Awesome offerings for February 2020 – with great joy and creativity inspiring and supporting you to shine your divine light more brightly! 

Sat Nam and a big hello!!!!! 

So wonderful to connect with you in the form of this newsletter and most of all in class!!!! As you may know we have started our indoor classes again!

SELF LOVE tips and ideas to up-level self-connection and self-care have been flowing through my being and into our classes, including this also in our community meditations on Thursdays.

Oh yes quick announcements: This Sunday there is no kundalini yoga class as I am in Master Practitioner Training which is super intensive! 8 am -5pm for 8 days! This is part two – as we began last December!  (And no meditation class either)

This Thursday we had a class – but I accidentally cancelled it on the app!!! Deep apologies !!!! OMG that was so funny!!! We still had yogis and ran the class in joy and laughter and also deep dives into more self love realisations!! These include letting go of things that no longer serve us, and including things that are resonant and uplifting .. and includes tapping into our inner ability of being light, free and enjoying a good sense of humour … Lots of spontaneous journalling going on! We had a hot evening, of over 42 degrees, took it a bit slower, meditated in gaps more and  I love it!

All other classes are ON  as usual!

ALSO I am having an experienced teacher on MENTAL HEALTH and vibrational medicine of plant oils (essential oils, pure, ethical production) come in to offer a fantastic workshop – he also offers other healing modalities which you can ask him about, and he is co-creating with his partner who is a medical Dr! She won’t be there, but he is aware of the information she usually shares also. You’ll get amazing info and have an excellent opportunity to ask a lot of questions about the application of these high energy oils for MENTAL HEALTH.

This is for both MEN and WOMEN and coming up Sunday night 6-8pm on the 16th of February and only $11 on Eventbrite. 

(link below where you can find out more about his background and work) – check it out!

Bring a friend for free is an offer that goes along with this workshop on mental health too! Snacks provided!

And yes if you get essential oils, it will assist my small business. I appreciate your support if you resonate. 

On the same Sunday the 16th, just after VALENTINES we START our annual (usually once a year literally) CHAKRA SERIES!
We will deep dive into each centre of consciousness  – how to balance them and perceive them more deeply and relate all chakra aspects into the AMPLIFYING of your SELF LOVE, SELF REALIZATION and SELF CARE. 

Practical tips, essential oils recipes, and hand outs!

Please bring your JOURNAL (pen), MAT, blanket and WATER and get ready for a heavenly time with all amazing kindred-spirited women  – in our sacred safe space in the Norwood chapel, among candles, specific sound/music and powerful intention setting – as a field we go deep faster and with more ease and grace – as a group field things are truly easier! This impacts the whole planet!

I passionately reward your commitment to yourself to attend all 8 weeks by offering you a 20% discount if you register for all 8 weeks by attending to one class/week either Thursdays or Sundays and a 30% discount if you attend 2x/week. 

Soooo: if you register for 8 week chakra series, attending once a week it is saving you $32 dollars!
So it is $140 only!

If you attend 2x /week you save: $105 and only  be $247 instead of $352

You can register by depositing this into my account, with your name attached:

Kundalini Studio
BSB: 105 086
Account Number: 053 430 240

More about the chakras below and great links to YouTubes I created to delve into each  chakra are shared below also!

Join us on Instagram for more inspired sharing and connecting and on our specialised kundalini yoga Facebook page. Just a simple click away – links are below!

Many joyful wishes of amazing wellness, cheer and all your heart and soul wish for!

Feel it and receive … everything is available to you, always!  It starts with self love, which begins with breath and awareness of our divine inner selves … which is where I direct you towards in each class … drawing on kundalini yoga, quantum healing, NLP, hypnosis and pretty much what Joe Dispenza teaches and experienced .. I love his book: “You are the placebo!” … I love that alignment … plus Echkart Tolle – “The power of now” … this is deeply embedded in my consciousness and I draw on this often … it is the ultimate truth and reality …

… most of all I KNOW : YOU have ALL you need within you –  and I am here to encourage you to walk this truth in every way … with love, grace, ease & flow for he highest good for all.

Being a curious scientist, full of knowledge, research,  studies, and explorations, I could flood your inbox with information …

…and I know it (lots of info/detail) has its place – but you know until you feel it in your being as a direct experience, it is just another bit of information that you feel you should be living in alignment with, making you wonder why it isn’t yet integrated …

There is NO SUBSTITUTE ever for direct experience .. you can talk chakras all day, know it all in depths that take 10 years to comprehend intellectually … and yet you could still live in your head, with wishes and expectations and eventually deep frustration and disbelief through disconnection  .. hence my focus is on that balance … and the priority on DIRECT EXPERIENCE for you .. so you can live it daily … so your vibrational shift is  stable … integrated. So you TRULY live from your AMAZING heart! So you are being at home within yourself and from there connected to all … your vibration will feel so amazing, so incredibly beautiful, there are no words to describe it .. and poets and mystics  like Rumi have  tried to put this into words and yet cannot … just like the map isn’t the territory and the finger pointing to the moon isn’t the focus:

An excerpt from Buddhist teachings: 
The Buddha’s Teachings point directly to your True Mind (your Buddha Nature).

If someone points to the moon – don’t just look at the finger – because:

You’ll miss the moon
You think the finger is the moon
You don’t know what is naturally bright (has enlightenment) vs what is naturally dark (lacks enlightenment)

Similarly, the Buddha’s Teachings (Dharma) point directly to your True Mind – don’t just look at the teachings – in your mind training/meditation – reflect upon your mind and USE the teachings to see where the teachings are pointing to – so that you can see your own real Mind for yourself (which is naturally radiant because it is naturally endowed with its own enlightenment).  This is THE fundamental point of Chan/Zen training.

And it is what I LOVE!

So feel the teachings and sharing … let yourself choose what resonates within your heart and soul … and YOU choose what is right for you… always!!!

I am sharing links to my YouTubes that give you information and practical tips which you can draw upon immediately if you wish to delve into these! On my channel also  are videos on tuning into and out of class using the mantras. This can help you wish your home practise! If you wish to learn more you can book into 1:1 sessions with me. I offer many packages for holistic living and elevation … drawing on all aspects of your being: your energy field, 10 bodies of consciousness, meditative awareness, breathing, chakra balance, hormonal and nervous system integration, inner focus capacity building, visualisation for walking your vision, mantra/sound/naad, self-talk, movement with grace and healing, posture of confidence, kriyas and mindset additionally through NLP and hypnosis and timeline regression (past life/future life) work.

I will also  share a link to articles I have written on my blog, if you wish to read more … 

Download our free chakra e-book!! 

The chakra series are about direct experience … going beyond our programmed (limited) intellect … which makes it so transforming … and this time our series are again UNIQUE and DIFFERENT from all previous series … as we focus on self love, linked to these amazing centres of consciousness …
Feel free to reach me by replying to this newsletter or clicking the links below!

Sat Nam
Sabine Abnashjot
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