticity), you can change your genes! Genes switch on and off (are activated and deactivated by many many factors, including diet, mindset, lifestyle.. most of all what our focus will be is mindset, belief). 

In essence, you are your own PLACEBO effect. 

For an awesome read, about this, and neuroplasticity, and the power within you,  I highly recommend the book: You are the placebo: by Dr Joe Dispenza. 

He talks about ALL I am deeply passionate about and I have given little talks about recently .. from the way you breathe affecting your brain frequency, to how your divine intelligence inside you can heal it all (you just have to connect and allow and empower it), to how your mental focus is where your life is … all of it! 

I am linking his research with what we are doing in our kundalini yoga classes, to guide you into this space with the latest science as a reference and inspiration. 

This IS why kundalini yoga makes you feel amazing, expanded, infinite and conscious of your limitations that are usually left in the unconscious realm … kundalini yoga brings this to your awareness .. awareness is everything. And so you realise why kundalini yoga, being the yoga of awareness, is so very potent for self empowerment and incredible healing and shifts. 

FINALLY! All I ever worked towards in terms of my science background at University, and my studies as a yogi and into quantum physics, breath and consciousness is coming into ONE. I could not be more passionate and alive about this meeting …. and to share it with you!

We will be using yogic techniques (which we already have been using) that are used officially now in the world to create the benefits of neuroplasticity (definition on top of the newsletter) and of course to affect your genes (epigenetics: definition at the top of the newsletter)…. I will relate this to you for your own realisations .

By the way we have been doing this in class all along! Always! And this is one of the reasons I get so passionate about Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga covers it all, and is undiluted  (unchanged from its original version) and complete in its approach and science. 

This newsletter is going to be short and sweet, and you will experience how our yoga class links into these latest scientific realisations.

These truly empower you … to be all you truly can be! On every level! Now your scientific self can relate more deeply. 

It does take practise and focus and intent. It is not a Hollywood quick fix that happens overnight … but the consistency is so worth it, and I speak from my own experience and from the sharing from many yoga students of kundalini yoga. 

It is the key to self realisation, self-empowernent and true self care. On all levels …  body, mind, spirit. It is the new world that is arising now. 

It includes all we have shared and our next few classes are about integrating it and I will share how we are creating this, and offer you techniques and tips. Please ask me for further information if you are interested. Feel free to email or fb message me to request reading lists or scientific research journal articles. I need it in writing, as if you tell me verbally I may forget … I get a lot of requests, and love this, but request of you to please ask me in  writing, so I can attend to your request in that way. 

A few things to put in your diaries for the month of September and October will be shared at the end of this newsletter: 

  •  Jai-Jagdeesh is here in Adelaide from the US with an authentic voice workshop in our beautiful sanctuary on  in the evening. Bookings are essential. It will be amazing!!! 
  • On Sunday the 16th of September we are holding a one off, unique package: The usual 4pm kundalini yoga class is at 4pm-5:15pm. After that if you wish to experience what we offer in our retreats that are usually just for women (at this stage), join us for a continuation of Wu-Tao with Fiona after class and then a Sound bath by Ahilya. The sessions will all be complete by 7:30pm. It will be a powerful combination to release and nourish yourself, and to experience what the three of us offer together. To attend the three sessions, simply book by emailing me back, and just book into the yoga class per my website and all the remaining payment, you can complete and pay in class. So the yoga class is the usual price you pay now. If you wish to attend all three sessions and stay till 7:30pm, then it is a total of $45. (So if you paid $20 for yoga online, you simply pay another $25 in class to complete your payment). 
  • On the October long weekend, from Friday the 2nd of October, 3pm – Monday the 5th of October 3pm, we are offering our annual Adelaide Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat. More details and website below. 

Wishing you an amazing week!!!! Bring your cup for free yogi tea. And the tea chats continue … 

Oceans of love, 
Sabine  Abnashjot

M:0424 029 032 


This is a scientific fact! You can do this and many of us are doing it already either naturally or through awareness, meditation, or increased expand consciousness. 

In class we are always using techniques that are now scientifically shown to be incredibly effective for literally taking quantum leaps in your life! I knew this, and possibly so did you, from direct experience; it is still beautiful to see science is officially validating it for those in doubt who require science to open their minds to these possibilities. 

Of course just the way you create positive outcomes in your life in terms of neuroplasticity and the effect on your DNA, this can go both ways too. If you are aligned and vibrating high, you will see it as a positive experience, increasing wellbeing … if you are feeling low and spiralling downward, you will experience negative effects. You can decide which way you wish to go. 

This week in class we will work the kundalini, and open the heart and prepare for the meditation and mind set required for powerful change, as per neuroplasticity and positive effects on your DNA (genes)(epigenetics). 

I love how I am an immunologist, geneticist and  yogi and now really can combine this knowledge in myself and for you too!!!! 

For yoga classes please book in via my website. Here is the link:
Kundalini Yoga classes
For Jai Jagdeesh : Authentic Voice workshop (amazing, one off opportunity! It will be absolutely incredible!)
Jai Jagdeessh Authentic Voice workshop September 15th 
For registration to our Annual Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat on the October long weekend, click below. In our Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat you will be taken into daily Kundalini Yoga, Wu-Tao, and Sound baths. You will be off the grid, in a modern Eco Lodge at the Inman Valley. You will be spoilt with sublime healthy vegetarian food. You will be surrounded with kindred spirits, all women.  You will experience the absolute passionate work of Fiona Glover, Ahilya Lucille and myself. 

There is art therapy, dance, journalling, nature walks and of course our sacred ceremony and lineage work for our ancestors.. We cannot wait. It is like a reset button, a reaffirming time, re-centering, refreshing… it is simply beautiful! There are 12 places in total and we have already 3 places booked. 

Learn about our October long w/e Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat