Want to get the most from your kundalini yoga practise…?

Here are the tips, plus Youtube for the chakra series! Starting this week .. casual attendance is as always completely welcome ..

All ready to go? I am! SUPER excited for these series! I feel it will be only once this year! (Due to my PhD studies and interstate commitments). It will be EPIC! Start: This Thursday 4th of July and Sunday 7th of July – chakra 1 – BASE – earth element – being grounded from within! Belonging. Feeling safe in this world through our inner earth  element! POWERFUL! Finding out strength from within, relying on our divine inherent inner groundedness! If you place this need outside yourself – i.e, in your partner, finances, your job ‘security’, your family – you will find they too change, nothing is stable, and nobody wants to be responsible/burdened to be your ‘rock’. Plus that is not fun for anyone after a while – eventually … !!
Why? Because we all want to FLY, dance and be creative in the flow together, in our unique way, right?

It is graceful and healthy to know your inner earth, groundedness… to be confident and stable and nourished  from within. Yes, getting help and being supported is great – and healthy  – but only at certain times .. not as a state of being. We GROW when we take responsibility for our own inner stability.

People start to feel resentful or turn away when there is too much of an expectation on them to support and give … this all needs to be balanced as a pattern from within .. the chakra series will show you this… for deep patterns started in our childhood and past lives ..

Plus – question —  doesn’t it feel much better to know that you have all you need within you already? You are divine, you have your inner stability .. it is all there … let us dive deep and explore it! – for some the earth element is over expressed .. hence a person can feel stuck and too grounded too … it is a divine awareness of the balance that suits YOU! And this can change every few months or years, depending on what your life is showing you … and where your divine self wants to take you!

Sat Nam dear amazing Yogis!

A small newsletter to let you know if you haven’t signed up for the 8 week chakra series, I know and love that you are 100% honouring your self for what is happening in your life (in regard to time, family, prior commitments, finances etc) and what is right for you right now… and you can totally attend these CASUALLY .. as always, each class is COMPLETE in itself, as ALWAYS! In essence classes are as USUAL, except we have a focus on a chakra each week and they are a potent series.

Equally if you signed up for the chakra series, you will always be balanced, even if you happen to miss a week (and hence specific chakra focus!) So you will be fine no matter what you do.

The only benefit to committing to the series is to have a discipline to this self-discovery and empowerment,to really dive deep into all the aspects of yourself. To enjoy the FULL series, to journal and reflect on each chakra aspect of consciousness and how it affects your life. I reward and encourage that capacity to your self care and hence encourage its potential with the discount! Your commitment to yourself inspires me even more, I just want to give you so much, I am overflowing with joy, creativity and bliss!!!!

We have 20 fully committed yoginis signed up. Some 1x /week, some twice. Amazing women’s classes!!!!

Please keep a few aspects in mind, this is important:

Classes will be full! High group energy. Amazing shifts will take you deep! Tell your family and friends you will be going through changes. Give yourself time after class and during the week if you can. Nature walks, baths etc.. So to get the MOST from these uplifting, healing and deep-dive series, I also highly recommend this:

Please BRING ALL you need: your mat, pillow, blanket. If you rely on my spares/blankets/pillows/blocks (which are meant for those yogis who forgot or were in a rush on occasion)- there may be none left – as the classes will be full. Like on our full moon or world yoga classes, there are a lot of yogis…

Please ARRIVE 15-10 minutes before we start. I need to start on time, as we have a lot to explore and enjoy …. I start to talk and tune in at 7pm for Thursdays and 4pm on Sundays. I need to lock the glass doors so nobody from the street comes in to the chapel to use bathrooms or kitchens.

IF you are late, please text me in advance, and I will leave the door open for you, and then when you enter the front glass doors, please lock them behind you.

Please bring water – you’ll need 1-2 litres, for processing – not sweating. Either before, during or after class – be hydrated – it makes it all really flowing. . You will be clearing after class still.

I just made some amazing unique pure essential oil chakra roll-ons for us to enjoy! Specifically for these series!

Please bring your DIARY, pens (be playful bring coloured pens even! Really dive in!) and whatever you love along. Your diary is essential: it will be an amazing book of insights for you, guaranteed! Union with yourself! Bliss! Awareness! Confidence!

Please watch/listen to this YouTube below… it will help and get you started … I will make more to align with our classes! So it is worth it to click the subscribe button and the little bell, which means you’ll get a little notification when I have uploaded another video for your highest good and joy in life!

You will see meditation for a calm heart, a fantastic go-to meditation that creates inner harmony and peace! Fantastic for when you are about to make a serious decision in your life! Coming from your heart centre is the most powerful way to be!
In countless ways! I’ll share more about this in classes and YouTubes! The link is below.

So see you in classes!!!

Many blessings always!

Sabine Abnashjot

P.S. You can simply reply to this newsletter if you wish to communicate with me.

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Link to our YouTubes
Introduction to the chakras