Deeper meditation for a stable self, breath work and spinal alignment plus chakra balance!
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Warm greetings to you!!!

Welcome to our weekly newsletter, where I share what the theme for the week is, any about other upcoming events for you to enjoy the divine unfolding of this miracle called life! 

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness and works your entire being: physical wellbeing, alignment, breath work, self healing, hormonal balance and readiness for meditation, followed by deep relaxation to integrate the practise and the high group vibrational field we create together …. it is about realising the infinite within you … to live your life in alignment with your ultimate truth, in joy, with grace, and in awareness. 

Our Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat at the Eco Lodge last weekend was awesome! Totally beyond words … like a holy blessed experience … full of grace and flow … photos will be shared on our website soon. 

I am always so grateful for this incredible yoga and the manyfold gifts it brings. Being true to myself in loving grace with honesty and openness to learn always, present to what is unfolding each moment … I am in awe of this life, the brilliance of it and the observing of it all … as I breathe in deeply and consciously right now, as I type, I feel this sense of completion, this presence of pure being, and joy, flowing through these fingers typing away … divinity all around, in its various forms … flow and surrender opens all doors … ahhh …  exhaling slowly and deeply … bliss … now .. let me share about this week’s focus in class .. 

We shall enjoy a beautiful kriya that works our lungs and hence breath capacity in particular, it will expand and clear our electromagnetic field and open us for deep meditation. If you find meditation a challenge, or wish to delve deeper, then this kriya will assist you here. The breath clears barriers and opens awareness when used deeply and consciously. Also it clears the aura, or electromagnetic field, where often we have old stuck energy, which if we hold it there, eventually leads to  dis-ease : emotionally or/and physically and leads to discord with  our deep spiritual aspects also. 

The comments on the kriya, as a way of describing it, are as follows: (my own comments added in brackets)

This series of yogic exercises begins with practises to purify the blood ( = healthy cells and mental clarity, increased energy) and expanding lung capacity (we limit ourselves a lot with restricted breathing habits) (breath equals energy, clarity, aliveness, consciousness).

Then the circulatory system is stimulated, and energy flows also through the energised meridian channels. The thyroid and parathyroid secretions are added (balanced hormones and energy, mental clarity) to the increased circulation (always good!!) and the upper magnetic field of the body is enlarged (therefore it is healthier, and attracts more of the same vibration: your presence /energy field speaks louder than your words, it magnetises to you situations that match its frequency).

This is an excellent set for beginners  for learning to meditate or for advanced yogis to deepen their current practise. 

Our meditation is: 
Meditation for a Stable Self:
This meditation can be challenging and requires focus and concentration more than the usual meditations. But we are going to be specifically prepared with our kriya beforehand! 

The main effect of the meditation is complete stability of the Pranic Body. This means an increase in the sense of (true) self, increased good (healthy, balanced) judgement, and elimination of ‘normal insanities’.

We often have conscious or subconscious fears, which make us jumpy and irregular in our judgement and in our trust of the inner self. This meditation removes the reactions to fears and makes you steady. 

Awesomeness (!!!) , is all I can say. And deep gratitude !!! 

Much joy and gratitude for this very moment, for you, reading it, and for all who join us and all who don’t join us! Life is divine flow …. always!!!!

See you in class if you resonate!!!! 
Keep shining and nurture your divinity! 

Namaste and Sat Nam, 
Sabine Abnashjot
M:0424 029 032