All classes are happening as per usual over this Easter Season…
We are going to be celebrating life, the NOW, through our practise … really anchoring into the present moment … as they say it is a gift, as it is even called the ‘present’ .

As for kundalini yoga… remember all that arises in you is reflected on the outside .. hence being within, present to the moment, the sensations, the breath and using specific breath signatures takes you into all that is … yes .. all that is … I’ll relate more to you below …
Sat Nam!


Warm greetings to you!

This is a succinct newsletter …

Over this Easter weekend we will focus on celebration … the now .. you … all that is here now …

There are specific techniques to take you deeper and help you anchor into this very moment … it is wonderful joy and freedom to be that .. in that …

I deeply look forward to sharing this.

One gift is the gift of SOUND .. I shall bring in the quartz crystal singing bowl  … it assists to take you into the moment, plus into your intuitive mind, beyond speculation and duality. This was a request by a yogi and hence I am brining it in today and Sunday. It also clears away blockages through sound…

We are going to reflect on the Festive season of Easter and its connection with yoga … the circular or cycles in life, circular re-birthing breath to unite into YOU.
Here are all your answers.. within!

Allowing yourself to shine and be united with yourself … in the moment … that is how miracles (quantum leaps of awareness) happen naturally from your pure alignment with your truth … you focussed awareness …your alignment … What could be more awesome?

So this newsletter is short for once.

Some  housekeeping notes are:

  • New class is starting on Tuesday April 5th at Glenunga (new vanue) 7:30-9:00 pm. It will appear on my website soon.
Please use the booking system to register your attendances for classes. 

ALL my classes will officially be 1.5 hours from April onwards. There will be a slight price change coming up too to accommodate the hall hire etc.

  • We are offering an amazing women’s nourishment day on Saturday the 14th of May 10-5pm.
More details are on our website:

  • We are holding an incredible retreat in Bali offering kundalini yoga, Wu-Tao dance of the elements, Sound healing (every day), Art Therapy, Sacred Ceremony for release and embracing … like fire ceremony, water ceremony, etc … visiting a Balinese Healer, and Chakra holy waterfall and of course massages …. plus healthy vibrant food!
Again for more info please check our website as per above.
It is pure JOY just thinking about all this!!!

Sat Nam and smiles !!!!! Take care …

Sabine Abnashjot


Connect to your inner brilliance and shine your divine truth …