The most frequently asked question about intuition is: how do I know if this is my intuition or my fear … or wishful thinking? 

And how much can you trust via a psychic? 

I will discuss this within this newsletter from my personal exploration and this of course includes what I know through kundalini yoga and many other yogic practises since my early 20’s. 

The short answer is it is within you and that is the source to trust; and how do you connect with it? Regular activation of not only your third eye centre, which kundalini yoga does in each and every class, and I am pretty sure it is the only yoga that does this throughout class; and then there is the absolute benefit for the sake of clear messages and overall clarity to have your entire chakra system flowing and balanced for best communication with the least degree of veiling and blockages. 

Why and how is discussed within the newsletter and of course in class, where  we experience the techniques, group field, and kriyas that fulfil the experience deeply, to your current capacity, and as I said, with regular practise this becomes incredibly fine tuned – you are all you need … you are your ultimate own guru. This is what kundalini yoga is about; nothing else. This is the passion within me … and the truth I see and witness. 

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Warm greetings to you! 

Your intuition is your gift!!! … so why is it challenging at times to know which is the voice of intuition and to embrace it? Our intuition can see beyond the usual programmed mind. It is a form of refined guidance that inspires, allows for quantum leaps…a deep true seeing and vision of who you are. Beyond the constraint of linear time and mental streams of concepts and usually limits. It offers you deep insight, premonitions, warnings, epiphanies, inspiration, foresight,  liberation from being stuck, it is un-binding, reveals solutions to repeating patterns and assists you to seeing a way out.

It is a necessary gift for a fulfilling life, and this is why the ancients say to cultivate this gift… after all, we are given more than just physical strength or reason/logic to defend/navigate or journey through the obstacles in life.

Can we trust this voice with its innovative and often incredible guidance to try something differently and move into higher spheres of consciousness?… can we recognise this beautiful gift in us and actually dare to act on it ?

Even if we can reason and see how it will work to create higher outcomes of clarity and progress in life; how it offers fulfilment, insight, connection to the lessons in life, in grace .. with inherent wisdom… even if we can see this, why do we resist? I give you a hint: it is unconscious and a deeper pattern.

And why do we feel we need a psychic? If a psychic is not clear and in a good space, their messages can be misleading.

Why do we often prefer to trust a psychic rather than ourselves? What is the unconscious belief? Do we want to look at this and cultivate our navigation system? Can we release the unconscious with the awesome tool of kundalini yoga, kundalini yoga kriyas and incredible release techniques within it, like breath of fire? To burn up the unconscious patterns that once served us?

The ancients that could sit and focus inward and hence hear the wisdom all around, remind us we need this stillness. To take the time to cultivate being able to tune into this wonderful facet of ourselves. 

It will safe you so much time, your life will be lifted by embracing this gift in you. 

So…. how to embrace and cultivate it? 

Remember what often comes through in class: where you attention goes energy flows. Where you attention is, is where your life is, literally. It is like tuning into a frequency or radio station … and your attention amplifies it, feeds it. 

So you could look at it as yourself directing your energy … you only have this moment now, each now, and it is a great gift to explore your capacity for being aware of where this precious life force  (attention) of consciousness in you is going. 

Your mind is your tool and not designed to be running free. It is meant to assist you, with logic and insight. It is meant to be a co-creation and not a dominant way .. it needs balance with all that you are, all chakras of consciousness … your heart, throat, your third eye or sixth chakra .. Ajna. 

Again, in kundalini yoga we are always working all chakras to be truly living our lives in awareness and to know how to maximise our attention and brilliant multi-perceptive abilities about life, not just emotionally, but also through a balanced glandular system, and hence healthy brain functioning too. Healthy body, mind snd spirit literally. 

When this chakra is out of alignment it is strongly related to confusion and depression. There is a strong feeling of inadequacy that comes along with it. It relates to self-responsibility. 

Powerful contemplations… do you feel in tune with life, or are you banging your head against certain walls over and over?

Here is a sign that you are not open yet to see beyond the experience, to learn the lesson. The lesson is to open up to other ways of seeing and being… open to flow … to creativity .. to surrender .. to deeper seeing …

To try to change a situation by repeating the same behaviour is just a form of self-torture and won’t work; the lessons tend to get harder and more intense and painful. I assure you, your intuition has the answers and is trying to be heard. And your inner shift creates the outer shift, always. There is an inner liberation waiting to happen.

Stilness and meditation and kriyas for the third eye will allow for this. Daily practise helps. Weekly yoga helps; I hear this from students all the time. 

Hence the element of ‘self -responsibilty’ is associated with this. Do you wish to take responsibility for your life more and more … and walk your truth and be fulfilled from within? It can only ever be from within. 

So here we have the gift and the invitation. You already know this, and the guidance system is within you trying to reach you. 

More below … 

And I do wish to add that Yogi Amandeep is here in Adelaide and offering incredible workshops and private healing sessions this weekend, which will totally amplify exactly this. This is his specialty .. clearing blockages using sound, mantra and much more .. if you are ready for a big shift, check out the invite below and his website. I truly recommend this. Bookings are essential and we are nearly full. We are at Bliss Central, not at our usual yoga studio. 

Oceans of love!!!!!! Much joy! 
Keep shining … 
Sabine Abnashjot 

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“To control your emotions from taking over, you have to focus on the sixth centre (third eye point)” Yogi Bhajan 
This is biological, scientific and very real … don’t believe me .. try it for yourself…  All of yoga is designed with the original intent (this is the original way of yoga, the uncompromised way) to reach a high meditate state of being; from which you will reach all insights naturally. In our classes you will stimulate your pituitary gland to secrete which balances many hormones and offers deep clarity beyond that monkey-busy-chatty-fast-moving-neverstopping-dizzying- mind.  😉 Confusion is the shadow side of this human gift of intuition.  You will be tested. And it has been found that people who naturally look up (the eye gaze is upwards) are happier, contented people, with a calm ease about them. For the simple reason of the third eye chakra being active and the pituitary gland being naturally flowing and stimulated. Many people who suffer from depression are actually highly intuitive and just somehow could not cope or manage all the insights they gained from their refined intuition, hence shut it down on some level, then became confused and emotionally driven and eventually this disconnect leads/lead to a form of depression. 

Remember that the the activation of this chakra is linked to the health of your pituitary gland .. google this gland, and how its imbalance affects your state of being. It is profound! It can be like a different person that is created in that sense.

I feel it is through this balance of hormones and the health of chakras and your full being acknowledged, that the students I hear from and see regularly are so much happier, intuitive and depression and anxiety is totally or significantly released with weekly kundalini yoga. 

“If you are conscious, you are alert, and you are intuitive, there is no place for error. ” Yogi Bhajan. 

We shall enjoy the great science of kundalini yoga with lots of tools to empower your intuition … this is the focus this week, and we do this in each class.

The difference this week is that I will be highlighting it, and sharing how it works more and focussing on it through the class. I am deeply inspired !!!!!

Enhance your brilliant inner wisdom and navigation system!!!!!!!

We will enjoy a simple exercise to free you from confusion and depression… and a third eye kriya … we will do a kundalini yogic exercise that breaks through your greatest fears and phobias; it will be challenging yes, but so worth it! … we will stimulate your master gland for intuition and wisdom… we will enhance your ability to sense the subtle… meditation offers slowed ageing and youthful rejuvenation… you will taste this … we will tune in beyond words … we will self-heal … we will increase serotonin and beta endorphins in your bloodstream … and much more !!!!

“Go inside and listen to your inner voice. Every question has an answer. Your soul is full of wisdom and knows the way. ” Yogi Bhajan. 

I love the saying that expresses this sentiment: without intuition you able to see as well as you would through a windscreen covered in mud, without windscreen wipers. 

Becoming neutral and meditative is what we do in all classes and this opens you up to that guiding voice. 

True intuition comes as joy, a lightness, a relief … it creates clear seeing … ease in you.

The more you trust it the more it grows and you will recognise it and you will receive the gifts from this focus, trust and inner alignment.

Limitations are overcome easily. Just like the truth at the throat centre, doors open for you when you are in alignment with your being; when you are able to see the ego identification with personality that is no longer serving. When you can watch the ego that is fearful and controlling and can open to the heart, to the truth, and your intuitive awareness …

It is all about learning to take care of our mental health.. an innate ability we have given away or can now begin to cultivate. 

All inspired humans have shared that these new ways of being, these creative powerful ideas, ideas that create improvement and positive change, inventors, olympic athletes, powerful leaders … they all have relied on this chakra centre within them in various ways (they did not cal it chakras but this is what they meant- the intuition )

… this leads to self-realisation and expansion, to fearlessness, clarity and strength to walk your walk from a deep wisdom within. 

Next week we delve further into the crown chakra : your knowing of your boundlessness. 

Namaste and see you in class and maybe at Yogi Amandeep’s amazing workshops this Friday night or Saturday afternoon. Participants in Melbourne and Sydney have shared it has been truly incredible and life-changing for them on every level. 

Join us for this amazing and one-off rare and special event to sit with a mystic yogi … be ready for profound shifts and clearing … ready for a new year of 2016! New beginnings. Less baggage. Bring it on I say!!! Blessings and gratitude!!! Sat Nam!