It’s heart chakra balancing week – focus on breath, immune system kriya and contemplations and meditation on the opening and deeply beautiful flowering of your heart space in you. 

What does it mean to you to be open-hearted ?
Do you feel you know what love is about, deeply ..? What are your barriers to it? Do you see love around you ? 

It is all from within, and the outside world reflects your inner world perfectly as a wonderful direct mirror/teacher… it is a gift to delve deeper, to release old hurt. Old hurt made you the beautiful being you are … the sensitive, compassionate one .. the one who had to deal with things that others cannot even imagine .. it added a dimension to you that is beautiful .. even if it is a shut down. There is beauty in this experience, it offers a gift. You know why? Because the shut-down was painful and it is not your natural truth. A shut-down teaches about the pain in the world and about moving through it, opening the heart despite the risk of getting hurt again. Into the real you. The unbound you. The free you. The one who knows inner total love. Often we are taught through contrast. You could say, we chose this path to grow and learn. Looking back it is seen as a massive gift. An invitation into true empowerment of who you are. Nothing can disturb it. 

And you know what else, and this excites me a lot: it gives you depth, and it grows your ability to be vulnerable and to trust in the love within your being. It is a profound invitation for recognising who you truly are – which is love in action. See more in the newsletter below … note if you become triggered or if you feel certain recognitions of truth as you are reading this.

*I am not saying that i am condoning people hurting people, or that this is great. What I am saying is: it happened. You gave been shown a polarity. You can grow incredibly with this into the deepest self recognition and self love. Hence it is an experience that is a gift. Something was forgotten and can be remembered now. Your completion from within. 

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Warm greetings to you! 

The heart chakra energy centre in our being offers us the profound experience of true love, unconditional love … no need for anything in return. A recognition you are all you need … yes this is within us all.. you will meet this when the layers of doubt and disbelief, hurt and protective barriers are released or seen for what they are, as you become deeply aware. 

It may take courage to allow yourself to see this. There is a famous quote by Marianne Williamson that speaks of this by stating we are afraid of our brilliance, immensity and light … not of our smallness. Embracing our divinity is what we may be afraid of. Contemplate: Why …?

Here it is:

Our Deepest Fear

by Marianne Williamson from A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles(See note below about Nelson Mandela)

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

From this space of self recognition as LOVE, there are no games; no manipulations. Purity exists. You are a walking expression of love. In whatever form this manifests for you and through you. It is a wonderful liberation to recognise this pulse of infinite love within your being, to really connect with it first, as you may still feel separate from it .. then over divine timing you will recognise it as pure loving source of consciousness in you, as you, dancing as an expression of life. 

When we are holding old hurts, we see these around us, and tend to wish them away, find them unbearable when reflected back to us, or we suppress them, get angry at the world for mirroring them back to us. It is confronting because we are trying to forget that aspect of our experience. 

It was an experience. It was never you. It was a covering up of the real you. 

In kundalini yoga we shed those layers using specific kriyas (sequences that unlock your barriers and allow the graceful flow of the kundalini energy, balancing all chakras and in that opening you up to your highest consciousness, allowing the  physical body to hold and embody this energy). 

We use ancient knowledge to release these limitations … for which I am eternally grateful … and this week the specific focus is on the heart field. This field talks more than your words out of your mouth (check our HeartMath Insitute for example)  .. meaning, we perceive the truth and signature of the heart at an instant, and we are therefore pulled or repelled from certain situations /people/ energies. Ultimately when this centre is expanded and baggage is release, any aspect of the so called outer world is accepted and experienced without resistance. 

So where do you expect love from? How do you express your love? Have you shared about this with your family and your partner? What is your idea of love right now? 

When you are aware, you are clear within and this kind of meeting is profound. You know love is leading. Not the intellect, or personality even!!! You are so expanded that you can truly share .. truly receive. 

Do you refuse love? From a parent especially? Were you not met? This is where the original experience and imprint of love starts …. it is very very powerful to contemplate about your relationship with your parents/caregivers. Whatever the male/female polarity of this set of first love have shown you, taught you. This can be DEEPLY revealing and freeing. 

Every belief and experience can be questioned. The innocence of a parent who could not love you how you feel you needed to be loved .. this originates from that parents’ upbringing usually … we seem to be programmed to repeat what happened to us as children. Unless we are conscious of this, it happens automatically via the unconscious mind. Literally. 

To release old patters, we have the ancient gift and science of kundalini yoga. You are doing the work. I am just sharing the kriya and holding space, creating the safe sanctuary for you to immerse and release and take a look. We are all shifting as a planet into deeper awareness (of remembering and embodying), and each one of our intents and commitment to this will assist the group/world/global  collective. We are one. 

You are doing the work. Facing the limits .. breaking free .. recognising your truth. The DIVINITY that is you! You cannot do it for anyone else, it is you doing the work for yourself that enables others to do the same. 

…. ahhhh … so so good this is .. in terms of vibration this feels incredible! 

Take care by staying hydrated, getting plenty of rest as you shift on every level, molecularly included … this is the biggest thing you can do to honour our being and this world.

Arrive to class 15 minutes early and stretch and go within. This is the intent and design of the space. 

Openly become soft, breathe deeply and consciously … realise this is all a movement in consciousness … an experience of suffering and an experience of bliss … sit with it all … you are beyond all this. 

Allow yourself to truly love yourself.

More info about the heart chakra is found below. 

This Sunday we have Dada Gunamuktananda offering a talk after Sunday’s kundalini yoga class. Check Facebook for details or message me. Bookings are via my website under special events, which includes more info and flyer. 

Also our last and very super cosmic event for the year in teams of ‘special classes’ is Yogi Amandeep coming to Adelaide !!!  It is a guarded incredible event!!! Ask me more if you feel inclined. Flyers attached below and booking in is via my website under “special events” also.

Booking in for all events is essentials as the space for Yogi Amandeep is specifically held to be more personal and intimate, as per Yogi Amandeep’s request. 

Sat Nam !!!!
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Heart Chakra ~ Anahata

“Your heart has not to open to others. Your heart has to open to yourself” ~ Yogi Bhajan 

This is because you cannot offer love to anyone unless you can feel it for yourself. 

“Universal love begins with compassion”  (compassion for yourself has to be the start)

“You can only understand another’s feeling accurately, intuitively, if you are compassionate” 
~ Yogi Bhajan

This is where the healing comes from. 

It is the hardest work, dear yogis. And the most rewarding! It is easy to tone and trim the body, but this inner work is far more challenging and hence we try to avoid it at times, it feels easier to hide from than the perfect physical alignment into a pose, for example. But just like a baby out of alignment, it goes with you wherever you are, and your life is coloured by it. 

Do you love yourself enough to take time out to breathe. Now. To just BE. To do nothing? Right now, to breathe deeply ?

The heart centre is associated with your breath. Air element. With touch. Issues here are expressed as grief, bitterness, attachment, passive aggression, thumbs gland issues, breathing issues of any kind. Self-love. 

Feel your chest expanding, releasing restriction to life-force (prana) and oxygen, and opening up tight shoulder blades. 

Breathe in love … breathe out love …. deeply …

“Recognise the other person is you” Yogi Bhajan 
Many have said this. It is a most wonderful way to walk through life. Try it. 

This yoga – union with yourself– is what yoga is about, truly! All else is a mere snippet, an aspect, a minor exploration, even a distraction. 

“What gives you strength? Your thoughts. 
What weakens you? Your thoughts. 
What destroys you? Your thoughts. 
In reality, thoughts are given to expand you, so you’ll realise “I AM ALL”. “
~ Yogi Bhajan 

How beautiful is this? 

We will have such meditations and contemplations and opening exercises in class. Releasing FEAR and anger/pain held at the heart centre. 

We do this work in all classes, this week is just a particular focus on heart energy in particular.