If neck aches, dental issues, sore throats, regular coughs, hearing problems, communication issues (regular shouting, stuttering, inability to speak, feeling choked up), vocal issues (vocal chord or singing challenges), thyroid problems or addictions are showing up in your life, you can heal this by working with freeing up, and balancing your that chakra. We have the tools to really shift blockages in this field, so you can speak and hear your truth… and hence equally allow those around you to do so, being able to truly listen to them, still being receptive, and yet assertive too in honouring your truth. In class we will journey through this incredible chakra centre , and you will learn and understand how addictions are (throat – eating, drinking/alcohol, smoking/inhaling,drugs) created as a way to cover up/attempt to cope with issues, that are painful about being heart and speaking your truth. Powerful powerful stuff!!! Truly!
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Love your truth … warm greetings!!

It feels so good to be able to speak your truth … even if that truth may change, it is NOW your truth, your reality, your experience, it is so very relevant, deserves recognition from yourself mostly  and it deserves to reverberate into your space, to be seen, heard, acknowledged … everyone’s truth does. That is the truth … I am laughing, for it seems so funny to say this … so almost surreal, simple and as if it ought to be easy and natural. 

Well, it can be!!! And let’s keep in mind that it is actually injurious to your life blooming, and to your being on all levels (physically, mentally and spiritually) to NOT feel that you can speak and live your truth, your current alignment. It blocks you in many ways to hold this back. Your truth actually empowers you. For nothing serves you higher than your truth, and you awareness of it, trust in it, and exploration of it. Expression the unique creation that you are. And look at those images when humans feel amazing and free … often we throw our heads back, the throat is open, as is the mouth, with laughter,sound or smiles, and the heart is open, the breath free… arms welcomingly and fearlessly embracing widely too, and within this, this incredible energy of joy, freedom and ecstasy surrounds all… 

This week’s journey into the the gift of this chakra is as amazing as all other chakras so far, truly incredible, empowering, healing and revealing … letting go of barriers to fully flow and bloom with this energetic centre of the throat chakra… called Vishuddha in Sanskrit. 

Imagine communication that opens doors and liberates …. 

Here we are at the frequency of SOUND. 
It is a huge healing to sound your voice and use sound full stop to explore the frequencies therein.

Here is a link by Mitchell Gaynor, a medical doctor  (oncologist and haematologist) who uses sound to heal patients from cancer and much more! I highly recommend you explore it, it is incredible what he has done and what he does: 


You know how a song can make you feel? How a song can cheer you up or send you into frustration or sadness?  Or how hearing/watching happy kids laughing and giggling makes you feel? … or when you have a total laughter attack and really let go? … it is an innate, vital, and a profoundly wonderful gift within us all … and some of us keep that innate gift we inherited as being human.. and somehow it remains with us as we journey through life … and some of us somehow learn to suppress it, or were programmed to feel it is immature, or inappropriate, or outrageous somehow …. again, these imprints often originate from our childhood and the role models we unconsciously copied from or the people we tried to please. This is all pure innocence… and SEEING this through your opening awareness and expanding consciousness (which is the entire purpose of the science of kundalini yoga), allows you to shift into your true joyous aspect of your being … to laugh, sing, communicate, feel free to express, feel free to listen, to yourself and also to others. 

Note this centre is connected with the thyroid gland … and you know how  thyroid imbalance or dysfunction change how much energy balance you have in your life … how through stress often the thyroid function is impaired .. yrs it is the stress of not listening to ourselves, to our truth, our wisdom.

Your own voice, hearing yourself speak is essential for certain balance within your being. To laugh is essential.  Taking oneself too seriously is pure ego and very limited and restrictive. A great sense of humour is a massive gift offered here. Everyone appreciates it. 

It disperses the seriousness of life, and opens your heart further … it is also a gateway to the third eye chakra, your intuitive self. You can imagine why …. !? How can we be open to inituive guidance if we are stuck in seriousness of right and wrong, denying our inherent simple truth? We need to be open, joyful, playful you may say, to receive new creative input through the third eye chakra, and trough an open heart. You will notice the breath is worked beautifully when you really laugh, as is the solar plexus (belly, breath, commitment to self, zest for life) .. all this is the kaleidoscopic gift of your chakras and your kundalini energy rising, flowing, balancing… for a full blooming expression of all your ways of consciousness .. embracing life fully … full being present … so when you walk into other dynamics, like relationships, jobs, hobbies, challenges, etc, you are your full capable self, with grace, caliber, self awareness and infinite heart and creative intelligence … and wit ;-). 

If you are skeptical, don’t believe me .. just explore and try it out for yourself … I can offer you a few simple things to do every day even for 5 minutes, like sing in the shower, laugh, or chant, and you will be guaranteed to see an elevated way of seeing and being in life. 

In so many cultures singing is a natural every day part of life … or chanting .. we all sang lullabies and had them sung to us… it is an innate knowing that still exists, thankfully. People are naturally happy in that kind of expression … see how the energy of a room changes once at a birthday party, the famous “happy birthday” song is sung .. check people’s faces … that is the power of voice and sound … it takes you beyond the restricted mental processes and habits.

“The human voice is designed to sing, and our soul is a song in our hearts that must be heard. ” Yogi Bhajan 

Words are not a small thing. Words are real power. The whole universe is a magnetic field. We create with our words, we set a frequency. Like a radio station of emotion and consciousness.
Let your words be straight and simple.

When we speak words that are our truth, this/the become/s the most powerful way to speak, and this communicates more powerfully than any wishful thinking. Inherently we know when truth is spoken, it feels right, good, honouring; and we receive it. We only refuse it and battle it when we are afraid of our own truth, for it is always the ‘other’ reflecting this to us. So facing your own truth is the key, always. It may not be easy, but neither is holding it buried within and dragging it around life, living in a way that is burdened by it, your spirit not soaring for it. 

“Chanting just three -five minutes every day is one of the many tools that can help us open up our that chakra and connect with our human talent of truth.” Yogi Bhajan. 

By the way the shadow side is denial!

It is vital to learn to give up blame. It makes you a victim and disempowered. Let your truth guide you regardless and set you free. The people around you also cannot thrive trying to live up to unspoken truths. 

“Begin your quest for your most authentic self. It is the surest path to happiness “. Yogi Bhajan 

“Humour is a great tool that can release truth.” 

“Addictions become active when we are not living and developing our truth. Addiction are about hiding our truth. Hiding from the truth. Of your divinity. ” Yogi Bhajan 

Conscious breath is a HUGE part of our Kundalini Yoga practise to balance our chakras and hence world perception… and the simplest way to start is to breathe through the nose as much as possible and to become conscious of the breath. This is throat chakra work in action. 

When we breathe through the mouth it is to the body and mind like being in ‘stress’ mode. 

Addiction is separation from you and your soul. It is very painful. That separation is so painful, you could die from pain. So you fill that space with an addiction until you realise a way to bring you body and soul into alignment. This can be eating disorders, smiling, drinking, any addiction in this case that is related to the throat/mouth/nose area. 

Let’s live our truth, let’s find it, embrace it and empower with it. Nothing else can ever replace this. 

At the throat we have the bridge between the heart (chakra) and head (thinking intellectually) and of course the intuition (6th chakra). This bridge needs to be free, flowing, unblocked,  so the kundalini energy can flow and you experience balance and powerful expression of your true being. We chant “SAT NAM” – truth is my identity. (The truth that is beyond the logical, confined, rational. )

On this note, this is precisely what Yogi Amandeep’s work is about … raising the kundalini and a great focus on sound, mantra and expression through the chakras to clear blockages. He is extremely powerful at clearing old energies with his presence and what he shares, which is very unique! It is kundalini yoga, yes, but he will share his profound gifts and they are not like what I share with you in class .. so if you are interested, do join us in December for an incredible experience and truly to open into your divine self more with his presence and teachings and offerings of practise! Yogi Amandeep is a huge huge expression of high energy and transformation!This is a rare and first opportunity. He is offering private sessions also.  I seriously can’t wait to be in the presence of such a being myself .. and I don’t say this often, or lightly … 

So register (all details are on my website too under ‘special events’ )and join us for this last event for 2015 with this incredible TREAT and to really start the new year with a new higher frequency of being. This is how I see it. I already know it is so for me. Immerse, welcome, get ready … love yourself enough to truly want to peel back inhibitions, layers and fears that hold you back from an unconscious pattern from the past. Be and live your truth. What could be more incredible? Release all tat is not your truth. Let go of borrowed baggage. Sessions are small, held at Bliss Central, so it is important that you register for this relatively intimate event! 

Feel free to explore his website here: 

Namaste and Sat Nam !!!!
Sabine Abnashjot

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