When you communicate with your highest self, this knowing, clarity and guidance sets everything right … This is the work focus & bliss  of our kundalini classes this week ” 


Warm greetings to you!!

When we reach that inner knowing, the stillness, the inner sanctuary, we are aware that we are complete.

Until this happens, we are searching outside of ourselves for answers, often from habitual ways of resonance. In other words if we want to take a new leap, a quantum shift, really embrace something new, we need the clarity and support of our true self, deeply within. This is where our power lies. It is not egoic, it is aligned from a higher, vast frequency beyond regular thinking, and hence we create literally miracles when we operate from this place.

From this place, from this alignment, we instantly heal, we rejuvenate, feel lighter, have a knowing when to take action and also can sit patiently and know when not to take action. There is grace. With that awareness there is ultimately a seeing that leads to no resistance. The seeing is enough. You recognise and discern, and yet you inherently are home, within yourself. What JOY! What truth!

Everything you read or watch can inspire and point you to the truth. Ultimately it is still intellectual and borrowed until it becomes your unquestioned truth..

….until it is YOUR inner recognition of truth – which can be temporary and also ever changing – (but you are ok with that journey of discovery) – you will feel ungrounded and unstable. 

YOU are Divinity expressing itself uniquely, only one of you exists, and yet we are also all connected and cannot actually be separate. Celebrate the Divine as you … and yes, you can celebrate the world and all unique expression. And you can chose what and with whom you resonate deeply; after all, this is the experience of the embodiment. We experience one physicality, and time (in this timeless realm)… and hence there appear choices and selections we can make. Honouring what makes your heart & soul sing is the way … it leads by example to cherish and celebrate life itself, in all its forms.

Even the less pleasant experiences are a huge gift to celebrate, for they reveal so much about life, yourself and this divine play.

Now to the KRIYA:
Often I hear from yogis how they just LOVE this and that kriya, and fall in love each time with a new kriya. They are all potent and incredible! Each and every one a profound gift!!! And much needed to support this journey into discovering who we truly are, and the magnificence of each of us.

This week: We have a kriya called “Morning Sadhana” which works the entire body, chakras, breath and energy field beyond. It is designed to support us to walk in grace, in union with ourselves. It is designed to prepare us to meditate very deeply. Remember, meditative states are easily achieved with kundalini yoga, and the aim is to walk  through life in those awarenesses you reach in meditation … so life becomes a meditation .. the more you reach that space in class, at home, wherever, the more this becomes a lifestyle, as your being adjusts to this state of being … these days science calls this neuroplasticity .. the wiring of your thinking is changed  .. this is a rather coarse way of saying it, in contrast to how yogic books relate it. Also epigenetics: we affect which genes are switched on and off by what we think, do, feel… again. Yogis see that as you being totality. As you raise consciousness you vibrate differently, you act, see, eat, live differently naturally .. this changes the DNA. Nothing is fixed. It is the eternal flow of infinite possibilities .. right now .. within your being …

The fastest way there is to recognise this within yourself. Borrowed  truths can be stepping stones,reminders, or they can actually become distractions and a form of side tracking … so do go within .. discover the brilliance and infinite consciousness of the divine right here right now …

This is exactly what kundalini yoga does for me, and all … I could honestly not be more grateful for this incredible gift of this ancient unadulterated yoga.
It is vital to me that it is still pure and unadulterated. It is so. And  no ego has changed it.

What the ancients knew and dedicated their existence to, embodied and lived, is so powerful, it is beyond the mind of most humans’ conception .. they had transcended  everything … they were here to serve … this I trust and perceive within as truth so powerful, I dedicate my life to sharing and living this.

Deepest gratitude for YOU, who is sharing this with me, and embracing this great divinity …

Sat Nam!
Sabine Abnashjot

P.S. Our meditation this week is AMAZING: Meditation for a a clam heart!!! Very healing and soothing. Self-love! Which then translates into vibrating with true love from all around you. More below.


Meditation for a Calm Heart

The proper home of the subtle force, prana, is the lungs and heart. The left hand will be placed on the heart, the natural home of prana, creating deep stillness at that point.

The right hand that throws you into action and analysis is placed in a receptive, relaxed mudra and put into the position of peace.

The entire pose induces the feeling of calmness. It technically creates a still point for the prana at the Heart Centre.

Emotionally, this meditation adds clear perception to your relationship with yourself and others. If you are upset  at work or in a personal relationship, sit in this meditation for 3-15 minutes before deciding how to act.
Then act with your full heart.

Physically this meditation strengthens your lungs and heart.

The meditation opens the awareness of the breath, so it can deepen, and teach you being present through the breath. It conditions your lungs.