Join us for a wonderful Saturday afternoon on May the 26th in Norwood.

Ladies, join us for this incredible half day workshop! Really it is a RETREAT or *joy*shop, cause it will be so fun, not work!


1. Kundalini
2. NLP/Hypnosis
3. Aromatherapy

If you are into dropping old habits, and limited beliefs, and want to really take care of yourself on a DEEP level, this workshop will inspire you, give you direct experience, and many tips to use after class!!!
It is an awesome mix of all that i deeply enjoy, love and resonate with!

1. Kundalini Yoga (harness your inner divine, the kundalini plus breath, awareness and alignment, harmonising your chakra centres) – you will enjoy a kundalini yoga class and meditation – beginners welcome!

2. NLP (neuro linguistic programming)- hypnosis – timeline (we hypnotise ourselves daily, with certain speech patterns, as does the media, and the people you listen/ed to the most – our entire life is a projection from this template of programming — how do you un-programme the unwanted and expired? I will show you and you will know)- bring your journal !!

3. Essential oils -plant kingdom divine support (essential oils help you to shift mood, harmonise metabolism, to detox, to feel amazing – through PURE products from the plant kingdom to vibrationally support you! ) – you will make 2 products to take home for your personal highest good!

You will be treated like ‘royalty’ with healthy refreshments, purest products and a very safe and nurturing environment.

We will be both on the mat, in chairs and also at tables for creating our products and applying tips and knowledge about your mind, why we sabotage and how to stop it!

Imagine … white table cloths and raw chocolate, tea, fresh divine fruit and a classy setting for you to immerse into incredible self care and deepest inspiration to step into immediately!!!From the mat to the reflecting and learning, to the creating and enjoying just chatting and the scent of pure essential oils … ahhh … bliss!!! I am here for that 100% in supporting you and sharing how to actualise it! Renee will teach with me about the essential oils and we shall create highest quality products to take home and to anchor the emotional experience to your every day life, to have and deeply implement after you leave!

This workshop is almost running at cost price due to the high quality, time and venue preparations. You will more than get your investment worth!! Guaranteed!!

For women only.

Do communicate with me about your request and needs for this workshop!!

Early early bird (before 30th March) $128
Early bird (before 30th of April) $138
Regular price: (after 30th April) $158

You can register via our app: kundalini studio
Or directly:
Kundalini Studio
BSB: 105 086
Account: 053 430 240
And mention your name and add “ws” (workshop)

Feel free to comment and ask questions if you wish!!

Love and blessings,

Sabine Abnashjot

M:0424 029 032