Understanding and keeping our auric field healthy and vibrant is one of most important practises we can give to ourselves … it affects your entire life … every aspect … emotionally, physically, how we manifest/project, our overall wellbeing on every single level …

Warm joyous greetings to you!!!!

This week we will go deeper into the gifts that your auric field offers you, and how to keep it in excellent ‘condition’.

What could be more important? To me absolutely nothing … here resides your physical health, emotional balance, connection and wellbeing of all your bodies: astral, emotional, etheric, mental, causal, template, celestial … in kundalini yoga we have the ten bodies also: soul body, negative mind, positive mind, neutral mind, physical body, arcline, pranic body, subtle body, radiant body, auric field… but working with the auric/electromegnetic field opens your awareness into these fields beyond the physical body, and these fields are affecting all you do, feel, see and experience …

If you could see how powerful the chakras and energy field (aura and beyond ) are in influencing your health, state of mind, abundance, relationships etc, you would be in utter awe and dedicate your time to these daily … I am certain … this is the source of it all …. within you always … your full human potential rests here .. physics and quantum physics have shown this too .. everything is consciousness … your attention/intention and awareness create your world .. only 100% ;-)!! This is huge and requires incredible mindfulness to handle and embrace … this is why I am dedicated beyond everything to kundalini yoga, and the vast knowledge and support it offers …

As a scientist with incredible curiosity about everything, including the meaning of life, I love what it offers me!!!! And I love sharing this and seeing it do the same for you … I see that sparkle in your eyes, I feel the dance of your soul in class … I sense the freedom and joy that arises here …

Thank you for sharing it with me!!!!

Kundalini Yoga is the science of the chakras, where we become aware of the many dimensions of our life, our awareness expands into infinite consciousness that dwells within us all.

I personally believe that this is truly what we are all looking for, and we cannot be happy until we are consciously united with all that we are! So humans have found many ways to ‘deal’ with this natural need to unite with the totality of all that we are … some use addictions (drugs, alcohol, TV, drama in life) to cover it or get into it .. some of us crave nature and time to ourselves, some of us see the divine in every person we meet, and it is all unique … the forgetting is to be unravelled into remembering our true nature through infinite paths … how we deal with disconnection or pain, is another way to self realisation … everything a profound gift – a teaching perfectly for you…

I feel deepest gratitude for this amazing manifestation mirroring our inside reality on the apparent outside …

Deep breath in …. hold …. exhale slowly …. enjoy and repeat … notice the experience of gravity upon your body right now … be here, now … in this simple isness …. the presence right here …

This is by the way the most amazing thing that manifests in our classes as you all attend and in divine timing … this incredible presence of our collective … the stillness and bliss as we finish moving and flowing and coming into stillness .. non movement !!

I am truly grateful beyond words for all of you who share this vision and practise of pure raising of conscious awareness … being the blissful rich, dynamic awareness we are .. in this amazing dance of life!!!!

Oh I better slow down .. getting all passionate again 😉 …

More about the auric field below and in class !!!

The gong healing sound meditation is booked out … thank you all for your brilliant responses! It will be INCREDIBLE!

Please set your intentions and get ready to let go … nourish yourself on Saturday beforehand and Sunday as much as possible for the highest integration and release …

Make sure you bring all you need to be comfortable lying down for 1.5 hours .. blankets, pillows etc ..

Thank you for booking in ! I really appreciate it! And thank you for checking out my yoga page and rating it (only takes 2 seconds) and enjoying the posts .. I know fb can be overwhelming and my aim here is to support and inspire you and inform you of amazing ways of the yogi and its ancient deep knowledge field.
If you haven’t already, please do connect and help spread the word on my page or google my website and make a google review to help share the love of raising consciousness .. to using the tools to be all we can be … being our own divine master .. mastery !!!

Much joy and one love!

Sat Nam
Sabine Abnashjot

To book into classes
It is sooo easy and I really appreciate you taking the minute to commit to your practise and to communicate with me …

Simply follow the home page along the left till you reach the calendar, click the day and then the times, and add your email address and add up some numbers, and it is done! Has to be done 2 hours prior to class starting time.
End of year dinner Thursday 18th December, 8:30pm onwards in Norwood: Cinnamon Club
Simply click and RSVP if you wish to join us for dinner that night! Would love to see you there!!!

Marvelling at this sublime complexity that manages itself as YOU and I, and the gift to realise it through awareness .. through kundalini (yoga).
The aura combines the effects of all the other chakras. This energy field is your RADIANCE in life, and how you are perceived intuitively by others. It protects you from negativity and ill-health.

When this field is strong it naturally keeps you safe at all times, repelling negativity and danger. Things of that nature will pass through you.
The integrity of your energy field speaks louder than words, or clothes or appearances. It is more powerful than anything else you can try to create, for its truth is what you live.

This chakra is associated with our sense of being. It is our presence. It is home. Peace. Knowing without thought. It is life itself.

When this field is strong naturally the chakras align. You are aware of your existence beyond the mind (thoughts) and body .. you are presence. You are awareness.

This field protects and projects.

All illness begins here. All health begins here.

How many miraculous dimensions of experience !!!!
Enjoy the knowledge and yet tap into your own natural knowing … as you enter stillness …

In class this is what we will experience … all yoga is meant to be to prepare the yogi to enter that stillness so meditation and deepest self awareness can occur, from which all answers and wellbeing arise … no more doubts, insecurities, attachments, suffering …. but unlimited freedom … ultimately …

Of course this is a lifestyle … you decide how important it is to you and how much time /attention you wish to dedicate to this … it is always joy for me .. my life feels rich, playful and my seriousness is replaced with a deep connection, security and natural oneness with consciousness … we are that …

So what I speak of here does require intention and movement /action … like all things in this physical dimension … nothing is black an white and there are exceptions always …

Let me know how you feel after a kundalini session, after two, or if you are enjoying or wishing to build a home practise … the time spent is returned to you infinitely …

Much gratitude and absolute passion … I wonder if this passion will subside one day into pure being … just existence … just silence … I see this possibility 🙂 …

Enjoy your now :)))))
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