Sat Nam and hello!!

We have some awesome, truly consciousness raising, empowering, heart opening events coming up as we head towards the end of this century and into the 2020!

For this newsletter I am focusing on the upcoming cacao ceremony and the ten light bodies of consciousness.

See you in class, online, or at our events!

And yes! In January I will offer outdoor classes, at the beach and in the park! Heaven! I’ll write a separate newsletter about this.

Our last official Kundalini Yoga class for 2019 will be Sunday the 15th of December!

We shall have an END OF YEAR party afterward!

Bring some food to share and we stay in the hall after yoga to dance, chat, connect in joy!

I may run extra unofficial ones outdoors or at my home studio “infinite yogi”.


This is a one off opportunity for you to take a deeper dive and to set massively powerful intent as we combine sacred cacao ceremony with kundalini yoga, chanting, dancing and sound healing!

An epic 3 hour event coming up Saturday 16th of November 2019. 7-10pm!

ONLY $35!!

Bring your own mat, pillow, blanket, water. Anything you love: be it your journal, crystals etc.

I do know how things go for my special events, like full moon classes or chakra series: suddenly everyone (well a lot of people) want to join us, often last minute! The hall is full!!! Packed with up to 40 amazing souls!

This is an event with a maximum of 30 people. It will easily fill and could go beyond. But we are keeping it at 30.

So if you are resonant, and really wish to treat yourself to this very amazing event do book in asap! – I am literally super excited, elated, warmly fuzzy in my heart and joy, and feel the blessings of it already – and this will be my first cacao ceremony – I literally can barely wait!

Get ready: It is extremely HEART OPENING! It can shift your whole reality into a more loving one, from deep within! I have read so much and heard many first hand accounts of this.

For more info and how to REGISTER for our once-off amazing CACAO CEREMONY & KUNDALINI YOGA event
Here is more information about what to open up towards for this event:
🌺So what is cacao? Cacao is not cocoa. Cacao is the raw and naturally fermented, unheated form of chocolate, while cocoa is cacao that has been heated. Processed chocolate is made with roasted cocoa, sugar, milk, and other ingredients that turn it into a solid food and studies have found that by adding dairy this actually blocks the absorption of antioxidants in chocolate. The benefits of cacao are only found in the raw form, and organic raw cacao has an array of amazing benefits.🌺Join us for kundalini yoga and cacao ceremony. A truly deep healing, sacred, ceremonial experience of another vibration! Synergistic elevation!🌺

🌺See links below with more details about other people’s experiences globally 🌺

Ceremonial cacao – the many GREAT benefits described!
Another article on cacao

Our wonderful 10 light bodies of consciousness

We continue on this amazing journey! You are welcome to join us as a complete beginner, whenever you like: you will get great insights, benefits, greater balance, deeper alignment with your inner intelligence!

If you are on facebook or instagram  (sabine_abnashjot is my name there) you will see little videos I created and more details about the light bodies.

Also this info is on my kundalini studio blog site, and easy to read! It looks better on the Mailchimp platform in your inbox, but the website still holds all the information for you!

Below is a useful link to the blog on my website for you.

In the meanwhile, below is a little summary!

We are up to the 6th light body this week! Super magical vibrations! Each class complete and unique! I hear so much amazing feedback about these series! So many shifts and increased body-mind-soul alignment for students. Keep sharing with me, I love to hear!

It is a total joy and honour to teach these and create the space for this divine unfolding.

Also, please check my YouTubes: there are videos on how to relax, elevate your vibration, accept reality, open your heart more, plus the chakras. I am making more videos with the inner guidance that is pushing me forward, and YOUR requests, all of which I noted with great appreciation!!! Keep suggestions coming! Check the videos, comment and like if you got something positive from them so we can share and uplift as a massive collective field of consciousness!I appreciate your support … as we share and subscribe, we give this work energy to expand and to really work with love and mother earth for all our highest good on this planet… this is elevating and powerful for all. And YES! e-courses are coming!!!!

My blog: 10 light bodies of consciousness – what are they and how do they relate to living my greatest life?
Summary of this week and beyond:

Sixth Body: Arcline

  • The arcline extends from ear to ear, across the hairline and brow; it’s your halo, the nucleus of the aura
  • Associated with the pituitary gland, regulates the nervous system and glandular balance
  • Women have a second arcline reaching across the chest from nipple to nipple
  • Justice, protection, projection
  • Key Phrase “Person at Prayer”
  • Balance between physical and cosmic realms
  • Mastery: ability to focus, to be concentrated, to meditate; use the intuition of the Sixth Body to protect yourself from life’s stresses and avoid shutting down your heart
  • If weak: overprotective; easily influenced; glandular imbalances leading to inconsistency in moods and behavior; unfocused and unable to manifest prayers
  • Key to Balancing: awaken the pituitary gland (Sixth Chakra)

Seventh Body: Auric Body

  • The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body; it acts as a container for your life force, bringing confidence and security
  • Mercy, security, love
  • Key phrase: “Platform of Elevation”
  • Mastery: attracts positivity and repels negativity, like a shield; illness cannot penetrate to your physical body; sense of security allows an uplifting presence and treating others with mercy
  • If weak: paranoid, lack self-trust; negativity can penetrate into the psyche and physical body
  • Key to Balancing: meditate; wear white clothing made of natural fibers; work on the Eighth Chakra.

Eighth Body: Pranic Body

  • Through the breath, the Pranic Body continuously brings the life force and energy into your system
  • Purity, energy, fearlessness, self-initiation
  • Key phrase: “Finite to Infinite”
  • Mastery: fearless, fully alive, at one with all creation; nothing can bother you; self-motivated with enough energy to achieve goals
  • If weak: constant low-level anxiety and chronic fatigue; look to food or stimulants for energy; fearful, defensive
  • Key to Balancing: all pranayam.

Ninth Body: Subtle Body

  • The Subtle Body helps you see beyond the immediate realties of life to the sublime universal play that lies beyond
  • Calmness, subtlety, mastery
  • Key phrase: “Mastery or Mystery”
  • Mastery: have great finesse and a powerful calmness; learn quickly and master situations easily; able to walk into a room and intuitively know what’s going on
  • If weak: naïve and easily fooled, unintentionally crude or rough in speech or behavior; restless
  • Key to Balancing: do any meditation or kriya for 1,000 days

Tenth Body: Radiant Body

  • The Radiant Body gives spiritual royalty and radiance
  • Royal courage, radiance, nobility
  • Key phrase: “All or Nothing”
  • Mastery: courageous in the face of any obstacle; magnetic presence and command the respect of all who know you
  • If weak: afraid of conflict, shy away from people’s attention; feel ineffective and unable to come through in situations
  • Key to Balancing: commitment; do not cut the hair

Eleventh Embodiment: Parallel Unisonness

  • Eleven represents the sound current, the source of Infinity from which all mantras originate. In this state you can direct the play of all Ten Bodies; eleven contains all. You can direct all parts of your being from an impersonal, expansive space that allows Infinity to flow through you at all times.
  • Divine vision, truth for all
  • Key phrase: “Infinity”
  • Mastery: my identity is Sat Nam; I allow Infinity to flow through me
  • Key to Balancing: meditative recitation of the words of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib

From KRI and Yogi Bhajan

YouTube: enjoyable ways to RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY
Our Kundalini Yoga Facebook Page
Meditation of a CALM HEART


make your own essential oil aura cleansing spray, or your own essential oil perfume roller.

Sunday 24th of November 6-8pm after kundalini yoga class!

Only $50 to make your own pure essential oils spritzer, with intention setting, NLP/hypnotic style anchoring practise!
You receive hand outs and all materials are provided!!!

For the roll on it is just $40

You can request to make some for friends as GIFTS! CHRISTMAS GIFTS EVEN?  An extra aura spray will be $35 and an extra perfume roller will be $25.

BONUS! If you are ready to get into using essential oils more, which I have been doing since I am in my early 20’s and LOVING, plus you may be into making your own products, or using chemical free shampoo/conditioner and really detox your lifestyle, I am happy to give you the wholesale account for free! I will pay the $35 for you – which is the annual membership!

You are then able to shop anytime you want! At great prices, and I will help and train you in how to really integrate yourself into this new lifestyle upgrade!! Ask me as many questions as you like!!!! Curiosity leads to expanded awareness. I love it!

Here is a link to my other website, inspired matrix, the page on the pure and ethically sourced essential oils (many oils in shops can claim to be pure, when there is only 3% real essential oil within the product!!!!) – learn about the profound gifts of essential oils and how you can use them to sleep better, feel motivated, help with muscular aches, assist meditation, or really heal and balance skin conditions, especially preventing premature ageing, and supporting facial tissue support and rejuvenation. Also certain oils are incredible hormonal mediators!!!!  The plant kingdom has it all!

REGISTER via our kundalini studio app, or by emailing me directly! I would LOVE to see you!