What does yoga mean to you …? It assists you to stay or become aligned in your posture, it offers you glandular health, if offers you increased fitness, increased mental capacity, better breathing skills, coping skills, it offers you so many things, even just time to yourself to stretch and release tension … the ULTIMATE GOAL of all yoga is the arriving at the inherently natural meditative.

Because from that state you are connected to your inherent wisdom, which guides you in all ways ways of being in the world, your decisions regarding your own life and how you are with the so-called outside world. Your inner state reflects as the outer world …Hence your inner realm is the most important in affecting your reality and experiences.

As Ramana Maharshi said, (I just saw it on a calendar quote in one of my daughter’s bedrooms): “Your own self-realisation is the greatest service you can render the world. ”

I came to this potent conclusion on my search for the meaning of life, and after studying many yogic texts, and through deep inner states that came and went, and seeing how they affected my experiences. Everything, absolutely everything is about your/our state of consciousness … and the deeper and slower you/we breathe, for a start, the more expanded your /our consciousness and y/our perception of it, becomes.

Again… today’s (Thursday 7pm) and Sunday’s ( 4pm) class is all about taking you there, this time through Sat Kriya workout! … read more below .. oceans of love.. Sabine Abnashjot
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This week in our kundalini yoga classes:

Sat Kriya Workout and a Meditation that is described as this:

“Meditation for embodiment”

Ecstasy exists within. It is the Infinite Pool to refresh the heart, giving strength to creating a better self and world.

This meditation leads to that experience. So calm, so sleepy, like the merging of a raindrop into a vast, calm lake you reflect all, cleanse all. If you can cross all, you can know the extent of living in yourself, with balanced consciousness, playing with the Infinite.

~ Yogi Bhajan

“Sat Kriya workout”

We shall enjoy warm ups as always, and the head into this awesome, intense and profoundly energy shifting kriya. I have not been guided to teach this before, up until now.

As always, remember, you only do what feels right by you ! This is always sufficient for you, and in our group field, just by being in it and doing your best, ^^^^^^ (yes this is deliberate!) you will receive the energetic cleans and shift also. Remember to be clear on your intention setting.

Sat Kriya itself has incredible lists of benefits associated with it.

In Sat Kriya workout, we will practise Sat Kriya (be sure to support yourself so you may sit on your heels), which includes frog pose and chest stretches to open the heart and lungs (breath and heart chakra).

***** There will be rests in between poses more than usually. So you can delve deeper into release and inner space/relaxation.

More about this on your right hand side. I am very excited and passionate about this!

To me there is NOTHING like Kundalini Yoga to empower you into deep self healing and self-realisation, gracefully, and potently.

Sat Kriya workout in general terms:

This will energize and balance the lower triangle (first, second and third chakras). It very curative for any digestive or sexual ailments. It gives endurance and breaks fevers. It often produces a pleasant sweat and cleansing of the skin. The first few times the legs may shake or be slightly weak. As the muscles build, you will walk with increased grace and certainty.

Remember we are going DEEPER with honouring and enjoying the infinite bliss of silence.
Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class, settle in quietly, doing what you need, stretching, resting, meditating or writing notes, preparing for class.

Once class finishes, slowly move into the body, to embody the state and awareness and move gently out of class in silence … if you wish to talk, you may always do so outside the yoga space, with respect to other yogis leaving the space.

We have so much opportunity to talk all day, and often don’t get the choice or opportunity to delve within. Yet within is all. All peace. The Divine. Wisdom. Guidance. Creativity. Joy. And much beyond words. It deserves daily recognition if we truly wish to behold and embody it. I am deeply for that. And hence offering this in these classes.

It can only benefit you to allow yourself to meet this. This ultimate gift to yourself, and all who surround you in life!

Sat Nam!

Sabine Abnashjot

M: 0424 029 032

Please excuse the language here … just had to share this though …

By Russell Brand:
“Kundalini Yoga is the crack cocaine of yoga. If Hatha is a mild weed high, Iyengar is a deep hash glow, and Ashtanga is amphetamine, Kundalini blows the *ucking doors off.”
~Russell Brand~ on his experience with Kundalini Yoga.
This is a FABUOUS write up about Sat Kriya by Don Charnas~
Dan has been a teacher of Kundalini Yoga for nearly a decade, certified by the Kundalini Research Institute. He teaches regular classes in New York, and contributes regularly to YogaJournal.com.

Here it is:
If I could teach only one yoga exercise—one that had to last you for the rest of your life—it would have to be Sat Kriya.* Why? Because this one exercise contains just about all the benefits of Kundalini Yoga within itself. Sat Kriya is designed to do the one thing from which all well-being springs: raise the kundalini energy.

Here is simple and effective Sat Kriya. It is by no means the last word on Sat Kriya; but beyond words, it works.

1) Sit on your heels in Rock Pose (Vajrasana).

(Alternate: Rock Pose is the preferred posture but if you are unable to sit in Rock Pose, you may sit in Easy Pose.)

2) Stretch your arms above your head so that they are perfectly straight, no bend in the elbows, upper arms hugging your ears.

3) Interlace your fingers and extend your index fingers, pointing upward.

(Advanced students: If you’re not a drinker or smoker and have never taken drugs, you may try extending all the fingers and placing the palms flat against each other.)

4) Close the eyes and roll them up to the Brow Point.

5) Inhale slightly to begin.

The Exercise:
1) Powerfully chant Sat, squeezing the navel back towards the spine.

2) Chant Nam as you relax and release the belly (breath will come naturally).

3) Repeat: Squeezing the navel in on Sat; releasing on Nam. Squeeze, release. Squeeze, release. Keep going at a moderate pace.

A Note about the Breath:
One perennial question I get from frustrated students is, “When do I inhale?” The answer is, let it come naturally for you within the rhythm of “squeeze-release.” Don’t get too hung up on this. This is not a deep breathing exercise. Let the breath come naturally. You’re creating a powerful experience that’s natural for you.

To Finish:
1) Inhale deeply and, with the breath held in, squeeze the Root Lock. Draw the energy up your spine to the top of your head and even to the tips of your fingers. Hold about 8 to 10 seconds. Exhale.

2) Repeat: Inhale deeply, hold, squeeze, then exhale.

3) Inhale deeply and then exhale completely out, apply the Root Lock and also the Neck Lock. Hold a few seconds and then release everything.

4) Lie down on your back in Corpse Pose (arms at sides, palms facing up). Deeply relax for the same amount of time that you did the exercise.

One minute is good for beginners to get the hang of things. Three minutes is a good starting point for regular practice. Gradually work up to 7, 11, 22, or 31 minutes in one sitting. By the time you reach 31 minutes, you’re in self-mastery territory! And some lucky folks do Sat Kriya for 62 minutes!

Don’t let the arms fall or the elbows bend. Keep stretching up and if you feel yourself fading, keep recommitting to the exercise. Stretch up from your armpits.
Don’t let your chest, shoulders, and arms move up-and-down as you chant. This isn’t aerobics. The motion is simply the squeezing of the organs “below the belt.” Keep the upper body nice and stable.
How it Works and What it Does:
The continuous “squeeze-release” motion creates a powerful pump for your kundalini energy. On the physical level, when Sat Kriya is properly done, this release gives your body the energy it needs to heal and regenerate every organ and cell. The energetic level, though, is where Sat Kriya really performs.

Sat Kriya works primarily on the lower triangle—the first, second, and third chakras. The lower triangle corresponds to the earliest stages of our human development, with the first chakra especially relating to birth, infancy, and the issues of fundamental security, being-ness, and belonging.

Sat Kriya, in working on the lower triangle, has the power to excavate deeply entrenched wounds from our early life. That’s why it’s often recommended for healing mental and psychological imbalances. I like to think that Sat Kriya is probably the best way to heal the psychic residue of inadequate parenting and severe childhood wounds. That’s how deep it goes!

Sat Kriya doesn’t have to be the only Kundalini Yoga exercise you’ll ever do, but if you make it a part of your daily practice, you’re well on your way to being healthy, happy, and whole.