“Classes this week: Self realisation the kundalini way. ”

Warm greetings to you!

Have you often been wondering what your full potential is, reflecting on how you at times feel invincible, infinite, on-top-of-the-world; and other times you don’t know why, but you feel literally stuck, limited, confused even? I am sure we all share this experience.

We could have hours of discussion here, and yet what matters is that your experience is real for you, your perception in this moment; and that it is embraced in the now, and honoured, and allowing you to delve into all that you already are and all you can yet explore and experience. The reality of NOW is literally the only true doorway into your divinity within you now and always….

This experience and journey is totally different for each of us, and that is part of the inherent beauty. We may seek to walk side by side with someone, or a group of friends even, and still, there is always a feeling of aloneness, unless we connect to the fullness within. The divine within. And the aloneness is the messenger and gift that takes us there. Everything is really a pointer, all these words here too. The experience is beyond words.

You can literally be anything you can behold yourself to be. Remember the unconscious mind has to be in alignment too though and rise into consciousness!! Breath of fire is what assists this powerfully! Coming into heart centred inner truth is what offers you this. Becoming aware of when the ego is trying to direct, vs the beautiful heart you are …

For me this is flow … like the spontaneous writing here and now with the intent to serve you, yogis and anyone else who may see this .. to remind and inspire all of the perfection we are all, right now, deep down.

This week we shall work with a focus on the solar plexus, which is self commitment, the inner fire of transmutation and this is also the gateway to the HEART. The class will lead into a heart meditation.

More below…

Love yourself, shine, no matter what … and  life will mirror this back to you everywhere…

Please book into class or text me with your intent to attend.

Blessings and oceans of love and joy,

Sabine Abnashjot


Solar Plexus and Heart

When you are connected and balanced in these chakra centres, you feel powerful, connected to your self, fearless and open hearted.. All chakras meet at the heart and when we come from this centre, all doorways open in grace and joy.

Pumping the navel centre stimulates the 72 thousand nadi channels and activates the graceful enlivening, inspiring and creative flow of your kundalini, gracefully.

We project our fears out from the navel centre. To heal them. They are held there until we release them. This is what solar plexus work will do for you. These can be fears from conception, past lives, ancestors or this current life.


Embracing this in gratitude, as the unique journey it offered us to come to this exact point right now.



How to get the most from our classes:

Arrive about ten minutes before class. To sit/relax and prepare.
Bring what you need to be very comfortable, this can be:
two yoga mats for extra thickness.
Layered clothing.
Anything you feel supports you (crystals?)
Contemplating your intent
Using a journal
Having an almost empty stomach
Letting me know beforehand if you have any questions or sharing to achieve clarity or pointers
Realising the gift of kundalini yoga- self realisation & self-connection, self realignment benefits not only you, but the world around you always, and deeply so
Love yourself
Forgive yourself
Breathe deeply


All you need is right here within you 🙂