Warm greetings to you!

Allow me to start with an inspiration …!! When life is challenging, and things don’t seem to go according to your personal idea of it, this is a great invitation and gift. The gift is to befriend yourself with YOURSELF more deeply. To realise where you lost connection with the fact that your are whole and complete! That you have infinite potential, that there is a divine bigger picture. That you can change things! And  you know what…? It is GREAT news that you can only change yourself! You can actually do that. But you  cannot change others, for their life is perfect for them. Managing our own inner dynamics is the key, and here right now. The moment (right now!) you delve further into your inner realm, and embrace it, allow it, love it, let it go even, the more the outer circumstances will HAVE to reflect you new inner realisations. You navigate all ‘oute’r experiences from ‘within’.

So right NOW, as you change your mind/perception/focus, the so-called outside world HAS to follow suit to reflect this inner realm within your consciousness … you empower it with your attention. Attention is everything, for it is energy, and literally where you life is happening. You have the NOW … where is this precious now in terms of your attention? Are you in fear, limitation, projection, or in alignment, trust, presence?

Yes, we all project… I would go as far as to say, until we fully dissolve our sense of separate self, and realise our true oneness, there will be projections… from our conscious and unconscious minds… what you see and what I see can be so vastly different, even if we are standing at the same point at the beach gazing at a sunset over a jetty for example.

We are unique painters of reality … and we can never see the same thing. Yes the seer within is all one … it is clear, for there is no separation…

Do you feel you are separate? Then where is that separation ultimately? Where do you start and where exactly do you end? I have pondered this what feels like all my life, observing human perceptions of reality and this notion of separation, which visits most of us from time to time, more or less.

Where do you go when you sleep? Where are last years’ skin cells? Where is the body that gets replaced on average every 7 years? Where are the old ways of thinking that you used to hold on to so tightly? Where did the prana come from that you just inhaled, and where is it going to? Where are the origins of your thoughts and beliefs coming from exactly?

These questions/answers will lead you (if they haven’t already) to see that you are never separate, solid or on your own … you are infinite consciousness expressed as a brilliantly unique expression of embodiment with unique perceptions, thoughts, experiences –  painting your unique canvas experience of a multidimensional life, seemingly in time and space …  we get to enjoy duality to dance in the contrasts. A sense of self is really borrowed, and hence outlived. Then there are some that see beyond that, tired/bored  of/with duality … those beings are as divine as all others, they just live/experience a different way of seeing …

I used to ask “what is the meaning of life” all the time. “Why did we forget that we are light, energy, consciousness, at one with all?” “What is this game of hide and seek serving?” all these experiences, none greater or lesser that anything. It really was through acceptance of ‘not knowing’ that the answers came and come in … the realisations and also the connection deep with those ‘others’ that had found this mystery a quest for life and had found their ‘answers’ …

These answers are what the masters, sages, saints try to remind us of, point to, help us see, to help us no longer suffer … these messages are all the same … just using different words as pointers. Different techniques, from strict discipline, to flow, to totally no technique (total surrender/acceptance etc)!

You are unique and have our unique path .. or as I often loved to call it: the pathless path!  The perfect imperfection. The isness expressed in the now as THAT (this).

There are many ways. Clearly if you are enjoying our kundalini yoga classes, you resonate with the incredible group field we create, which is so uplifting and supportive! You clearly understand that you are way beyond the body, and want to work all your dimensions, so you can feel fully integrated with all that you are in this physical experience (aware of thoughts, energy, consciousness, the field beyond body, your multidimensional being etc, and the essence beyond time experienced as time bound). You want to work your brain/mind so as to really touch the pinnacles of consciousness, and not live with your head in the sand of blissful ignorance (even though that too has its place!)

The ancient Himalayan Yogis were absolute masters of this, and my deepest gratitude goes to them for expressing and sharing this with us. I am fully at home here, and feel the truth so palpable that at times I feel I could burst with gratitude and bliss!

You clearly understand that we have not diluted ancient knowledge with Western ego with kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. These yogis understood totality. They lived in the highest vibrations. I believe in choosing how I spend my energy and time very consciously.

Time flies in this human constraint of dual experience… I recognised this on my 11th birthday, writing in my diary at my desk, contemplating in the evening after the celebrations were done …  I was, with a sense of urgency, pondering how fast I had reached my 12th year on earth, and that I must chose wisely with the thoughts and ideals/decisions as to  how I wish to sculpt this life. I would reflect deeply on that day in particular, but it was a tendency for me all my life .. for which I was teased (just with laughter and a pat on the back) by other children when I shared about those ponderings … I recall often being so overwhelmed with the gratitude of that very moment, the wind in our hair, riding our bikes, the freedom and richness of life in that moment, the scent in the air, the soothing knowing of our needs being met, the carefree laughter and friendships .. I would say out loud in bliss to my friends (in German): Oh Wow! Isn’t this moment just incredible! Oh wow! Can you feel this perfection? This beauty? Will we remember its gift in the future when we are older?

Still challenges come and go, and I welcome them all. New dimensions to see as pure energy. Only our sense of restricted beliefs, ideals or personal ideology we hold on tightly to can cause suffering … when we had Gong baths for a week with me and then with the incredible concert with Don Conreaux in September, so much dissolved for me ..

So kundalini yoga this week: sounding the chakras to let them spin and realign using your divine voice … weaving your awareness through each chakra… and the crystal lyre, tuned to 432 Hz (Earth harmony of love and healing) to purify each chakra.

Yes you are already pure .. we just take on stuff, perfectly, for a while, to explore and learn … and now we wish to release that particular energy and experience chakras that are functioning at their optimum, for highest experience of pure seeing, healing and vibrating.

Oceans of joy,