Mental health is a supremely VAST topic… we are all a little bit ‘crazy’ in our own ways to our own degrees. Some of that actually helps with stress release… and the definition of what is helpful/healthyย varies from person to person, situation to situation and basically is relative, depending on so many infinite factors from in-utero, birth, programming after birth (parents, family, culture, society etc) and ‘personal’ interpretations and imprints. We all know that two children can be raised in a very similar environment and yet turn out as very different human beings (personalities, preferences etc.) This is all perfect. Unique. An experience. A reality. Part of oneness.

So what do the yogis say, in particular kundalini yogis?
The study of the mind has been of interest to me since literally childhood … the complexity is literally endless … openness to not knowing reveals this. Yogi Bhajan has taughtย about this extensively. As have all spiritual teachers. From Buddha to Jesus to Eckhart, Mooji, Byron Katie and I could go on and on and on…

So the question is:ย How can you feel balanced and feel at peace in life, right now? Deeply fulfilled, mentally balanced …? I’ll delve into this this week, in this newsletter, and support it with our practise in classย … Read below … Namaste!

About the mind: yogic knowledge

As you would know, we could discuss this for lifetimes, we could write books to fill all libraries in the world… so please be mindful that what I am sharing here is simply a version, of what resonates with me, from my research through books, of/with masters, teachers; and through direct experience from childhood perceptions, to ashram (Indian/Thai) experiences, to deep silence, massive aliveness, boundlessness and to integration into the householder life ( raising children, plus being myself, a wife/ex-wife, friend, mother, grand/daughter, sister etc) and all kinds of roles, plus that Awareness throughout, framing a kind of observer viewpoint: that this is a great, amazing, cosmic play ~ full of infinite perception and experience, all relative. The mind/beliefs deeply affecting perceptions, realities and outcomes to a certain degree. All One!

The trick is to observe thoughts. To realise you are NOT your thoughts, but FAR more! That you see the thoughts, and buy into some and not into others. That is freedom. I am not saying that this is always clear or easy, for it seems that veils are pulled away and pulled over in ways that create the journey we then experience. The trick is to observe the space between thoughts, opening into true infinite peace, knowing and creative realisation of who you truly are!

I wish to share a bit about the wisdom of the kundalini yoga teachers. All true knowledgeย is ONE, so this same wisdom is shared by many spiritually advanced teachers also. Sometimes it is distorted by an egoic interpretation. So only accept what truly resonates with you, inspires YOU and allows you to experience your true, unbound, infinite, joyous nature!

Be your own master, your own yogi. Question the programmes, openly embracing the revelations.

This also is what the masters say. And what kundalini yoga is all about. Every kriya and meditation is ancient wisdom received byย yogis who dedicated their life to this, meditating and serving humanity.

This week’s class is supporting this theme. I will weave it onto the kriya and meditation in terms of relating verbally what we are doing.ย 

A POWERFUL week! This kind of balance only leads to amazing repercussions of greater inner wellbeing (healthy mind and vibrant energy within the body, the cells, and self healing!), greater abundance (attracting what you need easily, as you are a vibrational resonance/match), happier interactions, new/better doors of opportunities opening, increased energy and powerful presence as you walk this planet sharing your state.

It is a new kriya that clears energy blocks from your field and detoxes the mental clutter and helps balance many organs affected by stress in particular.. adrenals, liver, kidneys, for example.


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Sat Nam!!!

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Immediate usable tips for mental balance and expansion:

1. Our mind gives us around 1,000 thoughts per second, many of which can be paralysing, creating fear and doubt and insecurity. We feel drained by this. This is the protection mechanism of the unconscious mind. This comes from past negative experiences. These can be subtle or very strong. Uninvestigated, they hinder your life progression to true freedom and boundlessness.

The answer: see these thoughts like a radio station you tune into. You only receive certain ones, as you cannot behold all (1,000) of them.

So if you vibrate high, are positive, present and ย open, you will tune into those kinds of thoughts (that are positive). If you feel low already, you tend to tune into those kinds of thoughts vibrationally matching your state at that time. Fear breeds fear. To break through fear it is important to see that it is just a thought, and a possibility out of MANY possibilities!

Perhaps write yourself a note to remind yourself of this fact. We only suffer when we believe a thought. When we don’t dare to question its truth, we suffer. ย With meditative awareness, like we cultivate in each class throughout the entire class, you learn to see this. This is why often students feel rebalanced, deep relief/release, and like life’s stress is actually not as big as it seemed. You rise above it, with new eyes. You tune into the internal space of infinite peace and knowledge and ease.

2. A lot of energy is used when you follow the mind’s twists and turns. Endless mind chatter can really drain you and distract you from what you REALLY want to be present to/with.

The stress of it affects your glandular health, ageing you prematurely and creating more tensions which often lead to less balanced decisions and interactions.

Instead of entering the fight or flight mode (stress and hence stress hormones released throughout the body), take a conscious deep breath, like we do in class. Repeat. For best benefit for at least 3 minutes. This practise shifts your focus and also relaxes your brain frequency into clarity and healthy optimised functioning. Write a note to yourself to practise the long deep breathing we do in every class as often as possible, before stress (mental agitation) arises even. Breathwork is a great preventative practise! Saves you a lot of time in the end, as you don’t enter that frazzled and draining state of mental agitation.

3.The mind likes to rely on the unconscious patterns to protect you from getting hurt and repeating suffering (from the past). So you are programmed by the past, even from when you were a baby, toddler, 5 year old, etc .. this is usually no longer working for us, especially as we grow …

Recognise old patterns. Meditate on them. Write them down or ask family and friends to share honestly what they observed from you.

Then practise breath of fire and being with emotions as they arise, if they arise. This will shift and allow these to rise to the surface and release. This is purely energy held in the form of beliefs in your mind and also the body. Once released, you are no longer ruled by such limited beliefs.

4.The rational mind/thinkingย is linear and rational but not infinite on its own. If you want to break out of old limited habits, work your intuitive centre and crown. Focusing on the third eye point inwardly to stimulate the pituitary gland for example. We teach this in each class, plus much more yogic kriyas to achieve this powerfully, like tuning into your crown consciousness, for expanded awareness.Like balancing breath, to balance chakras. Like inversions and mudra and mantra to enhance this. You are all that already. Kundalini Yoga is merely here for you to peel back blockages from seeing this. Hence it is the yoga of Awareness. It takes you into all that you are. This is wellbeing. Peace of mind. And using the mind to assist you, rather tan the mind driving you around the metaphorical bend.

5.The mind/brain has its little routines and we now know these are changeable, consciously, through what we call neuroplasticity.

Science never believed in this 20 years ago, but the yogis always knew it thousands of years ago. They titally understood the mind! The ways of ego and survival and the levels of consciousness and how to go there. It is a journey! With steps.

As we explore openly in class, as yogis, in a field of consciousness so strong, we experience a higher dimension of our being. Our true self. This then becomes a truth with regular practise and focus on this … the brain ย rewires and your mental activities naturally change. You will secrete healthy chemical messengers and your entire body and mind will be bathed in this enhanced neurochemistry, for new wellbeing and perceptions. The state will integrate into your every day life more and more, and then the mind is your servant, your brilliant assistant, rather the draining fear-inducing, limiting and often overly busy voice …

P.S. Feel free to reply to this newsletter to share your thoughts and experiences about this .. plus questions of course!

Sat Nam!!!

P.P. S. There are MANY more tips I could share about, for example the use of mantra, fasting, certain breath signatures, your immediate environment, sleep patterns and vibration of wellbeing through food and drink … all of which will support higher consciousness and being less and less controlled by thoughts that no longer serve you now.