Warm greetings dear Yogis!

Detoxing was fun, yes? I saw many releases and awesome shifts were enjoyed, from the feedback I heard.

Noticing what we can let go of, and allowing it during kundalini yoga is huge! And amazing!!!! Keep it up!

This week I will talk about the connection between focus, attention, visualisation and projection. And what you can do with this.

This is pretty much what happens all day long …

Seeing and harnessing this to our highest vibration and fulfilment is what it about …. you can be your own master, and sculpting your awareness to rise above this …

We are going to use visualisation, breath and kriya for this, our meditation is awesome and called:

Breath Meditation to strengthen the mind & the immune system:

Comments: To be healthy we must have moral and mental strength. If we don’t have moral strength, we won’t have mental strength. We are born with inherited strength which is equal to the power of God. Our projected strength is created or blocked by ourselves, usually with anger, self-defeat and blame.  This meditation enhances this gift in us.

To have strong projected strength, we must consciously work out what we are using to block it. Our psyche and energy centres have to be adjusted by us.

We also shall enjoy further clarity and elimination through our kriya: The navel centre and elimination focus.

It is to release in order to empower through navel centre adjustment and balancing the whole body. It is an incredible kriya!!!! Empowering, allowing you to become more flexible and free to decide for yourself in life, in alignment with your truth and highest good! Digestion will definitely be positively affected!

See you in class.. a safe, silent, meditative environment to go deeply into yourself and remember who you truly are!

Oceans of love!!!
Abnashjot (Sabine)
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Other news:
Our Himalayan retreat is filling up and will be so so awesome! If you are interested, read below and let me know! Flights are still quite good, but they go up unpredictably every week now.

I am offering community meditation and stretching classes at Burnside community centre starting this Thursday 1:10-1:50pm.

All welcome, no previous experience needed, and just gold coin donation toward community funding! Bring your parents, but you must book in via the Burnside Community Centre, 401 Greenhill Road, Tusmore. It is geared towards absolute beginners and the elderly.

I am teaching KIDS FUN yoga as a community event – only $5, Friday the 28th of April from 10:30-11:30 in the awesome ballroom in Burnside! BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL – and via myself. Total FUN! And self expression and self  love for kids!

I now offer NLP sessions  and will talk more about this soon.. I graduated at an NLP practitioner and Timeline practitioner on the weekend! Awesome stuff!!!! More info etc coming soon!

Kundalini Studio is listed on the MINDBODY app, for easy bookings, and a specific Kundalini Studio App is NOW LAUNCHED! YAY!

We are back in the BALLROOM on Tuesday the 9th of May, if you prefer that venue, put it in your diary now and see you there!!!

Thank you all so much for writing to me, I love it, so please keep going, if it feels great for you!

Sat Nam!!!