Sat Nam dear Yogis

Our last newsletter was sent out April the 10th … and I realise that I may need to be in contact more often than once a month. (I am posting our recent newsletter to the kundalini studio website tonight! So you can check it there also, plus you’ll find it on our facebook page.)

It is easy to miss the newsletter as our inboxes fill up, and many of you are used to a weekly newsletter… which I was writing for many  years…

There is much info on our website to explore, as I published the blog posts and newsletters there.

I have another website, which shares more about my other work, NLP, timeline and hypnosis and Russian DNA healing, that I offer. It is

Now I wish to highlight in this newsletter that 3 specific events are coming up, which are one offs and truly I will offer once a year.

The first is the 22nd of May: a class on chanting and the science of it, which is deep and powerful for shifting your consciousness and achieving self healing. More below. You will experience it, enjoy the effects and the group energy together at the acoustic and ambient ballroom. This is not a gimmick to draw in students or something … I know that kind of thing is out there a lot … no … this is for those who want to learn more about chanting, sound current, voice and vibration … and you are that divine sound producer and you are positively affecting your divine vessel. Notes will be provided for you to keep and enjoy. Really looking forward to this!!!

Secondly the 1/2 day ladies retreat Saturday the 26th of May: this is a one off. If you are curious to explore what a kundalini yoga heart healing class uplift and benefit you, and what hypnosis and NLP can do for you, and how glorious the art of self care with aromatherapy is; then this is the half day for you!  … a very beautiful mix of nurturing, education, inspiration, direct experience into self and enjoyment …

We are putting much creative love and energy into this, and loving it!! It may be a template for longer retreats in the future. So if you are curious, have a taste. We are running it almost at cost, so you that can afford it.

You will create and take home pure blissful and toxin free products (details below) – in fact they clear toxins away for you – and learn about the emotional support of essential oils.

You will also learn how to let go of stressful visions/trauma and how to enhance your deep inner wellbeing and joy using NLP and hypnotic techniques, so self sabotage is no longer a random thing that happens to you!

I am inspired to share this in a group, (vs 1:1 sessions) so you know what is possible and gain self empowerment, which is my passion for you! Usually just one 1:1 with me for 1.5 hours is $150 for NLP/hypnosis.

Last but not least a great chance to enjoy a heart chakra kriya and meditation to overcome obstacles and self determined your future! You project into the world constantly, this is about knowing how you do this from a yogic awareness and how to direct it. To be aware and conscious!

In between all this (2-6pm ) you’ll be around women, and enjoy beautiful snacks … details below …

We all deserve time out …with kindred spirits, how awesome!!  … this is a one off … I am sharing this, as a few people said they wish to attend next time .. so I realise people may assume I’ll be doing this regularly — but that is not the plan for this year…  and we are almost full.

The third is June 21st (Thursday in the ballroom): world yoga day!Incredible time of connecting globally for huge energy shifts for you and the world we live in.  All goes to charity! More details below.

Advance notice for your diaries:
In July I will commence the annual (only once a year) chakra series. For 8 weeks we explore a chakra each week! We dive deep. A lot of incredible transformations happen to yogis who commit to the series. I see it each time, and experience it myself in myself. If you wish to enjoy each chakra, pencil this into your diary .. it is well worth it!!

Bliss … right this moment … just pure being …

To really live and honour our fullest potential, we have to recognise the existence of our wholeness, our full being, body, mind and spirit… all aspects … and NURTURE & acknowledge them, allow them to really express and shine. So they can be stable, and serve us and we flourish. I feel we need time to be just with ourselves, away from it all… to just laugh share with likeminded beings, and grow in joy …  and as we create that time, to support all aspects, we flourish!

For your diary: 
Women’s classes  commenced as a casual class (bookings essential, as there is many of us, and only space for 6-8 yoginis).

They are  7-8:30 pm and the usual yogic rates of $18 concession and $22 waged.

The class is listed in the kundalini studio app.

Every first Monday of the month at Infinite Yogi Studio. Bookings essential and via email or text!
Next class: making your own toxin free handwash/soft-soap for immune support! $15.00 Monday June 4th 7-8:30pm.

Other than that we have the usual classes listed below!

Direct experience is everything. Focus on that, for all else is borrowed and not your realisation .. my words can only point or inspire you to find your truth, which is your great treasure within!

Enjoy the journey!

I am here to hold space, encourage and remind you of your divinity and to offer the space to go deep within, feel safe, nurtured & to be YOU. I also offer sound healing, NLP, Hypnosis, timeline regression and DNA healing and of course meditation and breath work classes!


Love yourself, from your deepest heart, so you can share your light with the planet …

See you in class or workshops …

Sat Nam and blessings,
Abnashjot (Sabine)

M: 0424 029 032

Our regular classes are back, plus a few extra events listed below:

Please book in via our kundalini studio app, or via our website on

Thursdays 1:10-1:50  FREE meditation – only gold coil donation (to charity)  “meditation made easy ” classes in the Ballroom. (Run by Burnside Community Centre, and I’m the teacher)

Half day workshop: Saturday  26th of May 2-6pm for women. Details above.

For private consultations 1:1, home practise routine, NLP, timeline therapy, hypnosis, sound bath, specific meditation recordings for you, and more, contact me via the button below, and check my new website

Kids bliss yoga classes are starting Sundays 2-2:50 pm May 6th. If you are interested in brining your children or grandchildren, you can register by letting me know via the button below. It is $10 or $8 concession. At St David’s church, Glynburn Road, Burnside. More details on our facebook page, the link is below.

June 21st Thursday in the ballroom – world yoga day celebrations! Booking through the kundalini studio app.  All proceeds go to charity. Possibly children of the Ganges in Rishikesh.

High energy and adding to the global shift in consciousness … join us !!! Everyone makes a difference!!! The planet and world needs this. 

Chanting night: May 22nd Tuesday at the Ballroom. Bookings on the kundalini studio app – soon to be opening. ($18 for all – concession rate) 2 hour class! 7-9pm.