How to use your mind/thoughts to vibrate into self healing, positive manifestation and deep self love!

Body focus ~ being here now ~ internal connection and attention: includes third eye activation and crown chakra infinity and all chakras, spinal alignment, sensing tension, allowing relaxation (where your attention is, your life is, and energy flows). You are your own master. 🙂

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Warm greetings to you! 

This week we shall enjoy our usual kundalini  yoga class with a specific deepening into the power of your attention. Where your attention goes, your energy flows, and your experience is. So if you are focussed on optimistic, joyful potentialities, you will feel that energetic vibration and be uplifted by it, and you will be experiencing your life on that level/plane, with this vision. Our attention is one of our most powerful tools. The other is the breath. Both determine the way your life is for you. 100%.

So this week I will include a greater emphasis on why your attention is being trained in each kundalini yoga class. We do this by what in yogic terms we call our inner drisht (focus) of perhaps the third eye, or the crown, or along the spine. We do this when we chant and work the awareness of the tongue on the palate, or the vibration in the throat, face or skull. We refine as we tune into the subtleties. And these are meditative in nature, as they take you away from the automatic and busy scattered mind that is trying to solve all kinds of problems and is often looking to focus on things that may not even be important.

This goes hand in hand with learning to be here and in this NOW. This is the most powerful state you can be in. Truly.

With your attention you can direct healing, panic life-force and also through your refined attention you can sense when tension arises and release it immediately and consciously, rather than hold it in, block energy, and later feel exhausted and chronically sore.

It is very very empowering. Being here with all that arises leads you to go into the observer state more, and hence you can observe thoughts coming and going too. You are richly present to the brilliance and beauty of the now.  It helps you to realise that thoughts have no power over you, and it is only if you believe a thought that it will affect you (you are allowing it). Then you can realise which thoughts are actually resonant and helpful to you, and which simply drag you down; and through this seeing, you already are liberated from this old cycle. The power of the thought is deactivated. It is mere energy. You are beyond that. You are definitely beyond all thoughts. You are the unchanging stillness that can observe all this. This is what the Buddha realised and many of the masters too. It is the same message.

So this week we are talking about this more, refining it, and I will include this as a focus into our kriya and meditation.

Please note a few important events coming up, for which  lot of love and time has gone into, to create the manifestation. 

We are holding a SPECIAL class on Sunday the 13th of September: Immerse yourself with the powerful synergistic combination of Kundalini Yoga, Wu Tao (you don’t need to know anything to join and enjoy and you can just watch too), and a full sound bath. 

Just the sound bath is usually over $30, as is a Wu-Tao session .. you can enjoy the three sessions for just $45 as our gift to share what we* do in our combined retreats (we* being: Ahilya Lucille, Fiona Glover and myself). 

Please book in if you are interested, as numbers are capped at 30. 


Another gift is the authentic voice workshop with Jai Jagdeesh, September the 15th. She is a famous kundalini yogi and musician from overseas,  and is sharing with us her knowledge in the intimate space of our yoga hall in Norwood where we hold our usual classes. To have this kind of close contact is rare and a massive gift! No previous experience is required!

You will learn about harnessing your voice as a healing and spiritual tool. You will deepen your chanting and breath work and learn amazing tools to empower yourself through sound of your perfect voice!

There is no  greater gift for you than the voice you carry within you. Allow yourself to set it free, to tune into it, to connect with it deeply, to dance with it and to open to another realm of your ability to sing, chant, and speak and hear your truth! When the throat (chakra) is blocked we create obstacles through our speech. When it is clear, we create miracles with our speech … we inspire, we create beauty. 

This is a true opportunity to release and free yourself into your incredible potential. Join us for an evening of BLISS!! 
Yogi tea and other refreshments provided.

Our retreat is happening on the October long weekend. If you wish to shift into something and feel you need time to reconnect, recharge and release then this definitely will offer this to you. That is guaranteed. For bookings and details see below. 

Inspired, and ready to serve in this awesome joy, in huge gratitude !!!!

M:0424 029 032 

Empowering practises of kundalini yoga for your total potential and wellbeing NOW

Points of our being that affect our wellbeing – we enhance these through our yogic practise and these are now shown scientifically to not only benefit with healing and mental balance, but also in creating our reality. 

These are the themes I will explore in class over the weeks. this weeks being brain frequencies. 

  • Meditation, suggestibility and brain waves. Unconsciousness, and realising patterns 
  • Self Talk Awareness ~ gratitude (bowing, giving thanks) ~ self love ~connection (last week)
  • Body focus ~ being here now ~ internal connection and attention:includes third eye and crown chakra and all chakras, spinal alignment, sensing tension, allowing relaxation (where your attention is, your life is, and energy flows)(this week!)
  • Breath ~ breath and mind are interlinked ~ breathwork changes your entire life on every level
  • Quantum field awareness ~ infinite possibilities sit all around you – being open to seeing them, the possibilities and to relax from tunnel vision or rigid belief systems.  Touching infinity in you and around you.
  • All is vibration~ using sound through mantra and music to realise and release and heighten your field of being and seeing, and hence your life and what you see and engage in.
  • Visualisation~ being open to see, opening third eye, realising you can feel it so strongly and being that vibrational match by using that focus and strong empowering feeling. Embodying what you want, feeling and experiencing it NOW.
  • Connect and trust in divine intelligence within you.
On the October long weekend, from Friday the 2nd of October, 3pm – Monday the 5th of October 3pm, we are offering our annual Adelaide Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat. For registration to our Annual Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat on the October long weekend, click  the link below. In our Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat you will be taken into daily Kundalini Yoga, Wu-Tao, and Sound baths. You will be off the grid, in a modern Eco Lodge at the Inman Valley. You will be spoilt with sublime healthy vegetarian food. You will be surrounded with kindred spirits, all women.  You will experience the absolute passionate work of Fiona Glover, Ahilya Lucille and myself.

There is art therapy, dance, journalling, nature walks and of course our sacred ceremony and lineage work for our ancestors.. We cannot wait. It is like a reset button, a reaffirming time, re-centering, refreshing… it is simply beautiful! There are 12 places in total and we have already 4 places booked.
Attending the September 13th three sessions 
Book in for the amazing authentic voice workshop
Book into SWSR October Bliss