February is bonus sound bath month with all our classes! Either the symphonic gong, or the quartz crystal bowl will lift you into sound healing and deeper inner awareness.

March- April marks a SPECIAL 8 week consecutive programme of journeying into the chakras, a deep delve into your dimensions of mind, emotion and physical expressions and wellbeing. Special price offered plus other gifts to anchor the experience, such as notes and beads for a necklace or bracelet. This is to invite your commitment to this incredible 8 week journey, for the maximum benefit for you.

Our next Nourishment day is May 3rd.

Our Bali Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat is in July. Early bird still available, and cheaper flights too.
Much LOVE!
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Warm greetings of much joy to you!

When we are united with ourselves, everything becomes clear, and life becomes incredible joy, creativity and the presence of each moment is deeply felt.

This is the intent, science and purpose of kundalini yoga- the yoga of awareness.

Everything is awareness .. how we perceive and how we connect and interact through this expanded awareness.

We only ever suffer when we resist and deny our inner knowing.
To connect to this inner wisdom and knowing is possible in each moment. The trick is to be able to focus on that aspect of ourselves, to tune into it. To recognise and honour it.
From there you are mastering your being, and life is a reflection of this. You are empowered from deep within; not in an ego way, but with the heart leading and your intelligence arising from a calm mind, which taps into the genius of knowing (and this is beyond the intellect but uses the intellect to express itself).

I am in love with life, regardless of what it brings, for it is always divine perfection showing me aspects of myself .. and as we expand in consciousness and realise our unlimited self, this journey is an amazing discovery of the depth of who we are and what we are not… to me kundalini yoga covers every detail and aspect to inner mastery and realisation, in a graceful way, unique for every human being.

Take a deep breath now … feel this moment … for ALL that arises .. exhale and soften into the moment and life pulsing through you freely .. life itself …

Kundalini yoga keeps you timeless, flexible, radiant, not just biologically, but mostly through the radiance of your soul shining freely …

Much love and enjoy the many offerings below!
Thank you for the gift of your presence in class!!! Deep gratitude … love and joy,

Sabine Abnashjot


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~Thank you~

P.S. Please book into class, it only takes 30 seconds, and i really appreciate it for many reasons. Simply visit my homepage on my website and on the left hand side, half way down, click your day and add your email and add a few numbers up, and it’s all done!

It helps me to be in touch with you, it helps you to commit to your spiritual, emotional and physical yogic journey and if there are changes regarding our classes, I can reach you immediately.
February is special SOUND healing month. I will bring in either the Symphonic Gong or the Quartz Crystal bowl for you to enjoy the vibrational essence of release, balance, healing and deeper awareness into who you are and your immense untapped potential.

Information on how the Gong is a powerful gift to assist your wellbeing can be found on my website here:
Register for kundalini yoga classes~your booking in is greatly appreciated and kindly requested

Many classes were held at Botanic Park and most of all we enjoyed sharing with the world the joy and awesomeness of yoga outdoors, and integrated our inner practise with the beautiful buzz and divine sounds and sense-experiences of the outdoors, with children, bikes, birds, all kinds of people walking past, smiling, even taking pictures of us .. it was always a highly positive, euphoric experience for me, and from the sharing and feedback, I got the impression this was shared by us all …

For our world peace dedicated class, by donation with funds going to the RSPCA.. we raised $396.05 for all the creatures great and small. What utter joy to love ourselves by sitting in nature, connecting through breath, and kundalini yoga to the divine inside, sending out healing light to the planet, and raising funds for animals in need.

I cannot think of a more divine way to have spent our time and we will do it again and again! Purest love to you all from my heart! Thank you for joining us and brining your friends! The group energy of 44 yogis was sublime as always!

I feel beyond blessed, seriously! It is not “I” as in Sabine that ‘does’ this .. it is amazing flow pulsing through us all! This is pure love and beauty. And it is in all of us.
Deep Namaste!
Click here to write me a line or two of your experiences, questions or requests. I deeply invite you to freely share. It is a gift for you, for me and enables me to improve and inspire more from your feedback.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

March and April are our special annual chakra months!
I am offering an 8 week programme leading you through each chakra one by one, while balancing all of them in each class.

I am offering a special price to create a commitment in you to attend all 8, so you can truly experience the total integration this offers you, energetically and in your awareness.
I created special class passes for this, where the 8 week course is $150 regular and $120 concession. This discounts the regular class price significantly.

You can of course attend at ‘random’ using your usual class passes. This special class pass offer is for only the chakra series.

I am offering notes and also we will create a necklace/bracelet throughout the course to anchor your experience in this form.

I am deeply looking forward to the creative and soulful project. It will be incredible! You can purchase these passes at class, or oder online.

Your life is totally in your chakras.

Chakras are energy centres which can be over- or under-active and this affects how you see life, respond to life and how your physical body is functioning on all levels.

For example (small list here), chakras affect your brain functioning, your emotions, your skin, your temper, your endocrine system (hormones), your immune system (to list a few) and your awareness of your place in the world. They affect every single thing you are aware of.

I will explain it all with practical take home tips!

It is amazing to delve into this understanding and to be EMPOWERED by it.

Dates for your diary: your date with your chakras ๐Ÿ˜‰
Starting Thursday 5th of March (week 1)
Completion: Sunday 26th of April (week 8)
2 classes of each chakra/week: Thursdays 7pm, Sundays 4pm.

Book into Chakra 8 week classes

Our Bali retreat is filling up and I wish to remind you that the early bird price is still available and so are really reasonable flights coming up now. Let us know if you are interested; we can only guarantee a spot if you have made a deposit. We hope you understand the importance of this for us.

More info can be found on our newly launched launched website: www.sacredwoman.com.au
and our Facebook page has more information also:
Express your Bali Retreat interest

Our Nourishment day on the 8th of February was fully booked and a glorious sharing in every way .. much joy, laughter, release, sharing, dancing, yogaing, drawing, sacred ceremony, and of course sound bath blissing … healthy food and divine company and views .. we were and are honoured deeply to have shared this sacred time with incredible 22 women! Beyond words, truly!
Thank you all who attended!!!!!

More can be found on the Facebook page, including some pictures coming up too!

Our next Nourishment day is set for May the 3rd, Sunday.
Here is the Eventbrite link to book in:
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Our January outdoor classes were incredibly amazing .. nature such perfection always … the breeze, the light, the earth below and infinite skies above … an experience beyond words .. healing on all levels … THANK you my adventurous yogis for joining me at the beach and the botanical gardens for these kundalini yoga bliss times … we will do it again.

Any feedback and suggestions are ALWAYS encouraged and invited from all my HEART!

You are that ….
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