Empowering the way we think by creating different brain wave frequencies. 

We will continue to link this with the latest amazing fields of neuroplasticity and epigenetics. 

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Warm greetings to you, 

following on from our theme about how the way we think affects everything, and how surrendering into your natural flow (of your higher self) is grace, this week we will look deeper into your brain frequencies and how they affect the way you see the world. In a sense it is like a lens or a frequency of tuning into life. The beauty is that you can realise this, observe it and change it. You can be your own master in that sense. This is what excites me. To use the tools and gifts of this body and mind to expand in  awareness, capacity and hence wisdom and peace. 

In last week’s newsletter I touched on how Kundalini Yoga covers the entire spectrum of the latest research into how we ARE our own placebo! 

Below I will list the ways in which it is scientifically and experientially shown to a greater and lesser degree in the book: You are the placebo: by Dr Joe Dispenza. 

Before I do that and elaborate about the various brain waves, here are some events to keep in mind and a few little notices too. 

I am very very thrilled to announce that the Kundalini Yoga for Brain Cancer Fundraiser recently raised $1707!!!! It was purest pleasure and I thank each and everyone of you who supported and donated to this worthy cause!!! U are amazing! 

Dates to remember: 

A few things to put in your diaries for the month of September and October : 
  •  Jai-Jagdeesh is here in Adelaide from the US with an authentic voice workshop in our beautiful sanctuary in the evening. This is Tuesday evening, September the 15th at our yoga venue, the Clayton Wesley Church chapel, Norwood/Beulah Park, the concert is on Wednesday the 16th at the Church of Trinity in Goodwood. Bookings are essential. It will be amazing!!! Details for bookings below. She is also holding an AMAZING concert that same week which I highly recommend also! Bookings essential. Treat yourself to an amazing energetically uplifting and healing sound experience. Let’s lift the frequency of Adelaide together into bliss and utter joy! 
  • On Sunday the 13th of September we are holding a one off, unique package: The usual 4pm kundalini yoga class is at 4pm-5:15pm. After that if you wish to experience what we offer in our retreats that are usually just for women (at this stage), join us for a continuation of Wu-Tao with Fiona after class and then a Sound bath by Ahilya. The sessions will all be complete by 7:30pm. It will be a powerful combination to release and nourish yourself, and to experience what the three of us offer together. To attend the three sessions, simply book by emailing me back, and just book into the yoga class per my website and all the remaining payment, you can complete and pay in class. So the yoga class is the usual price you pay already now. If you wish to attend all three sessions and stay till 7:30pm, then it is a total of $45. (So if you paid $20 for yoga online, you simply pay another $25 in class to complete your payment). 
  • On the October long weekend, from Friday the 2nd of October, 3pm – Monday the 5th of October 3pm, we are offering our annual Adelaide Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat. For registration to our Annual Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat on the October long weekend, click  the link below. In our Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat you will be taken into daily Kundalini Yoga, Wu-Tao, and Sound baths. You will be off the grid, in a modern Eco Lodge at the Inman Valley. You will be spoilt with sublime healthy vegetarian food. You will be surrounded with kindred spirits, all women.  You will experience the absolute passionate work of Fiona Glover, Ahilya Lucille and myself.
  • There is art therapy, dance, journalling, nature walks and of course our sacred ceremony and lineage work for our ancestors.. We cannot wait. It is like a reset button, a reaffirming time, re-centering, refreshing… it is simply beautiful! There are 12 places in total and we have already 3 places booked. 


Brain Waves and your experience of life 

We all know that meditation means inner peace, great insight, overall improved wellbeing, better decisions, deep connection to who you truly are. 

So how does it work? 

We do this in each class, and the entire goal of yoga is essentially designed to allow us to meditate deeply and realise the inner realm and our deepest self/truth. 

The analytical neocortex uses awareness of the BODY, ENVIRONMENT, and TIME to analyse what’s happening. During stress these will be significantly amplified in your awareness.  You may experience fight or flight responses, trying to deal with potentially threatening danger, releasing adrenalin and being on overdrive. You tend to rush and be reactive. You will be in simple, immediate problem solving mode of thinking. Defensive too. It has its place in emergencies. It doesn’t  really feel good, and yet it is said that most of society these days lives in this state most of the time and in fact is addicted, unconsciously or consciously to the sensation of that rush and excitement of sorts. It somehow elicits a sense of aliveness and importance to the ego self. Some feel the more drama the more they must be important and alive, receiving neuro-feedback, and if the drama is joy, great, but if that isn’t coming along, then hey, we can get drama with anger and emotions along that frequency of the scale of emotions. This is then reflected back to you in your apparent external version of life.

But as you know when you feel great and relaxed, the world looks different again – and it is not that the world outside has changed, it is the inner world and way of seeing that has shifted only. This is always reflected back. How awesome a teacher is this mirroring? 

It is a gift !

So we recognise your inner world is the space to look. We call it meditation. Or meditative space. 

In meditation then we enter the autonomic nervous system, which can be used for suggestibility. We can rewire here. This is in a sense is a  way to empower through neuroplasticity – changing the ways the neurones (nerves/thought impulses ) flow in habitual patterns to create habitual ways of thinking and seeing life. 

In yoga nidra we are specifically relaxed to enter that space too, for self-healing and in that rest we connect to your eternal true nature beneath all the business and mental, limited, soap-opera.. 

So you can train yourself to actually reprogramme old ways of thinking by planting new ideas into your mind – we call it a ‘Sankalpa’. This and meditation is for tuning into your infinite potential. This also affects your genes by the way, potentially switching on and off genomic expression. (epigenetics)

So let’s talk a little about the brain frequencies … these are affected by the way we breathe by the way, and on our attention. 

Firstly and briefly when neurones fire, they exchange charged elements/energy that is readable in EEGs as they produce a magnetic field. 

There are brain wave frequencies that are categorised in the following ways:

  • Slowest frequency is the most unconscious and is DELTA (deep restorative sleep), followed by
  • the THETA frequency which is the twilight state between sleep and consciousness, it is the key to connecting with your own subconscious realm, deep meditation,
  • then ALPHA, which is the creative, imaginative state (daydreaming, less attention to the outer world),we are less focused on the outer world and more within, it is a meditative state, relaxation is happening, and the frontal lobe* is activated more, then
  • BETA which is conscious thoughts (our every day waking state, there are low and high states of BETA, high rage BETA means highly focused, crisis-mode attention, when stress chemicals are produced), and
  • then GAMMA, which represent elevated states of consciousness (being able to access information beyond the usual operating system).

*frontal lobe activation lowers the volume on the brain circuits that process time and space. There naturally is no need for the survival mode, there is transcendence. Timelessness. Infinity. Creativity, natural joy. And we are in a state that is suggestive to new thoughts/ideas/creativity than in the BETA state. 

In our classes of kundalini yoga we use the gong to take you there, specific breath-signatures, breath work, specific meditations, physical focus, internal focus (drisht- e.g third eye), kriyas, mudras and mantras to assist this. We use yoga nidra and chanting to take us to those desired mental states/brain frequencies. 

Empowering practises of kundalini yoga for your total potential and wellbeing NOW

Points of our being that affect our wellbeing – we enhance these through our yogic practise and these are now shown scientifically to not only benefit with healing and mental balance, but also in creating our reality. 

These are the themes I will explore in class over the weeks. this weeks being brain frequencies. 

  • Meditation, suggestibility and brain waves. Unconsciousness, and realising patterns (This week starting August 27th 2015)
  • Self Talk Awareness ~ gratitude (bowing, giving thanks) ~ self love ~connection
  • Body focus ~ being here now ~ internal connection and attention:includes third eye and crown chakra and all chakras, spinal alignment, sensing tension, allowing relaxation (where your attention is, your life is, and energy flows)
  • Breath ~ breath and mind are interlinked ~ breathwork changes your entire life on every level
  • Quantum field awareness ~ infinite possibilities sit all around you – being open to seeing them, the possibilities and to relax from tunnel vision or rigid belief systems.  Touching infinity in you and around you.
  • All is vibration~ using sound through mantra and music to realise and release and heighten your field of being and seeing, and hence your life and what you see and engage in.
  • Visualisation~ being open to see, opening third eye, realising you can feel it so strongly and being that vibrational match by using that focus and strong empowering feeling. Embodying what you want, feeling and experiencing it NOW.
  • Connect and trust in divine intelligence within you.
See you there!
Oceans of gratitude and wishing you a wonderful now… inhale deeply the gift of the breath now, hold briefly staying soft in the body… and exhale slowly and fully … smile … repeat if you resonate! 😀

Sabine Abnashjot

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