“It is in surrendering that we reach out to our higher power, where we receive the broadcasts of the Infinite Intelligence. It is there that we hear the call.

A daily practice of meditation makes it easy to keep a deeper relationship with the Infinite.

Expecting to have instant knowingness in God, or in yourself, is like expecting someone to hand you a violin and have you instantly play a sonata. It takes time, but you will play beautifully very soon.

A strong sense of boundlessness means knowing that since things are ultimately supposed to work out, they will. ”

Yogi Bhajan

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Warm greetings to you!!!

I just love this: our struggles are our growth opportunities.

This is an opportunity to expand out of contracted ways of seeing life. As we arrive in our journey at the crown chakra, which offers you the gift of boundlessness, this is the invitation. 

It is an unnatural state to feel limited. Deep down you know it is not your true nature. Your true nature is free and boundless… beyond the idea of life and death even! 

We have a beautiful specific meditation  and kriya this week, to assist you into your experience of infinity, your infinite nature. It releases (dissolves) the idea that you are finite. And it is designed to release contracted ways of being and seeing. And as you know, contracted beliefs create a contracted body. And vice versa.

So breathe in deeply and slowly, open up, it is so worth it.

You are so vast….

Meditation enhances your brain capacity, youthfulness and overall inner healing; even science is proving this nowadays.  It shifts your perception from limitation to open-minded creative thought and hence manifestation. 

The crown centre plays a vital part in this. To embrace (acknowledge) your infinite potential is key to tapping into this field of consciousness. As I often say in class, quantum physics has shown that there is infinite potential around you  each and every moment, right now … and that your awareness and attention to this activates these potentials. As we say: where your attention goes, energy flows. This is resonance. Energy work. Awareness. Attainment. Vibration. Alignment.  Atonement. There are so many terms for this. Flow. Being present. Presence. Allowing. Surrender. Opening. Trust. Self-realisation.

These words carry the same message with the same outcome but in slightly different ways that the mind will have a filed day analysing. 

So you may wish to pause right now, and ask yourself: where is my attention going during most of my day? What kind of ideas am I clinging to, associating with, entertaining?

I am not saying these need to be ignored or suppressed. I am saying it is very powerful to become aware of the kind of potentials we tune into, what we energise with our belief. It is powerful to see our own limitations. From there we can then expand. Seeing this is the opening to expand thinking and awareness. 

Again, your kundalini yoga practise is designed to help and support you in this seeing, from deep within your own wisdom; it assists in this transcendence of unconscious habits (that keep you trapped in a cycle). Nothing stays the same, everything shifts, with this seeing there is openness and trust and far less pain and suffering, that is all; oh and it happens quicker than just by battling it on your own, without meditation/kundalini yoga. 

It is like living in our little own box. Same ideas, patterns, fears, dreams, thoughts. Now we can enter a larger box, a new box, boxes.. until boxes expand and dissolve all together. This is how I see it. It is fabulous to see our boxes. Our limits, and there is nothing wrong with them. Only if you wish to expand, it is most useful to begin to look at them, straight, directly, fearlessly. That is liberation in itself. And liberation is another word for boundlessness, infinite awareness. 

With this chakra we are connecting with the pineal gland. The pineal gland is stimulated by light. It functions on light. Production of serotonin is one aspect it is famous for. 

It is called SAHASRARA.
It is linked to the health of our cerebral cortex and central nervous system. 

When this centre is working for you, it shows up as: 

  • Being in but not of this world
  • Bliss
  • The experience of all as one
  • The integration, expression and actualisation of peak experiences
  • Saintliness (halo/light energy in images is the expanded crown chakra)
  • Samadhi
  • All knowing, unveiled
  • expanded total awareness of self and all; conscious

When this centre needs balancing it can manifest as:

  • doubt and denial of the spiritual reality
  • religious extremism (denial of it or extreme versions of it)
  • Abuse of ‘lower’ life forms (human imperialism)
  • Apathy
  • Despair
  • Closed-mindedness


This image to me shows that you are a powerful being, connected to all… allow it to blossom and exist in you, through you and open to your infinite oneness, incredible expansion, yet with the finite physical body. This awareness is bliss. Life in the physical a brilliant experience and gift, from within you can still taste and recognise and express all dimensions to your being. Your truth. Your infinite potential.
Connected to mother earth. Grounded. Physical. Growing and expanding, into all dimensions of consciousness from this physical experience to infinity. Now that is life, that is integration. That is seeing life for what it truly is… 
  • Classes continue all through this year as usual.

I love holding space and sharing kundalini yoga more than words can ever express. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the starting time of our classes, to relax, and stretch and ask questions. Bring your own mat, pillow, blanket, water. Love yourself that much. You will only get greater joy from this.
Everything we experience in yoga is a metaphor for our so called outer lives. 

Are you always rushing and cutting yourself short in life and hence late for class? Do you forget your mat and water often, as a symbolic recognition of not taking time to really look after yourself? Gentle reflections of patterns really can guide you deeply into loving and honouring yourself more. 

We all have such invitations to see. I for one was always last minute for my yoga classes. A pattern that I had to really work on to overcome! This last minute thing, often from relaxing and losing track of time, other times by accommodating other’s needs last minute, making me rushed; other times because I didn’t prioritise to get to class early, and then had to rush. I have since leant that no matter what, I will be relaxed even if I am late. So I have a physically relaxed body in the car as I drive, and I sing along to music I love, and surrender into the now. From this now, I also see the pattern. My relationship with time. I can truly get lost in time. Be very in the now, like in a trance almost. And my relationship with boundaries. I am inherently very open. This has its other side and needs to be balanced, meaning I cannot always serve and do what the people around me need, I have to take out time, say no, and serve my being. And tested we will be. I love how life teaches us. 

Observe your patterns with love .. and you can transmute them easily. Accept them first. Then see what you can create from there. Growing in wisdom, listening to the inner infinite knowing that is there … sometimes it is here even when amidst the storm.. other times we need to find stillness to really tune in.

A great way to play with this is just upon waking up in the morning … watching yourself wake up … staying in that state between wakefulness and sleep. 

Much to share in class this week. So much joy, so much empowerment for us all.

I am excited as always!!!!!

Much joy and wishing you the most incredible now!
Sabine Abnashjot


P.S. Please offer me feedback when you can! I am always looking to improve and meet your needs more. There is a sheet for feedback in class, but even easier, you can just click ‘reply’ to this email and share any thoughts with me about classes, what you like and don’t like, and your requests in any form. Be free. Express your truth!