Adrenal fatigue affects an estimated 70% of the population to some degree. The effects are slow or sudden in onset, and are debilitating. Tiredness becomes disabling and living your passion and brilliance becomes very challenging. There are ways to detect this, to support your adrenals and best of all we have a wonderful kriya dedicated to supporting your adrenal function!!! More info below.

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We all know that stress causes nothing but side effects that reduce our wellbeing on all levels. Well, prolonged stress leads to adrenal fatigue, and adrenal fatigue means you need time to recover, to nurture yourself back to vibrant wellbeing. An overnight pill does not exist for this.. but there is much you can do to support yourself back to lots of energy and vibrant mental balance.

Things are never that simple, when there have been years of stress and habits that are not benefitting the human body, mind or your general wellbeing, full stop.

I have included an infographic in this newsletter and there is much incredible information about this, including fantastic books are written about this. One such text is: “Adrenal fatigue” the 21st Century Stress Syndrome. By Dr James L. Wilson.

Of course in our classes we truly support ALL your organs and glands, all the way to the chakras and beyond. This is a specific kriya that really will support the adrenals and balance your chakras also! All meditation and slowing and deepening of breath will benefit the adrenals!

Below is a little more info about adrenals. Exercises that stretch and twist the torso are very helpful in stimulating blood flow to the adrenal glands.

Also specifically with our kriya this will be experienced!

With our breath and sound and mantra and focus (for example the pituitary gland) , we balance the pituitary gland, and pineal gland! The pituitary gland, a master gland, regulates the secretion of the thyroid, adrenal and reproductive glands.

Working on the chakras through stimulation of the kundalini energy affects the health and balance of the glands, which creates a sense of well-being, allowing you to feel connected and integrated with life.

A little more info below… enjoy!
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Just a few contemplations to explore if you are having Adrenal fatigue … if you catch it early, it is easier to balance back to health; if you have had it for a while, it may just need a little extra effort, but it is so worth it!!!