Do you know how much your life would change if you trusted and surrendered ? Do you know how to?
We will cover this deeply this week and possibly next week too in our kundalini yoga classes .. 🙂
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Warm greetings to you!!!

Surrender is the theme …

Surrender offers you to be in the pulse or flow of life, rather than struggling with resistance, causing yourself unnecessary pain ..

This translates into every aspect of your life… the universe is generous, magnificent and infinite and anything you wish for is there as a potential … but how are you with accepting the now, to vibrate high in presence and acceptance? To see the signs and flow with them?

We will delve into this in class deeply, using yogic tools and tips, kriya, meditation, breath work and visualisation ..

This is a fantastic spiritual practise on its own. Dedication to it, and recognising when we hold on and try to control is an immeasurable gift to your life and your being’s expression in this life…

I am in a deep immersion of this right now so exploring this completely right now, as a deepening and it is truly incredible!!!! There is nothing like the now of direct experience.

I wish to share some divine quotes below for you to delve deeper in your contemplation, if this resonates with you.

For now, thank you all for gracing me, and us (in class) with your divine presence in class … thank you for using the booking system. I really appreciate it! Keep in touch about your yogic experiences …

Check our awesome event on Facebook, Jai Jagadeesh is coming to our yoga hall, and this will be an authentic voice workshop kundalini studio is hosting …the workshop for authentic voice is Tuesday the 15th of September in the evening in Norwood (our yoga space); the concert is the next day in Goodwood, at the Church of Trinity.

Here is a fb link:

This is the website link where you can purchase tickets for their concert and for the voice workshop. Both will be incredible!!!! Check it out!!!!! Kundalini music. Chanting. High vibrations of healing and heart opening.

Much joy and see you soon!!!!

Sabine Abnashjot
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Self-Surrender to the Higher Self ~ this is the idea of surrender ~ Yogi Bhajan

The concept of surrender is fundamental to all religions and a goal of all spiritual paths. The idea is that we release control, get our mind trips out of the way and let the universe take charge. Surrender recognizes that our limited perceptions of what we think we want and need and how to satisfy our desires are limited, and that cosmic forces are more intelligent and efficient in producing results.

Recognizing a force greater than ourselves, our optimal strategy is to cooperate with It and learn how to participate as a co-creator in the give and receive process. Actually being a co-creator is a good deal. This means that we can consciously participate in our own destiny, if we can master the art of working with universal energies. Herein lies our challenge. And the gift. 

The Power of SurrenderBy Guruka Singh Khalsa

As Yogi Bhajan has often said, there are two ways of living. Either you can fight and hassle for whatever you feel that you want in life (the mode of conflict in which most people live), or you can make yourself so beautiful and divine that God will love to come and sit in your lap and all your desires will be pre-fulfilled. This is the hassle-free life of complete surrender.

Why, O my mind, do you contrive your schemes, when the Beloved God Himself is taking care of you? Out of rocks and stones, He created all the living beings, and He places their food before each of them. Why do you fear, O my mind? The Lord and Master provides sustenance for each and every creature.

The flamingoes fly hundreds of miles, leaving their young ones behind them. Who feeds them, and who teaches them to feed themselves? Have you ever thought about this?

God holds all the treasures of the Earth, and all the eighteen supernatural spiritual powers, in the palm of His hand. Servant Nanak is devoted, dedicated, and forever a sacrifice to the One. You are vast, infinite and beyond words.

-Guru Nanak

Hassling comes from our ego, which feels that it has to “fend for myself.” Surrender is letting go of the ego. It is deep and sweet beyond words to express. It comes from the profound understanding that the Infinite is taking care of us—completely and totally—in every moment, and that all we need to do is get out of the way and let God take care of business. The ego thrives on conflict, and our Western society is very focused on personal achievement and personal power. Conflict and success in conflict is worshipped. But it is not this way everywhere in the world.

The way of the sage is very simple: Firstly, live in love. Love and serve everyone, as God lives in all, the same in each. And secondly, surrender completely to the flow of power of the Universe, and know each next thing you need to do—spontaneously, through your intuitive mind.

Surrender takes courage … takes commitment to your deepest truth, to wishing to go beyond the egoic viewpoint .. to delve deeper .. to open to incredible creativity and freedom… to true love for yourself and hence all others too.
The rewards are totally worth it … as you live it, the rest of the world can be inspired by you and see .. and may just join you! Imagine this …