Warm greetings dear Yogis!

Sooooo … is regular practise worth it, and what actual difference does it make in YOUR life? 

Well there is much I can say …

Firstly: Everything we do in life is a pattern, and a habit to a very large degree … some say that the way you do one thing is the way you do life. I wouldn’t quite generalise like that. We have different strategies that we adopted or developed in our lives for making life safe, enjoyable and good for us, according to our idea of ‘good’. This is how it is for ALL of us.

Some of our ways/strategies/habits WORK well for us, while some don’t. If you delve in deep right now you can discover which habits/strategies work for you and which don’t. And if you apply the ones that work, to the ones you want to also have working, you can simply do this!

In general, when you get things done to your highest fulfilment, you have aligned yourself with a strategy that works, and you have neurologically wired yourself well in that context.

For example you may get to certain gatherings or parties or functions on time, excited, ready, radiant … but other situations in life you have to drag yourself and you resist, even though you know that it doesn’t serve you to resist …

Like coming to yoga or going to the gym or taking regular nature walks for example … you KNOW you will benefit, you know you always feel better for having gone … every time! But why is it not a regular habit, since it serves you so well?

I know from the sharing from friends, family and yogis, that this can be the hardest challenge … to prioritise on excellent self care, to really get it into a healthy regular rhythm …

Like brushing teeth, it feels good, and you know it benefits you, and you feel better for doing it. This is a healthy habit for most of us. So is good sleep, healthy eating, and excellent hydration …

A the heart of this is your (our) unconscious programming … these habits … and to shift them, firstly we must SEE these, acknowledge the habits that don’t quite work so well for us, and then to let them go we benefit greatly by replacing them with positive habits. This literally is rewiring yourself … and with regular positive action, this becomes instilled and natural, and the resistance drops away, and your life soars in amazing positive ways!!! And we have specific mediations for that and kriyas to help you with this in a very potent way … yes… but once a month is going to have a very small impact … just like brushing teeth once a month is better than never, but hey .. you know the rest.

The thing is this: Your unconscious mind tends to be wired to keep things stable and the same … it considers that a safety thing … keeping you alive to exist, and breathe and replicate in basic terms .. the higher planes of awareness will offer greater quality of life and transcendence fro the basics.., allowing you to live the fulfilled life meeting ALL your aspects of expression and being …. Isn’t that what everyone would love?
Why dip into the palette of only 12 colours, for your canvas called life, when you can dip into 122 or really infinite colours?

I have been talking about this in our kundalini yoga classes for over 6 years now.. cause this is inspiring to me, it is finding a key, and working WITH this knowledge! It is waking up to your true incredible magnificence! I LOVE seeing this!!! In that state you have energy, vibrancy, deep fulfilment … and most of all peace within the adventure …

So the thing is that you can see this, and rewire old habits into new ones, by forming the new habit and committing to regular practise to actually turn it into a NEW healthy, supportive lifestyle … a WAY of life, of being. The more you can see it as a vision, and touch it as a self-committed act, the more it is here and NOW … Hence the power of now!

Notice your resistance, the same excuses … why is your highest self care not your priority? It is illogical to me … when you are in your best form and shape and capacity, is not everyone around you benefitting hugely also, including the world? Don’t you make better more wholesome choices and decisions from taking care of yourself, feeling great in your skin, aligned with self love and awareness of our true nature? Truly confident, truly alive! Life is relatively short … why wait?

We are not happy when we are stagnant, have you noticed?
Moving along, exploring the adventure called life, being more of who we truly are, excites us all … it is a natural way  of being in joy .. present, open… embracing your full self … this happens when you dedicate yourself to yourself, your divinity, your infinite potential … it is like you are metaphorically sitting on a treasure chest and too afraid, or too unconscious, or too otherwise distracted, so you won’t look there … (yet!) (but you can right NOW).

Amazing but true.

And I will say, what I said for years, and it is so wonderful to recognise this: You affect the expression of your genetic code with your way of life. So don’t be afraid of the genes in your ancestry … be different and your genes will reflect this, and activate and deactivate accordingly, self care, increasing wellness on every single level physically… and mental and spiritual balance is essential.. some call it work-life-balance —  … hence you do have the kingdom within you …. love yourself, take awesome care by meditating, being where you feel happy, relaxed and alive .. present … stick to YOUR heart’s values, your soul’s passion … dare, be bold, live life!

This way you will safe time, be more in joy, be creative, productive and feel great like never before!

Below  is a great link for you to read up further o the science of this.

We are creatures of habit, and to change then we have to dare to commit to our best practises, daily, even just meditate 5 minutes in the morning and night …the resets the old ways … slowly … practise yoga (union with yourself – body, mind, soul) as often as you can with us … it literally can save you so much time, through physical health (reduced health care issues on all levels, imagine …), through mental health (harmony in relationship is increased) .. better decisions are made from a great place within you (no back peddling and fixing up decisions that were not aligned), which will include the highest good of all concerned, including the planet …

….we NEED this kind of awareness now more than ever …. so your self care literally is everything … for you, your family, friends, the world … there is no way around it in my mind … hence my commitment to self care is my number 1 priority always! For some reason I have recognised this since I am a child and perhaps I really messed this up in a previous life and suffered so much and now want to help all of humanity, who can’t yet see this fully, to recognise this .. I am sure I can be annoying at times about this passion of mine …I try to recognise when to be quiet, as the messenger has to be knowing when the time to speak is, and when it just pushes some away … all in divine timing, every wisdom comes when the one is ready to hear it …

Here is that link:


We have great techniques for supporting your change … breath of fire, meditation for self commitment,  meditation for strength in caliber, meditation to heal addictions, meditation to align with intuitive and heart of self.

.. when your breath and chakras are aligned in a harmonious way over time, this allows you to be very strong, aware, clear and make incredible choices to match that frequency and mental  plane.
In class you are in a field that helps accelerate that for you and it deeply  nourishes you on your journey …

I am here to hold space,  and teach the science of that. As I will this week, themed around support for change and self realisation.

So incredibly joyful about that, I feel I am soaring like a kite …

A few new events are coming up… full details below in the image!

Join us after class on Sunday the 18th of June to get the vibrational lift, support emotionally and spiritually by exploring essential oils after and during the class … the amazing Renee Baillie is specifically joining us, and it will be totally awesome energy!!! More details below!

Here is another article about the benefits of kundalini yoga for you, so you remember what a gift you are giving yourself and the world:


Below is more info on what I offer and what’s happening with kids yoga, adult meditation, workshops, our upcoming retreat and more … like our Himalayan Ayurvedic Kundalini Yoga retreat. There are still only 6 spaces left, and I have kept it open for yogis I personally know, and not advertised internationally yet. But will possibly do that after June. We had 20 spaces and now only 6 spaces left. Flights go up significantly as this is the holiday season (December), so if you wish to join us, for an glorious transformative journey, now will suit finances better than later ;-). In fact flights can actually fill up and we won’t be able to fly together and potentially good flights flights from Australia to Delhi can be fully booked up by the middle of the year. It is true. And then only business and first class are left.

See you in class.. a safe, silent, meditative environment to go deeply into yourself and remember who you truly are!

Oceans of love!!!
Abnashjot (Sabine)
M:0424 029 032

Info for you:

My new app was birthed/launched and is LIVE  since April !! It is FREE for you!

It makes booking in easier. Do check it out in your app store!
Simply search for kundalini studio or click the appropriate link below.

There is a ‘phantom’ class you can book every Sunday after 6pm, for clicking to pay a yoga class that you couldn’t book in in time – so a post yoga class payment option.


Links are: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fitnessmobileapps.kundalinistudio


Let me know your thoughts!

If you have any question, simply reply to this newsletter!
I love your replies!

Other news:

  • Our Himalayan retreat is filling up and will be so so awesome! If you are interested, read below and let me know! Flights are still quite good, but they go up unpredictably every week now.
  • I am offering donation based (just gold coin which goes to charity) community meditation and stretching classes at Burnside community centre every Thursdays 1:10-1:50pm. Awesome space and energy!!!! Geared towards corporates (so you can attend in your work clothes) and anyone curious or even afraid of meditation … I make it easy, accessible and joyful!
All welcome, no previous experience needed, and just gold coin donation toward community funding! Bring your parents, but you must book in via the Burnside Community Centre, 401 Greenhill Road, Tusmore. It is geared towards absolute beginners, corporates from the Burnside Council,  and the Elderly. Phone: 83664230 (you may be put on hold though, as they are very busy usually) or book in by letting me know.
  • Early announcement: I am planning on teaching KIDS FUN yoga as a community event – only $5 to cover hall hire! Really it is a free service from my total heart!!! Kids have so much fun and learn about feeling good, self awareness, how to release stress, and how to rest well and being proud of who they are!!!! Parents are welcome to join in!!! Tentative Saturdays from 10-11am BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL – and via myself. Total FUN! And self expression and self  love for kids! This will start in July in Burnside for I have (HALLELUIJAH!!) secured the amazing venue!!! Book in if it resonates!!! By replying to this newsletter or texting me on 0424 029 032.
  • I now offer NLP sessions  and will talk more about this soon, giving talks and maybe youtubes on this… I graduated as an NLP practitioner and Timeline practitioner recently. Awesome stuff!!!! More info etc coming soon! About to study hypnosis. This all will be shared with you into empowering you!! My scienttific background (Biologist), meets yogi, meets NLP and Hypnotherapy. It is perfectly aligned and will make classes even more strong for your union with your divine self.
  • Kundalini Studio is listed on the general MINDBODY app also, for easy bookings, and as you know, a specific Kundalini Studio App is is also launched.
  • We are back in the BALLROOM on Tuesday the 13th of June, if you prefer that venue, put it in your diary now and see you there!!! It is just sooo cosmic there!!!! 
  • Please note: Workshop days have changed: The info in updated form is below!

Thank you all so much for writing to me, I love it, so please keep going, if it feels great for you!

Sat Nam!!!

Kundalini Yoga Classes are:
Tuesdays at Burnside 7:30-9:00pm – Beginners
Wednesdays at Hazelwood Park 7-8:30pm – Advanced – bookings directly with me (M: 0424 029 032 or reply to this newsletter)
Thursdays at Norwood 7:00-8:30pm – Beginners- Intermediate
Sundays at Norwood 4-5:30pm – Beginners to Intermediate

Private sessions 1:1 or for couples: contact me directly
Online sessions for breathing and meditation: contact me directly
Please book in online @ www.kundalinistudio.com.au

  • Chakra series yoga classes and your ten bodies will happen again this year. We go through each chakra and light body in detail each week.
  • World Yoga Day will be held at the Ballroom in Burnside again in June 21st, Wednesday! Put it in your diary! 7-9PM! IN THE BALLROOM!!
  • And I’m  holding free community yoga, breathing and meditation classes for the Elderly and corporates  at Burnside Community Centre STARTING THURSDAY 13TH OF APRIL 1:10-1:50 PM. Everyone welcome!

And much more is happening .. to be announced soon.


Saturday afternoons  2-5pm:
3 hours of amazing deepenings, details, refinements and personal attention.

Includes refreshments (drink and healthy snack) and required materials (notes/pens/art materials/sound equipments/kriya  or meditation or chanting  or general guided contemplation sheets).

Cost: $55 concession $45
This is a bargain if you want to advance your technique and understanding… as usually 1:1 with me is for 1 hour $120 and here you get my time only shared with maximum 10 others, you can ask and refine anything, you do get personal attention if you want it, you get deeper info and a take home kriya and three hours together!

Maximum participant number: 11 yogis so do book in if you are interested

Please NOTE:

Dates have been changed due to other events like my daughter’s Uni graduation, family birthdays and a potential yoga teaching trip to Thailand.

So here are the new dates:

10th June: Depression and managing the unknown, communication kriya and meditation

24th June: Gut and general digestive health kriya to heal gut and digestive issues biologically, energetically and emotionally,  and  new lifestyle techniques to suit your personality.

8th July: Heart (self love) and lung balance – plus immune system boost. Centering deeply in your heart space. Deep healing.

29th July: Your Willpower and commitment strengthened in alignment with your highest joy and benefit – deep alignment with yourself through specific kriyas and meditations to assist with your relationship with others and yourself.

12th of August: Deepening your Creative living/problem solving skills  with kundalini yoga kriya and specific take home meditation

And for your diaries: Himalayan Retreat in Rishikesh and optional Amristar December 1-7 (-10 th if  you wish to join us to Amritsar)

We shall do kundalini yoga twice a day, have incredible organic food of high pranic content (gown right there) … we shall visit an amazing  local market, Rishi caves, Goddess temple, and enjoy ayurvedic treatments, rudraksha mala bead making, a fire ceremony held for us by the local healer, go for a nature walk among fresh springs.

Then as an optional, you can join us to continue on to Amritsar, where the Golden Temple is!!! Trains from the Delhi airport and and required taxi rides will be taken care of my myself and the retreat centre. You just need to get your flights. We can enjoy a group booking! This retreat of incredibleness will be starting December 1-7 2017!!

Then 2 days to Amristar is optional.

All details in the PDF upon your request!

12 people have already BOOKED AND FLIGHTS ARRANGED! Flights go up quire quickly and are cheapest now.   So let me know if you are interested in joining us on this incredible retreat.

Deposit is $500

Keep shining brightly!!!

Abnashjot (Sabine)

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Thank you for sharing your divine spirit and heart in our classes. It is the greatest privilege to hold space and teach the amazing yoga of awareness – kundalini yoga.
My greatest joy is to see you dance in your knowing of your divinity!

So it is divine to hear back from you! With your experiences, questions and suggestions, so I may serve you better on your amazing journey!

So please do share and write back when you can and feel inclined.

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Sat Nam and much gratitude and deep JOY. 🙂

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How to get the MOST out of our classes:
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before staring time, so you can relax and prepare.
  • Please have very little in your stomach. A light snack an hour before class is fine.
  • Bring your own mat – or two mats for extra thickness. Bring your own blanket for deep relaxation. And if you enjoy a pillow for meditation or during yoga, please bring this along too, to truly HONOUR your self and maximise the experience.
  • Bring water for hydration and support for the energy to shift and flush through.
  • Contemplate an intention before class.
  • Ask me any questions you may have before class or after, with private conversation, email or phone call.
  • Book into class as your dedication and sign of commitment to yourself.
  • If you can’t book in, please text me or email me, so I can reach you in the unlikely circumstance of the class needing to be cancelled. I do hold retreats interstate and overseas and at those times classes in Adelaide may be cancelled, and if you haven’t see the newsletter you may not know about it, and try to attend the class. Hence booking in is ease of mind.
  • Wear layered clothing so you can adjust to the body temperature changing during class.
  • Sometimes we need to personalise our practise and you may love a morning Sadhana practise or an evening practise specifically tailored to your unique needs: book into a private class to enhance your experience.