Sat Nam dear Yogis

Oceans of love and JOY to you all!!!
Thank you for being part of all our divine kundalini yoga journey into the Divine within!

It is my greatest privilege and pleasure to hod classes!
So thank you!!!

I love seeing you shine, and I love the energy we create!
If you do too, and I know you do, as you tell me so often, please send me a testimonial or pos it to my website or fb page. It helps to spread the goodness,  joy and blessings!

This is a brief newsletter! I will just give you the facts pretty much, so you know where and when your kundalini yoga classes are in March!

In this moment of NOW I wish you divine grace, peace and the awareness of your divinity!
All you need is within! That I know for sure!
Stay true to yourself!
Care for  your body temple.
Go beyond the programmed limited mind and open to your incredible expanded self – which is infinite potential!
The ancient yogis knew it and quantum physics is proving it, and people are living it.

My passion is to see you shine your light which is always within you!
All we do it meet ourselves, release borrowed old beliefs/barriers and hence allow incredible healing, and self-realisation!

Check my YouTubes for more! (Link below)
New Meditation classes in March! To be announced in a separate newsletter in a week or two!

Classes continue every Sunday 9 am and 4pm. Currently still at Infinite Yogi – our home studio in Hazelwood Park.

Free Thursdays are on! Check below!

New meditation class Sunday 11:10-12 noon. Bookings essential. Via the free app “kundalini studio”, or texting me.

Bookings via the free app “kundalini studio” or by texting me is essential, as it suits ten yoga mats in terms of space. For meditation it holds 15 people or more potentially.

More fundraiser classes are being scheduled and I am arranging to be back in the Clayton Wesley Chapel as soon as possible! For now the classes continue at the home studio, including Thursday nights.

When this changes, I will send out a newsletter!

You will find extra classes, and essential oil and hormonal balance, detox classes, plus a sleep masterclass appearing SOON on the free app. Please explore it! It is really easy to use!

I am taking on more clients – females – who wish for coaching using kundalini yoga, NLP, time line regression and hypnosis.
Extremely powerful combination and incredible shifts and realisations made by clients each session. Why? Because we are ready to live our true potential!
Email me for info on coaching package specials!

Many blessings to you!

M: 0424029032

My YouTube Channel – please subscribe and enjoy!

Burnside Ballroom Meditations are pure joy and always deep, peaceful and easy! It is free for all !!! You can offer a gold coin to go to charity in exchange if you wish!

Upon many requests I am now going to offer extra sessions from my home studio in Hazelwood Park.

Currently we are looking at Sundays 11:10-12 noon! Does this interest you? Reply to this newsletter and let me know! $14 concession, $16 waged. It is in the chair, and I will teach by drawing on yogic meditation, NLP, hypnosis, quantum physics! Questions welcome! Requests on topics are also encouraged! Like ‘how to stay centred’ .. ‘how to not be impulsive’ .. ‘how to find peace within 3 minutes’ … ‘how to know if it is intuition or ego/fear?’
Contact Sabine

Extra Classes & Workshops and Themes

With March approaching we have a lot of little gems in store! Essential oil workshops where you find out more, plus can make your own products!

Hormonal balance with yoga and chakra clearing, detoxing and more!

Meditation classes

Fundraisers and almost free yoga classes for world elevation as a group consciousness ! Super powerful!!! Check our next newsletter for dates!

Sleep masterclass! How to master deep healthy sleep, and what you can do to achieve it!!! (My PhD is on sleep!) 

Please book in via our FREE app or text me

At this time it is important that you book in, as my classes are more frequent, but in a cosier setting! I need to cater for numbers. This will help you to commit to yourself more also! Truly, for only older self-limiting  habits can find a way out of deep self care intentions if you didn’t book in – that is ideal for such self-sabotaging patterns.
Let’s see it and ALIGN with SELF CARE and living your light fully.

It also helps me know who is attending! Thank you so much! I appreciate it! 

Look out for our next newsletter

Soon I will send you another update as I am still co-creating events and bookings for March!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Keep in touch and communicate by replying to this newsletter. Thank you deeply! 

Yes my classes are specialised classes from April onwards for just females! WOMEN’S KUNDALINI CLASSES ONLY. I will run an advanced class soon again, like I used to, and all are welcome to that, male and female at this stage.