Kundalini Yoga Heart Chakra special (2) classes – as a fundraiser for amazing cause, and as a gift to you from me, for a reduced price ! (~ 20% off) – this Thursday and Sunday only – bless yourself and bless this world! Our collective consciousness is deeply affected in a positive way when we come together from the heart at an such an event such as this one! High elevating, healing energy! Beginners warmly welcome! YES: we are back at the divine Clayton Wesley Chapel! (280 Portrush Road, Norwood)

Blessings to you!!!!

I am deeply in awe and gratitude to be  holding such special events, for you, the world and it is my deepest joy, thanks to YOU!!!!! So thank you so much!!!!! (By the way MEN are welcome for these classes)

YOU are what makes it possible, us being there, us making the time, coming together as a powerful group/field of consciousness, realising the great gift it is for us, yourself and all you come in contract with in your life!

Once you elevate into your true nature, your true inner sanctuary of love,  your wisdom and grace can shine brightly, and this affects not only your entire life – like who you attract, how things unfold  in all arenas of your life – but also your family, friends and the entire planet.

So how do you do this? By going within, using meditation, taking time our to deeply connect .. and this is the intent and offering behind every single kundalini yoga class that I hold. Combine it with YOUR intent to have union within your self, through your divine heart and soul, and we have co-created  a powerful portal and setting for deep peaceful realisation of truth, love, elevation and transcendence. So many students are feeling this at classes… and as for me:

I love each class, for each is truly heavenly .. not because of me, but the yoga itself, the presence of the masters before us, and the divinity within all of us!

We are all connected, and affect each other. And the more we realise this and choose to align with our heart, soul and truth to the fact that anything is possible, the more we directly and immediately experience this!!! Our inner realisation will light up our physical temple and radiance!

And that the way to experience and become this, is by making time for deep self care, self love, self elevation  – into our true shining selves – , the greater this wave of  shining our light (elevation, raising frequency) for all: benefitting planet earth, animals, children and future generations and even changing the past! So do you have a little time for this?

To me it IS by far the most powerful thing we can do this lifetime – honouring ourselves, getting beyond the programmed mind, the limited egoic (small) self, and soaring with our true intelligence of the true self, the true source within, and our inherent soulful wisdom and intuitive knowing … this is JOY, freedom and libration from being stuck, feeling limited and stagnant and wondering what is this strange feeling of limitation and fear is, that keeps popping up.

We are transcendent of this, if we realise it. We learn this through our deep inner meditation on the heart centre and as we journey through the wisdom of our centres of consciousness called chakras. Ignoring these integrative aspects of ourselves is akin to ignoring our true essence and walking blindfolded through life.

Let us fly together, elevated, and yet deeply connected to mother earth, and our inner earth, our inherent earth element.

To be grounded is our fundamental basic foundation so we can truly rise and elevate in a stable, healthy way. This is a process, not a quick rush, or quick fix. No. This is an integrated healthy process! A commitment to this is essential. Be discerning about offerings of quick elevations and no preparation or post care for you. Many have been severely injured (irreversibly almost), going for quick weekends or workshops, quick this and that – it is a trick of the egoic structure in the world. This is the danger of our time. Discernment is an essential tool we need to refine.

You took time to crawl, walk, ride a bike, learn to dance, or play an instrument .. self love, inner union is so divine, once you realise its gift and that all you are really looking for is that (in the guise of looking for happiness, security and recognition), you’ll wonder why you didn’t give it more time/attention. It truly offers what we call miracles – transforms everything, and gives you more than you ever dreamt of!!! We call it miracles,  but really is just your divine birthright!

Breathe in that feeling of your own divine knowing, wisdom and connection to source … see the vision… slow down , relax your shoulders, your breathing…  feel the true nature of your being, right now …. your reality always here for you! Right now. There is no better moment than now. Truly. And you are the one who can choose the ‘channel’ of your inner ‘TV station’ that you focus upon… (ask me about this if you find this confusing).

In this day and age of time moving faster, and life seeing more demanding and enslaving many humans into work work work [how can we spend all our lives working and then to let go by watching TV/ have parties and drink??

When are we meeting ourselves?

Our divine selves?

– by the way alcohol/drug taking is the surest way to lose much, if not all the great energy work we/you have done in your life – if you don’t know why, ask me. Happy to explain in detail! This is a very serious issue that the ‘world’ has normalised and is really keeping humanity in the kali yoga (yogic dark ages we are currently still in)].

If you have addictions to self-soothe, addictions that make you numb, that stop you from feeling what is happening within, to seemingly help you cope with the stress of life, these can be turned around to healthy new habits! Seriously. Just reply to this newsletter and ask me if this is curious to you .. I can teach you, and I can elaborate for you in class also.I offer women’s coaching also, as you may know! Using NLP, hypnosis, timeline therapy, past life regression, yoga, meditation etc..  I really understand that life can be too stressful and that a distraction can seem amazing – But do you realise what happens to your electromagnetic field when you drink alcohol?  ..and what you open yourself up to? And that drinking actually just delays things and then it all builds up and needs to be faced anyway? I am 100% here to help you break any such habits of self sabotage, that keep you literally from shining so brightly, joyfully, purely.

Now let’s have an amazing start to our return to the beautiful space at the CLAYTON WESLEY  chapel  (280 Portrush Road  – parking via Union Street Beulah Park) – we are behind the glass doors, with candles, incense, divine ambience  of kundalini music, and ready for an amazing heart expanding class, including warm ups, intention setting, sending out prayers/blessings and love, and deep relaxation, healing, letting go with  guidance and divine sound healing! A safe sanctuary to go deep!

PLEASE bring your own mat, pillow, blanket, water so you are all cosy. If you are into journalling or crystals etc, feel free to bring them too!

You will also experience essential oils to elevate and nourish your emotions!

Bookings are via our website or the kundalini studio app, or text me and pay cash if you prefer.

ANOTHER SPECIAL GIFT for just this week:
(Thursday 7pm and Sunday 4pm classes)
I will draw a raffle on both events to give away special heart chakra mini blends!!!! I love to give,  it makes me so happy! I am passionate about the gifts of essential oils to support our journey. And I know you will love that heart chakra oil!!!

By the way if you are interested in opening your own wholesale account with DoTerra, I am a passionate advocate, and can direct you with a link, and guidance, and education/support! I run classes on how you can use the oils for chakra balance, skin care, emotional wellbeing, detoxing and more!!! Check our free kundalini studio app to book in, or via our website www.kundalinistudio.com.au!

Many blessings to you!!!

One love! Sabine Abnashjot


P.S. Our next newsletter, next week,  is all about why I have moved to being a full time WOMEN’S  kundalini yoga specialist. And I’ll share a more  about what I’ll offer you and what it means, the new energy in classes. I am so in love with this and am deeply aligned to flow with this soulful inspiration that has been growing within me for over 4 years now.

Plus chakra series coming, and special vagus nerve balance classes! Much much LOVE!!!!!!!!!

Stay shining brightly! You are needed and awesome and all you need is within you!!!!