Finding your perfect flow, rhythm, your inner union with yourself, healing and creative expression… your sacral chakra centre!
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Warm greetings to you !!!

Some questions you may find answers to, or delve into this week at kundalini yoga are:

Am I able to go at my own pace?
Am I rushing through life at my own suffering and missing out on  beauty and details?
Do I feel exhausted and not as creative as I could be?
Am I being overindulgent in an area in my life and it is not benefitting me?
Am I neglecting a need I have?
Can I let others move through their life at their own pace and rhythm?
Are my desires and creativity a joy to me?

In my total passion and flow, I can’t help but dive straight in .. the second chakra is an incredible invitation to open up to tuning into your unique flow. Your flow, meaning where you wish to take life, your pace, your direction … and honouring that …. it means recognising the potency of this unique way of living … and also from that self-awareness to be able to truly appreciate the flow of the people dearest and nearest to you in your life also. It means also knowing when to be still, like a deep silent lake. It means to see life like waves of the ocean, to ride the appearing ups and downs, to know whether to delve into them, or to just to watch, whether to master them, to surrender to them or not ….  and all this is to learn from these waves of life, the duality of up and down, of in and out … 

When we can recognise when to slow down or speed up for example, and find our pace (which can change every moment, every hour, every day, every week, and have its own phases in life – like you may have a year that is dynamic and full of travel and action, and the following year could be very quiet, inward and about integration, or about preparing for another very dynamic phase), we are healthy and aligned. Doors open. We are present. In our element! (the water element of flow)

Instead of resisting our way, we see it and trust it and flow with it, in awareness. Life feels pretty great that way. 

This is VERY powerful. How often have we tried to go against the flow and found the repercussions costing us energy and time and creating extra problems? There is nothing as painful, time-consuming and challenging like trying to get through a brick wall single mindedly, when we have lost focus on flow, timing and the grace of that … these are just lessons of refinement.

Whenever we suffer, we are not flowing, we are forcing something and not in touch with creative solutions, softness, meandering, flow, timing … it is usually due to being more influenced by the ego, rather than our intuition which would guide us into creative awareness. 

Flow is in essence grace. Your water element. We all have it. And in this yogic knowledge of the chakras, this is our sacral or second chakra. Kundalini yoga is totally dedicated and fully geared towards this balance as the ultimate gift in life, to lead a life of awareness, grace and fulfilment, on all levels of your being.

Imagine: this is your water element in you, yes you have it, we all do  —  so ask yourself  how fluid you are in yourself, how in touch you are with your ability to flow around, and in & out of things (life situations, thoughts, challenges, invitations, gifts).
Ask yourself, are you frozen somewhere ? Would you like to defrost that aspect? This is metaphorically speaking and yet very relevant. It is not a ‘judgment’. It is an awareness. And from that an opening.

Are you able to be in touch with your flow and honour it? Can you be in it and also let your loved ones or work colleagues know so they can honour it too ?? What magnificent co-creation … !! 

We get so removed from natural rhythms the way we run by a societally set clock, and are not in tune or in touch with life’s  natural signs and rhythms .. even our own internal signs are now mostly disregarded. Imagine being fully in tune and taking a longer lunch break perhaps because you know you need a nap, and to be ok with that (provided of course it is appropriate and there is no urgent meeting or deadline – i cringe at that word .. dead line – sounds so permanent, implies such pressure and life-and-death type of energy, wen often it is not required.)

So back to the extra lunch time rest required … you can then return to work much more productive, rather than dragging yourself around officially present but really not functioning very well, potentially making less than awesome decisions. 

Unfortunately that is generally not the accepted way, I guess because people may exploit this perhaps, and hence there is a great benefit for working in your own business or having an amazing fluid boss that relates to that. Honouring you! Fully! 

I had such a boss as a researcher … she was amazing … I could have complete flexi time and I always got my work done, more than that in fact! I loved it deeply. We both benefited !! She ended up offering me a PhD scholarship, possibly because she could see I can manage my own time. I was happy to come in late at night after dinner to check on an experiment for example, because I could have a longer lunch or start work later. That flow and freedom was what had me thrive! I didn’t feel that work was work. I loved the research and the time to have flexibility, and it felt like play in that sense; freedom. 

In relationships too … can we give ourselves time out? To breathe and reconnect? That is so very vital. When we fell in love with our partners, they were not in our life daily, we had time apart and nourished our individual selves with time alone. 

From that space, we chose to come together. Now can we keep honouring that initial beautiful space … ? Sometimes that is a great challenge, as the togetherness is so magnetic and heavenly …  and like in everything in life, there comes an invitation to honour our uniqueness within the union. 

Can we do this, see this, honour this? It creates deeper intimacy within ourselves and hence our relationship/s. Remembering that our inner world is always reflected in our outer world. 

The second chakra is often seen very basically as the sexual chakra in many circles – that is true, but very very very simplified … 


Sensual union with another is part of it yes, and the dimensions of this is where the beauty and subtle lies. And our growth into our awakened self.

We all know it is all a reflection of our inner state and inner love, inner connection. Exactly! So are you in connection with yourself? Do you enjoy union with yourself …. ?

Can you feel that sensuality in you and for you? Rather than project it out … meeting someone at that level is then not dependent on neediness or inadequacy, thrill seeking or distraction from the core self  .. but a holy sacred union, an amazing meeting that encompasses it all.

When this chakra is imbalanced, sexuality is imbalanced too … there can be a sexual focus/need/ and addiction even in the relationship  .. it can manifest in many ways. The polar opposite is also part of it; sexual inhibition, scars, woundings expressed as not just promiscuity, but what they label as frigidity. 

Also can we express love in non-sexual ways? Abstaining from sex for a while can show you how you use sexuality … is it to be received, to resolve a craving, to release stress, to make up after a fight, to sacredly connect, is it a routine? Can you see habits there ? Can you express in different, non-sexual ways that you deeply and totally love someone …? Can you receive this back too and value it?

Just like the base chakra, where the first state of security is established early in your life on this planet, in this physicality, this base chakra state is affecting your sexuality too. Remember when the earth element in you is weakened or imbalanced, which happens often early on in life, e.g your childhood, then we look to compensate in various ways to feel secure or filled up/completed from outside sources. One of those is sexual addiction/aversions. Food addiction/issues. Work addiction etc.

These are related to the second chakra in that they are about sensuality in you. Remember chakras in essence are one, and we are separating them to study them deeply, but there is overlap and in essence union here .. no walls so-to-speak. 

The second chakra is associated with change! How flexible are you with life’s eternal changes? Again if the root chakra is out of balance, change would feel scary. There is already no deep security – so the idea of change is frightening, taking away the illusion of whatever security was imagined in the mind. So if that is the case,  the ability  flow into changes through the gifts of the second chakra are going to be a challenge. 

Second chakra work is simply beautiful  .. creativity … feelings… water .. flow … it is often refer to as: the sweetness in life … touch … sensing … 

Do you play creatively using your hands?

So if you wish to balance your flow, and honour it, this is the awareness and the kriya this week will support you becoming more aware and hence empowered. Many more contemplations and tips in class!!! 

You can heal sexual injuries, get in touch with your creativity, your ability to honour your unique flow in life (without outside pressure affecting you), you can honour the unique flow of the people around you that you are close with in particular. It creates deeper love, trust and intimacy, and creativity between you is enhanced. 

Recognise that in creativity there are no mistakes! In essence ALL of life is a creative act. Unique. Looking at nature, it is all about creative flow, the messages all around us. I was just at the botanical gardens and saw this message all around me. The way the branches curve, the way the flowers direct their faces towards the sun, the way the leaves open to receive light and rain … the network of the roots create surface area and renewal depending on where the right degree of moisture is in the soil for that particular plant species.

When we are tuned into this aspect of our being, there is seen a  profound gift! Be playful again, release the shackles of perfection and dance with life .. we will move today in our kundalini yoga way specifically, like a dance, but also there is option to just move in a yogic way, so don’t be concerned if you feel shy. 

The following week we shall look at the Solar Plexus. Commitment to self, fire element, zest for life … without it, nothing is passionate and your ability to stick to your truth is challenging… see how all chakras work divinely when in flow ?

What is sensuality (second chakra) or basic needs being met  (first chakra) without your passion, zest and alignment to your unique self (third chakra), or an open, loving heart centred awareness (fourth chakra), for example? … this is why kundalini yoga is heaven on earth to me .. it is balancing all aspects … it is liberating, and allows for deep awareness into the divine infinite kaleidoscopic experiences of life that are experienced by us all. Uniquely! Infinitely. 

There is so much more depth, kriyas and specific meditations for each aspect of each chakra! This is powerful and yet just a relatively simple introduction… it is all in you, and when you delve deeply into each class, this will all unravel, reveal and come to your awareness in your own being, at your divine timing. And next year look out for some longer chakra workshops on weekends! 

Keep loving yourself! 
Shine brightly! 
The whole world benefits! 

In gratitude to our sharing and our journeying together .. this amazing group consciousness/group field we create together is allowing us all to make incredible shifts in such a nurturing and beautiful way! Pure bliss to behold! And sharing it with the world! 

Lets enjoy: Tuning into and hourouring YOUR flow – which is perfect for you!

Sabine Abnashjot


Second chakra ~ Svadishana
creativity ~ desire ~ sexuality ~ sensuality

Colour: orange
Element: water
Sense: taste
Food: liquids
Force: magnetism
Descriptive verb: I feel
Position: the sacral spine
Endocrine gland: gonads
Body associations: uterus, prostate, kidney, bladder, genitals, large bowel

When blocked: possessiveness, shameful sexuality or promiscuity, inadequacy, exhibitionism, shallow relationships, wild child behaviour in adulthood, lower back pain, urinary problems, pelvic pain, impotence.

When balanced: mutually empowering relationships, generosity and willingness to share, genuine intimacy, passion for life, empathy with others from the heart, confidence, self-respect, expansiveness.

Freedom comes in honouring all, in expressing creatively, with mutual respect /consideration, and from a deep space of inner union with yourself, not from  looking for outside needs met or grasping for attention.