Ready for a change?
Our chakra series start this Sunday 1st of July! Also please note timetable changes!

Sat Nam and warmest greetings to you!

So allow me to get to it all immediately! So much to share, but I also wish to keep it simple as you may also have much on and be busy…

Firstly: The chakra series start as previously announced on Sunday the 1st of July! I truly can’t wait!!! We shall dive deep into each chakra each week!!! Every week we shall dive into a new chakra. It is ok if you can’t attend each week, but it will be a wonderful deep dive and will definitely open you into deeper awareness into the centres of your chakra consciousness. They affect the way you experience life! In every way! The classes will guide and empower you to connect on a deeper level, with skills to know how to harmonise and balance them.

So this week is the base chakra. Foundations. Groundedness. Being anchored in self.

The only real stability and foundation for your life is within you.

I will teach you the type of breathing you can use, the locks, the kriya, meditation and which gemstones, sounds (chanting), colours and essential oils support which chakra.

Booking in is essential. Please use our website or the kundalini studio app. Thank you so much!

Bring your journal and reflect and take notes after class. I will offer you contemplations for sure!

Secondly: IMPORTANT notice: Due to my admission into my next venture – a PhD, commencing 9th of July, I had to make some serious decisions about how I will harmonise my time.

So thirdly as from 1st of July I am only teaching Thursday night 7pm and Sundays at 4pm.

All other classes are cancelled as from 1st of July: Tuesday at the ballroom, Wednesday advanced and Friday women’s kundalini. I LOVED all those classes deeply. I shall miss them!

And I may start some extra classes again in spring or summer, once my PhD is established. But this is uncertain.

Fourthly: WOW !!!!! World Yoga Day. That was amazing!!! I haven’t added up the financials yet, as people registered via Eventbrite, the app, direct transfer, cash and donations and the website .. so it is a fair bit to collate. Getting there! We raised almost $1000 I am pretty sure. This will all go to three charities, Children of the Ganges, Catherine House and Sound for Life! Super awesome causes. A huge thank you to each and every single one of you!!! It was incredible energy! Such high love and joy!!! I will release the receipts on facebook.

It was a deep privilege to share that amazing evening with you!!!!!!!

So take excellent care of yourself, discover what you truly want and align with it deeply … I am here to inspire you and kundalini yoga is here to offer you the deepest potential through breath, mantra, locks, drisht, mudra, kriya, very ancient sacred meditations, contemplation … and integration with deep relaxation. How awesome is that!!! I love it!!!!

P.S. I also offer NLP and hypnosis personal sessions to release PTSD and limited beliefs and trauma from the unconscious mind. Ask me about it!

Many blessings to you!!!!!
Sat Nam Sabine


If you want to learn more about the chakras
You can download my ebook on my website, and you can check my blog on my website where I have posted deeply about the chakras and kundalini yoga.

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