The tenth body enables you to act courageously, even if you are afraid. It allows you to exceed your own expectations – helping you to transcend a lot of the societal conformist limitations. It allows you to exceed all expectations. It helps you appear royal and radiant.
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Hello and joyous SAT Nam to you!!!!Yes I made it back from Bali (and got there on time) and the ashes cleared just in time!

The retreat was beyond amazing and I will share more in another email or Facebook post. It was truly the most amazing space, energy, love, transformation and joy!!! For all … dancing, sharing, intentions, release, healing and yoga, sound , art etc … and yes, I took thousands of photos !!!! Bliss is just not a word that quite expresses it ;-).
The above photo is from Bali just with my phone .. and offering on a little temple floor in Ubud.

Below you see an image of Saraswati … she looked so sublime in the garden were we attended a private concert with Sacred Earth in Ubud, Bali. She is sublimity, as was the concert, and spontaneously this was added here as the image to share the vibration of radiance … radiance is all around us in varying forms.

Anyway for now allow me to keep it focussed on this week’s classes. Thursday and Sunday.

Plus remember our brain cancer fundraiser on Saturday afternoon, the 25th of July – details are on my website under ‘special yoga events/classes’. Please do book in for an amazing yoga class and this wonderful cause.

Your tenth light  body of consciousnessThe tenth body is in charge of courage. The radiant body is a band of light that sits on top of the aura. So the aura magnified is the radiant body. Part of the key phrase for this body is “creative consciousness”. 

Creativity is free and beyond many, if any rules. If there are rules they are usually self-created and expectation-derived. If you tune into limitation, your creativity will be restricted. To exceed beyond all, this radiant body needs to be expanded and active. 

Remember: everything in life is creativity: the way of relating and relationships, the way of work, and the way of relaxation and creating your life in totality, the way we solve problems  … Do you feel inspired and creative ..? 

The radiant body is governed by hair. Hair is protection for the body, and all this subtly adds up to all that you can be, in terms of energetic vibration. This is yogic science. This is a large topic, and the priority is to keep hair off your forehead. At the forehead the bone is porous, and your pineal gland is phototrophic – meaning is responds to light. When you cover up upper forehead you will have more fear based reactions in your life, because your pineal gland cannot get the light it needs for its natural rhythms. Your energy will hence fluctuate. 

One way to strengthen the Radiant Body is through commitments.  Firstly commitment to yourself. Commitment to the important priorities in your life. Commitment to your spiritual path. Commitment to the future of this planet. Commitment to your higher self or higher awareness. To walking your truth which opens or widens the portal for other human beings to also step into/follow this.Commitment builds character. Character builds dignity. Dignity builds divinity. Dignity brings you grace. Grace brings you the power to sacrifice. The power to sacrifice brings you happiness. And it starts with commitment. That builds the Radiant Body as well.

Archer pose is one aspect of this. We shall enjoy this beautiful, magnificent pose in class!

Are you ready?

See you there!!!

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Oceans of love always

Sabine Abnashjot

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