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September 2019

Illuminism – Be Illuminated – Bliss

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Who feels the Divinity of this (above) artform...? I am literally in bliss just thinking/feeling about it...  Sat Nam dear amazing yoginis! This is a ONE-OFF chance (this wonderful weekend: Saturday Sunday 21st-22nd of September 10 am -5pm) to put

All Chakra Plus Aura Integration & ILLUMINISM

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Ready to polish and enhance ALL chakras including the aura in one practise? Get ready to release the past which no longer serves you... Sat Nam!!! I'm excited for the next two weeks are very

10 Light Bodies Of Consciousness, Spiritual Art Class And Aura Spray Workshop

By |September 17th, 2019|

Now that we journeyed through the chakras in our own unique ways, what's next at kundalinistudio for you? 3 weeks of pure all chakra balancing integration. Sat Kriya, Kirtan Kriya and more kundalini yoga specific

Why And How To Cleans Your AURIC Field. Plus GIFTS And EVENTS!

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  Get ready for some amazing events .... Auric field cleansing ... how to do it and WHY is it sooooo important .. and a little GIFT for you... just like the beautiful pure iceberg