This week … the theme is going deep into the gift of flow, surrender, embracing the fact that everything is constantly changing, and to try to control things is only creating stress for you and limiting your life’s expression.

Kundalini yoga totally is about enabling this and empowering you to integrate this eternal truth.


Warm greetings dear Yogis,

(going back to last week’s newsletter that didn’t have certainty, clearly ๐Ÿ˜‰ …)

so far so good … I am writing from a Cafe in Mount Gambier and the internet is very slow … relatively speaking. And soon the drive back to Adelaide commences on this glorious sunny, incredible morning!!!

The theme for this week is: EMBRACING UNCERTAINTY.

A glorious theme I have studied deeply over many years and still need reminders at times ….

So first of all though:
Join us for kundalini yoga tonight, Tuesday 7:30 at Glenunga, or Thursday night 7:00pm or Sunday 4:00 pm in Norwood. All details are on my website!

Please book in online if you can. It really helps. I appreciate your time. The booking system is modern and safe and efficient.

Now this is the new newsletter, written today, a week later …ย 
So this is as far as I got in Mount Gambier last week! Hilarious. I had to embrace uncertainty as the internet was so sporadic that the website (mailchimp) kept crashing … after an hour, I let go … it was fun.. and my daughter and I ย went to see the blue lake and drove back to Adelaide … with groovy music … and after passing what seemed like hundreds of wineries, countless sheep and with prettiest skies, we made it … I trusted that the newsletter didn’t need to be written and of course life went on flowing beautifully .. I saved myself the stress from riling against the situation, even if cheerful, it would have been taken time and energy; which instead I directed to time with my daughter and our crazy one-off drive back …

Life moves … these moments don’t come again … surrendering to the flow really gives you the gift to be present to where life is at, in that very moment. Right there!

You see and feel deeply the rich tapestry of life itself … you are at ease .. the body feels great … creativity flows … presence itself dances in joyous awareness … gratitude arises … loving time is shared … and I see it as this wave… like a butterfly effect, it just goes on and on and on …. endlessly ….

We are so blessed to take time to contemplate .. to explore our consciousness …

Like a radio station, what we tune into becomes the experience … ย within that the barometer is what makes you feel alive! That is your soul speaking!

To me that is FLOW and surrender and being open to embrace uncertainty. The gifts this brings are an open expanded life … seeing more .. new things come to such an open mind … we notice with ease how our thinking and the so-called radio dial is creating the world we are in … Soooooo if we choose to dial resistance and control, we get to experience that. And until we recognise the suffering that is often associated with this, we may even enjoy it … that too is part of the freedom of living life according to YOU, uniquely …

So how does kundalini yoga help you with this?

See below … and feel free to ask me questions or insights or feedback by replying to this newsletter …

Have a glorious now … and if you are feeling heavy or angry or upset or sad, or indifferent or any emotions (I could list all but won’t) .. then embrace that very experience as the expression of the divine too. For it is all energy. It is experience. Feel it fully. That is truly amazing. Becoming conscious of the observer within you and the sensations and expressions… allowing it all. ย It is in all of us.

That not only is amazing, it also is liberating and healing …

Sat Nam
Sabine Abnashjot
M:0424 029 032

How your kundalini yoga classes/practice enable you to embrace life as it is. In presence. Allowing flow and uncertainty, and the richness of the only thing that is real, the NOW.ย 

To embrace uncertainty, which is life itself when you really delve deep into it (your health, your family’s health, your country’s state, your finances, your relationships,the people around you / their actions and effects on you etc.), we benefit greatly from a certain awareness or tool kit of experience.

If we are inwardly trying to have security and predictability from our surroundings, if we are looking for approval and reassurance from outside ourselves, we will definitely suffer. BIG STRESS will be ours! The mental anguish is consuming and limiting. The effect on the biology of the body creates disease and premature ageing.

So embracing the unknown is essential to really shine:

Because the world cannot give you that certainty or approval. There is an infinite mix of thoughts and preferences and always a reason where we can feel we are not supported or feel lost.

Because our inner fear will be reflected on the outside by people and situations mirroring our unconscious beliefs.

Because giving your power away never feels good. Resentment builds just from that and on top of that nobody can please you to feel the security or reassurance you want. Nobody can replace what you are needing and trying to find from within. People change, move on, have less time, die, argue, are in their own relative world – how can this create security?

Because to get that from the outside we inevitably think we need to please everyone else in return and hence may not be honouring the truth. It is like a shallow exchange that cannot last.

Because you want to be clear from within deep down, you may not realise it consciously, but this is the only truth and only satisfaction that is real and lasting.

So how is Kundalini Yoga helping you?

It is helping you by releasing unconscious fears that hold you captive to insecurities from long ago.

It is aligning your chakras and hormonal axis and hence empowers you to make rational &ย intuitive &ย heart centred decisions from deep within! Not allowing you to being confused and swayed by outside influences. Hence living YOUR truth, a direct route. Your Sat Nam!

With our breathing and movement coordination you become meditative, aware and aligned. You touch the bliss within. The home within. You recognise its gift and the outside world has less influence, and can’t drag your spirit down.

With our kriyas that are ancient and beyond scientific comprehension (as the yogis understood literally everything: how the mind works (deeply), the body systems (digestion, immunity, endocrine, nervous, respiratory, etc), and your many energy bodies, like pranic body, soul body, emotional body etc .. they understood effects of conception, the stages in utero, the stages after birth, the journey through life,ย .. parent:child relationships and the vast depths of the chakra system and beyond, literally… Iย could go on and on …).

Science is starting to touch on this .. like the research on consciousness, pineal gland and pituitary gland functions and brain wave frequencies, epigenetics and also neuroplasticity .. theseย are considered cool science buzz words and the yogis have known that and far more for thousands of years …

THIS is why I am so grateful and in awe!! We get the highest privilege withย access to these kriyas and specific kundalini meditations.

In the past a disciple would have to earn the privilege of a single kriya from a master that would assess that they were ready.

Hence I know that sometimes the potency of kundalini yoga can be challenging. Some yogis can attend once or twice a week and really ride this, andย raise consciousness, others need to take rests and that is truly so important to honour the unique journey gracefully. This too takes courage. To know when to be still and integrate.

This is being conscious.

We are working the entire being in each class… as you align the energies (meridians) and beyond, to YOUR capacity that moment, you realise YOU are all; you are your best friend, your divinity, Source itself! Life becomes an adventure … acceptance, grace… flow … and so rich through this open awareness … this divine blooming into now …

Ahh …. bliss …… and yes, not always bliss … but that is part of the divine experience too.

Some yoga tips:

Our classes honour the original and pure ancient science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

We hold space in an ambiance and energy that is safe and nurturing for going within. This is sacred time to reconnect with Source within. Herein lies all joy, truth and guidance …

Hence I encourage a quiet space before and after class, so as to remain in the meditative vibration & higher consciousness ย and to hold this within you, as you move into the ‘outside’ world … in a grounded and integrated fashion.

We create an incredible energetic /vibrational field of support and meditative frequency for higher awareness, allowing for release of limited though patterns and ultimately true union with self.

Feel free to bring along a diary or crystals or whatever assist you in the experience! Contemplate your intentions.

Honour yourself!ย 

I deeply honour this gift of unfolding and process and totally appreciate all of our unique journeys.

Food and yoga: It is recommended to have minimal food in your belly before class. This does not mean to be hungry… see if you can eat lightly an hour before or have a banana, avocado, pear, yoghurt or perhaps dried dates … these are simple suggestions … you choose what works for your body constitution and lifestyle!

Please BRING:
your mat, blanket, pillow. Wear layered clothing for body and hall temperature changes.
Bring water for hydration and energy movement.

Please book in online if you can. I appreciate it.
Feel free to offer me feedbackand any other requests or comments by simply replying to this newsletter!

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I welcome and encourage it.

Sat Nam!