“Will I allow myself to be subtle and calm?”
This is the gift of the Subtle Body.
When it is strong you can read between the lines, you can easily get the ‘big’ picture perspective.  You have the ability to access the akashic records (a vast information source). You can relate to anyone at any level.
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Warm greetings dear yogis ..

Do you sometimes wish you could relax about something that is challenging and see the bigger picture?

That is exactly what building and balancing your Subtle body is here for: it is a gift you have in you .. your ability to tap into the wider field of knowledge and awareness, so little things cannot confuse or disorient you. This is a huge blessing in this complex and amazing life we navigate through! 

If your subtle body is weak you tend to be aggressive and explosive, because it is hard for you to see the forest for the trees, and you are not seeing the bigger picture. 

People with challenged Subtle body, i.e inability to see the bigger picture, tend to crave/need/look for information to help them feel they know and ‘understand’, they depend more on outside sources for guidance than inner guidance. 

With the subtle body strong, you take care of your subtle needs, starting from (for example) food choices, the company you keep, when to do /or not do something ..  this strengthens you.  

When eating, for example,  you consider what is good for you, you feel gratitude, joy and loving about the eating and receiving of food. You can appreciate the subtle aspect, like presentation, smell and textures etc. You are aware how it will affect you later, like in a few hours or the next day. You are aware of LONG-TERM  benefits/effects of regular good healthy habits – like regular exercise, yoga, time out, rest etc. This is because you can see the down side of the opposite very clearly too, like how lack of exercise or eating unhealthily ends up affecting you. 

Powerful awareness!!! 

For me it was always a reflection of: ” how would I look at this on my deathbed?” “Will I be happy I made this choice?”

This always helped and helps me with decision making. In fact it makes it VERY easy. 

Also it is said clarity of the subtle body is reached through writing, journalling .. something I have personally enjoyed since early childhood and still find joyful and very soul-deep and simply wonderful in receiving clarity and answers! My subtle self (subtle body) talks to me this way a lot.

This has helped me see beyond the chardes of politics and any self proclaiming authority. I see through stuff easily. I see the many dimensions of it and the larger picture of their intent and the overall future outcome easily.

I am so grateful for my Subtle Body. Thanking this right NOW.  🙂

It is INCREDIBLE  that in kundalini yoga we can realise this and work it — in each class, but with a specific focus this week!!! I never knew i was just born with a strong subtle body Some of us are naturally gifted this. Or a strong pranic body. Or a weak physical body, etc – we have our inherent strengths and weaknesses – which can be seen and balanced using kundalini yogic kriyas! 

Join us to experience the kriya for the Subtle Body! 

REMINDER: No classes NEXT week Thursday 9th and Sunday 12th of July as I am holding a retreat in Bali. 

After that it is all back to normal again!

There are things within you that you may not consciously tune into. This subtle body is one. There are many dimensions.
With certain meditations and practises we unlock this veil and you will be able to see and access this subtle information to assist you on your journey.

The subtle body permeates all your bodies, but primarily resides under your feet! There is a big field of energy under your feet where this information is carried.

The Indian custom of bowing and touching someone’s feet with your hands or panic body, serves to illustrate this powerful connection of reverence and also transmission of information.

A lot more in class!

I have amazing stories to share about this! Will read them out to you!!!

This is PURE JOY!!!!!

Deep Namaste to you all!

Abnashjot Sabine
M:0424 029 032

Remember we have an amazing fundraiser happening in July 25th, 3pm – 4:30 pm in North Adelaide in a glorious venue! We will be 80 yogis in incredible energy enjoying kundalini yoga together. For bookings, which are essential, please visit my website and check under ‘special classes’. It is just $25 – your gift goes fully tobrain cancer research.

P.S.: Thank you to you all who regularly book into classes! I so appreciate this!!!! The booking in is so helpful, for it makes it more streamlined to ‘check in’ and then there is also the committed journey ..

the spiritual warrior! …it requires strength and a true deep clarity of wishing to know your own divinity to keep attending regularly.

To care for the physical vessel and your mental health and spiritual wellbeing by taking time out for this.

… This is powerful and exactly what the world needs. The gifts so deep and profound, and you are lifting up the world with this enormously!!! Letting your divinity shine!!!!