High Frequency ! 😊🎉🌼🍃❤️🌻

Warm greetings dear Yogis!

Sending you all, as a collective, huge positive joyful vibrations!!


This is just a mini newsletter to let you know classes are going to be super amazing this week and all happening, even without the usual newsletter!! I’m writing this mini newsletter from my lunch break at my course!! Just took this photo today too.

I’m vibing higher and higher and learning so much, all of which will benefit you deeply!!! As I learn and grow, so do you. We are all in this together. 🐯🐘🐣🐞🐝🌷🌲
I love to see the world shine, full of radiant beings, enjoying the gift of this world and life!!! 🍏🏕️🏖️🌋🏜️🌌🌄🌅🎢🎡🎨🛫🌔

See you soon!!

Please do reply to this email is you have any questions. 👌👍

So much joy, love, beauty and gratitude for you, life and this moment… enjoying the ride… remember you are perfect and awesome and allow yourself to be remembering that every day more and more!!!

(Sabine) Abnashjot 🌼💮🌸💐🍀🌴
M: 0424029032