This week: Meditation for speaking consciously! And kriya for the aura, liver and self-reliance! More information below! See you in class!!! I am bringing the pure quartz crystal bowl to take us vibrationally into mental equilibrium and the neutral mind, beyond the pull of duality.


Warm greetings to you!

This week’s newsletter is a little shorter than usual, enjoy the inspirations and take a deep breath in right now, belly expanding, ribcage opening, breathe in deeply up to your collar bones… pause … then slowly exhale the reverse order …. notice when your inhale becomes the exhale and vice versa… your awareness of your breath links you into the physicality of NOW, sends the message to the body to relax, to heal, to be creative… releases mental tension, and opens your connection to your inner peace, your inner centre…

More about our kriya and meditation and crystal sound healing below.

Please arrive approximately 10 minutes before class, and bring water, mat, blanket and pillow. Let me know if you wish to talk with me before or after class, allowing the silence to be enjoyed by the rest of the yogis (we can talk in the foyer). (we can talk by email or phone).

Please share about your experiences even by simply replying to this newsletter.

A new Tuesday night class will commence in April, from 7:30pm -9:00 pm in Glenunga. This will be the new beginners class, and all are welcome.

Thursday 7pm and Sunday 4pm will be more advanced. All are welcome, but whomever requires a gentler class, can instead choose Tuesday night.

Take another deep, slow breath in … using the three stage breath… feel the lengthening of the body, and enjoy the breath.. then exhale slowly again … all through the nose … this turns the pranic life force into specific energy within the body.

Sat Nam!!!!! And thank you for sharing this journey with me! What an incredible experience!!!! And awakening consciousness, expanding into our true nature, Infinite Nature .. what could be more incredible?

Honour your truth, which is that which makes you feel uplifted and ALIVE!!!!!!! That is your real truth. For your true nature is boundlessness .. joy .. love … brilliance .. aliveness .. this is the guide in terms of energy … this is the pointer to show you when you are aligned …

Sat Nam!!!
Sabine Abnashjot

M: 0424 029 032

Please book in online. I appreciate it! 🙂


This week: 

Kriya for the aura, liver and self-reliance

When we balance the auric field, we clear away energy we absorbed from our environment and this creates a feeling of lightness and frees us up from carrying draining energy. We become aligned and radiant. Any health issues we may develop,  always start with the energetic field (aura/ electromagnetic field), and this way we are removing potential illness (physical and mental).

Your clearer aura will be sensed by those you meet and create more uplifting interactions. It keeps you vibrant, youthful and centred.

The liver is our greatest detoxing organ, and when heavy and overworked creates agitation, anger, fear, tiredness and hormonal imbalance. To look after it is essential for our entire wellbeing. So we can operate at our full potential. We are strong and self-reliant.

Green branch in sunny day
Meditation for speaking consciously

This meditation is very self nurturing.
When we are calm and centred we speak from the higher centres, our true selves, rather than the defensive or attacking egoic self. This egoic self is about being right, about protecting old patterns, it is often unconscious and programmed from childhood.

It creates hurt for ourselves and those at the receiving end. It is ultimately destructive. And not rewarding. Coming from our deepest truth, our heart, leads to miracles, in ourselves and hence all around us.

This is not always natural or obvious or easy. It is a reprogramming from an old fear. And this is where the work is. And the liberation. And we are all journeying this together in some form or expression.

This is perfectly beautiful. To want to open into this and dissolve false self identification is  truly the spiritual warrior’s work, it is the hardest work, and the most rewarding too. And what this world seems to need the most. And only you can work on yourself. Only I can work on myself. This is the key. To recognise our inherent true nature, even when the mind clouds it from time to time.

Going into the neutral mind, beyond duality with the large quartz crystal bowl

I will be bringing my crystal bowl for you to enjoy the effect it has on your consciousness … the crystal bowl I have is set to take you beyond duality. Into the zone of the neutral mind.

This is where you are non-reactive, you see clearly, nothing is judged as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but seen as an arising in the cosmic play of this awareness/consciousness.

We don’t know the reasons for suffering or bliss, or seemingly good deeds or seemingly unloving deeds. There is a vastness beyond our judgemental perceptions that sees beyond this, the bigger picture you could say! This creates expanded vision, grace, knowing when to act or not, and a deep oneness that is full of love and peace.

The crystal ‘singing’ bowl is made of quartz and the effect upon the body and consciousness of the individual is tremendous. The electrical aspect of the quartz emanations precipitates strong responses within the crystalline structures and patterns of the human body. We resonate strongly with quartz energy.

The sound emitted by playing the crystal bowls as musical instruments has been called the “purest tone” in the world. The vibrational frequencies of the bowls resonate with the physical body and the subtle energy field facilitating the harmonising of the heart and the mind, the physical with the spiritual. The sound induces altered states of consciousness and the body vibrates to a more refined level.

Healing with Sound touches a part of us that feels very familiar. We feel very connected to sound and to music – it has become an integral part of our lives. Sacred sound whether music, song, prayer, chants, toning, incantations or affirmations is vital to the creation process and has been considered a direct link between humanity and god/expanded consciousness. It is considered the oldest form of healing.
Sound is pure.