Sat Nam dear Yogis

How are you? Feel free to share by simply clicking ‘reply’ to this newsletter. I invite you to share about your journey, your questions, your requests. Truly!

It has been over 8 years now that I have written weekly (very rarely bi-monthly or monthly) newsletters, all of which I published eventually on the kundalini studio website blog.

During those passionate writings, I literally covered every theme imaginable, from adrenal fatigue to enlightenment and all else in between, each chakra in detail, and how to get the most out of classes, breath signatures, the power of mantra, mudra etc … the practise, the grounding, intention setting power, visualisation and focus power, how to live in alignment with your heart and soul … how to honour and love yourself and so much more.

Kundalini yoga offers it all: relaxation, awareness, visualisation, physical conditioning, stretching, intention awareness, surrender, deep relaxation, sound healing, chakra balance, reflection, alignment on EVERY level. Remember you are far more than the average thoughts or the physical body … FAR more!

So to really live and honour our fullest potential, we have to recognise the existence of these aspects and NURTURE, acknowledge them, allow them to really express. So they serve us and we flourish.

What you focus on is where you life is. If you focus on pleasures that later make you feel ultimately eventually unhappy, then just seeing that pattern which is not serving you, this in itself is powerful. How do you sabotage? Or are you living your fullest dream?

All our issues sit in the programming from the past, and much of that is unconscious.

Kundalini yoga, when you are ready, will reveal those to you. It is designed — and my intent for you is: to see you thriving, free and feeling aligned, happy, healthy and divine!!! It is fact!

And my science background and hence research totally supports this!!

Recently (last week) I gave (2) talks about this: once a community talk at Burnside. I didn’t promote it, cause I am not in promotion mode and Burnside invited me and promoted it themselves. I am learning to promote what I do more these days, gradually…

I loved that talk, bringing medicine, science and yogic meditation/breathing together and how easy at can be, with direct experience and tips to take home!

I recorded part of it.

Then I taught on the weekend for 2 hours at a kundalini yoga event in the country, for women, and it was about the grace of being a woman, how to attract what we want rather than hussle for it.. how to appreciate our gifts and how to glow literally in every way. It was Divine.

In between all this I am enjoying being a mum of three amazing kids and spending time with them is precious!! It is a gift!!

In between I have been running introductory aromatherapy workshops with Renee and my team here in Adelaide, and a specific workshops on learning how to detox your home, which is so fun and important! All the chemicals affect our nervous system and energy levels and mess with our hormones and hence affect our wellbeing, including our weight, hormonal balance, and mind states!

We are running a spa night soon ($15) (details below) (Monday 7th of May, 7-8:30pm) and a Sunday (29th of April) morning (9-11) workshop with Carla from Brisbane: making specific bracelets with pretty gem stones and lava beads to wear with aromatherapy oils that can be infused into them. ($25)

I have been more internal recently also, and I honour that time to myself deeply. In between I released some older acquaintances and made room with clarity for new ones that match my ‘vibration’ in life.

Over Easter I enjoyed fasting on mostly water and some juice. Fasting is part of a yogic lifestyle and I have enjoyed this since I was a teenager, where I naturally did it from time to time, and later in my 20’s where I deliberately chose specific yogic fasts, which I studied deeply. I taught about this also, those days in the early 1990’s. Fasting is a serious thing and not to be taken lightly. Make sure you are well educated and/or guided by someone who really knows their stuff. I have cured appendicitis in myself with it once.

Other than that we had the amazing Full Moon forest meditation! We had the blessing of Kaurna Elder Lynette Crocker welcome us to country, and enjoyed kundalini yoga healing full moon meditation in incredible setting kindly offered by a friend, and 50% of proceeds went to the wonderful permaculture fund!! So grateful!!!

Thank you to ALL who joined us! It was incredible to see you all there, and you can see photos on our kundalini studio fb page coming up any day now (I am getting there slowly, taking my time, as I was honouring divine time to myself, beach walks and such, which was sooooo beautiful).

We also recently finished 8 truly beautiful weeks of women’s kundalini yoga classes .. we had a Friday night class group and a Saturday morning class group of amazing women!!! Such great sharing and joy and openenss, laughter, tears, kindred spirits and loving connection and support!

For your diary:
Women’s classes will commence as a casual class (bookings essential, as there is many of us, and only space for 8 yoginis).

They will be 7-8:30 pm and the usual yogic rates of $18 concession and $22 waged.

We start women’s casual drop in classes May, Friday 4th of May.

The class will be listed in the kundalini studio app soon.

Other than that we have the usual classes listed below!

Tuesday the 22nd of May is a special chanting class in the ballroom! Deep healing and incredible vibrations! I will share more about the effects chanting has in due time! This would be an inspiring essay unto itself!!!

Remember our 1/2 day workshop coming up May 26th.

You will learn (from my experience and qualification as an NLP & timeline practitioner and hypnotherapist) how we hypnotise ourselves, why we sabotage and how to change that, plus you will enjoy kundalini yoga and aromatherapy making 2 products for non-toxic amazing self care! Bookings essential! It will be festive and classy! Healthy snacks, flowers, really to be spoiled in a most lovely way! A bit like the picture below! You can book in via the app or direct transfer. There is a fb invite also! Very informative, fun, empowering and nurturing! Detail below.

June 21st is world yoga day at the Ballroom!!!
I mention it now, so you can put it in your diary. It is a very high energy to be enjoying yoga with the world as a whole … lots of heart chakra kundalini yoga!

All proceeds will go to charity! Last years went to Green school in Bali!

Before that was the RSPCA, then “Can do for kids”, then The Orang Utan Project – a fantastic cause! I highly recommend! – did you know “I” sponsor a little cutie pie Orang Utan called Monti under Kundalini Studio from your money you give me? That is since over 7 years now.

I love being able to create income for charities through offering my time and to be giving you the joy of incredible group energy and really potent opportunities for transformation as we sit in large groups! Usually around 100 people have been attending our world yoga day. I’ll open up bookings soon.

Join us and bless yourself and the planet!

So do check out the kundalini studio blog. There is a huge field of info! Actually when I changed to a new website, the earliest newsletters didn’t get transferred over .. but you have years of them there!

7th May 7-8:30 pm spa night – for DoTerra lovers! At Infinite Yogi. Text me if you are interested. ($15 to cover costs: you get to make a face spritzer/toner and experience the mud mask or the facial skin range- all natural and with incredible essential oils)

Also I am getting into creating YouTubes to share teachings and knowledge for you to enjoy. Feel free to subscribe: Inspired Matrix. It is slow but happening!!!!

Direct experience is everything. Focus on that, for all else is borrowed and not your realisation .. my words can only point or inspire you to find your truth, which is your great treasure within!

Enjoy the journey!

I am here to hold space, encourage and remind you of your divinity and to offer the space rto go deep within, feel safe, nurtured to be YOU. I also offer sound healing, NLP, Hypnosis, timeline regression and DNA healing and of course meditation and breath work classes!

In June, after world yoga day, I will delve into each chakra as a chakra series of delving deeper again.

Great for deeper contemplation, healing and awareness! It will be a series, so each week a chakra, and hence go for 8 weeks, the 7 chakras plus the auric field!

Love yourself, from your deepest heart, so you can share your light with the planet …

See you in class or workshops … it is my privilege to serve you!

Sat Nam and blessings,
Abnashjot (Sabine)

M: 0424 029 032

Dates to remember:

Regular classes:

Tuesday : Ballroom Burnside 7:30pm beginner
Wednesday: Infinite Yogi Studio: Advanced 7pm
Thursday: Clayton Wesley Norwood 7:00 beginner-intermediate
Friday : 7pm women’s class: Infinite Yogi Studio
Saturday: women’s class 7am Infinite Yogi Studio
Sunday: Clayton Wesley Norwood 4pm beginner-intermediate

Please book online, or on our kundalini studio app.

Booking is also possible by direct transfer:
Kundalini Studio
BSB 105 086
Account 053 430 240
Sat Nam in much joy and love!!!

Saturday 31st of March
Full Moon Kundalini Yoga
In the forest

THANK YOU to all who attended and made this possible!!! Truly divine!!!

We enjoyed and shall enjoy again — date do be announced…

A special invite to a magical private property to enjoy yoga in nature in an amazing setting!
Some of you have joined me there before!

50% of proceeds go to charity: permaculture fund
Join us to enjoy a full moon kundalini yoga experience in the hills. A rare experience!

Special 1/2 day workshop Saturday the 26th of May
2-6 pm for Women
RSPV 30th April early bird
Deep self care

1.5 hour of kundalini yoga for empowerment kriya meditation (deep relax, affirm and embody)
1 hour of learning how you hypnotise yourself and how to tap into your unconscious mind to empower yourself (I teach about NLP and hypnosis offering you immediate tools for alignment and understanding why sometimes things don’t shift in your life or why certain things are harder to actualise and how to change this)

1.5 hours about aromatherapy knowledge, exploration and creating products for you! The plant kingdom is incredibly supportive to lifting your vibration and enhanced self care the natural way: you will take home and make your own amazing Himalayan salt body scrub, and your own personalised spritzer in a glass bottle: both creations with labels and all. No toxic chemicals. Only divine benefits for you!!

Imagine this: white tablecloths, flowers on the table .. sparkling mineral water .. strawberries dipped in raw cacao (Renee style, if you had it before, incredibly amazing!!) and more!

A classy event! Spoil yourself! Come in your favourite clothes and change into yoga gear there, unless they are your favourite clothes, or come in yoga gear and then change into the goddess clothing, if you wish.

We are hiring out the church chapel the entire afternoon!!!

2-6 pm!!!

Bookings are by payment and place your name next to it, and email me by replying to this newsletter or clicking the button below.

Kundalini Studio BSB 105 86
Account Number 053 430 240

Exchange (this is almost at cost*!): early bird $138*
After 30th April: $158

Our regular classes are back, plus a few extra events listed below:

Please book in via our kundalini studio app, or via our website on

Thursdays 1:10-1:50 FREE meditation – only gold coil donation (to charity) “meditation made easy ” classes in the Ballroom. (Run by Burnside Community Centre, and I’m the teacher)

Half day workshop: Saturday 26th of May 2-6pm for women. Details above.

For private consultations 1:1, home practise routine, NLP, timeline therapy, hypnosis, sound bath, specific meditation recordings for you, and more, contact me via the button below, and check my new website

Kids bliss yoga classes are starting Sundays 2-2:50 pm May 6th. If you are interested in brining your children or grandchildren, you can register by letting me know via the button below. It is $10 or $8 concession. At St David’s church, Glynburn Road, Burnside. More details on our facebook page, the link is below.

Cosmetics and skin care, and lifestyle products that are cruelty free, good for you and for the world:

If you are interested in healthier living and buying true to label, rather than being potentially lied to and consuming toxic products, let me know. An AUSTRALIAN company full of inspired people and products!!! I can answer questions and happy to share!

AROMATHERAPY to uplift your mood, to detox your body and home!

Bracelet and aromatherapy workshop coming up on Sunday the 29th of April at Infinite Yogi!

Make your own sacred bracelet, with lava beads to add oils onto for scent support and joy throughout the day, or to gift to a special friend. Our teacher is visiting specifically from Brisbane to hold this class!!! I will add an intention and self-commitment setting process with this for us all! 9-11 am. $25

June 21st Thursday in the ballroom – world yoga day celebrations! Booking site will open soon. All proceeds go to charity. Possibly children of the Ganges in Rishikesh.

Chanting night: May 22nd Tuesday at the Ballroom. Bookings on the kundalini studio app – soon to be opening. ($18 for all – concession rate) 2 hour class! 7-9pm.