Warm greetings to you … Sat Nam !!

On this journey of living our truth, much is faced, I’m sure you would agree. There is a fine line between speaking our truth and being polite in consideration of another.
The truth is though that as we are clear and open, and of course with sensitivity, we not only empower the other through our truth, but also ourselves in being in alignment and living our true purpose, rather than a semi aligned path.

To have that balance, offers you confidence to be yourself, truly, with zest and flow, with true joy welling up from this natural alignment with your truth.

To gain this confidence, kundalini yoga is a massive support and help and I will teach techniques you can appply instantly and shift into your grounded centred, confident self within minutes literally!!

The thing is, the mind is very critiquing in nature, and we often beat ourselves up, feeling we should and could do better.
The place of healing comes from recognising you are uniquely, divinely doing your best, to your current awareness and that inviting yourself to find your true self, is the confidence that is within you always!

How do you do that? By stilling the mind, coming into the body and recognising your intelligence and knowing beyond the conditioned, repetitive mind. We shall do this with particular breath styles, kriya, mudra and sounding, plus of course attention in certain specific areas to direct your being into pranic harmony. The tools provided can help you lift from repetitive mind patterns that don’t suit you, often from the unconscious aspect of the self.

I am here to help you with the space created and kundalini yoga technology, to reconnect to this within you, so you are aware how magnificent and brilliant you are already. You can release old  patterns and create new self empowering ones, where you live from high vibration of peace, serenity and heart centred intelligence.

From this you have the strength to face challenges, honour yourself and enjoy being the full you!!!!

We shall balance ourselves through breath, chakra alignment, deep grounding and channeling our awareness into positivity, alignment and union with ourselves!!

I  truly love it!

As you attend class, you get release, awarenesses and you may go into the blissful realisation of who you are .. the truth is truly incredibly wonderful.

I would like to invite you very much to share, just click reply to this newsletter … share if you had releases you can share about, epiphanies, reminders of your true nature, if you see where you limit yourself and open up to greater self love and self recognition. Let me know if class times work for you, what you think of the facilities.

I REALLY would like to know, and this is not just positive stuff, but anything you can share that you love and don’t love. Sometimes discussing, sharing and opening up to speaking our truth is scary, but it is so deeply healing for all concerned, and I deeply welcome it.

I totally stand behind and within the science of kundalini  yoga and I welcome questions, doubts, anything – literally! Maybe there is a new concept to see or release, or a deeper understanding to follow. I embrace this fully for you and for me. For us all.

The reply /sharing does not have to be a specific format or anything fancy … just be free and let me hear … and of course your love of kundalini I rejoice in … in fact feel free to share so we can share it as a testimonial ..

The world is overloaded with instructions, which is both an amazing gift to have, and also challenging to navigate through. Direct experience is what matters, and in kundalini yoga it is about YOU discovering YOUR inner guru and truth! Nothing else could be more precious, don’t you feel?

So let’s go and honour this … in whatever form this arises for you!

I am more than passionate, I am heart filled, and life blissed to be sharing this with you … I’m almost dizzy with gratitude and joy and love!!!

This is not just multi dimensional, but also still physiological, biological, psychological. Kundalini yoga is the whole of who you are, beyond what you may even consciously perceive. This is your precious gift to behold!

Don’t allow anyone else to tell you what you need or that they can fix your kundalini. Kundalini energy is the most potent life force, please own it, it is your gift, your sacred life force….

We worked through releasing grief and trauma 2 weeks ago, then moving forward in life through foundation of the hips (flexibility) and lower spine … this week the focus is on YOUR inherent confidence. When you are aware of it, you are aligned, and clear and centred, and nobody can shake that clarity.

Of course regular comittment to your physical, emotional and spiritual alignment makes this an ingrained evolution in all that you are to manifest… what is holding you back? I know we sabotage ourselves and go to cafes, events, and have nights on the couch .. these all have their very divine places … our unconscious mind tries to keep us the same, for FEAR OF CHANGE. It feels keeping us the same is safe, while it works. But it keeps us the same and stuck and not being our full potential. It is safe these days to grow and change, we are finally free to do this. Seeing unconscious patters is potent.

So what holds you back from regular practise, if you are attending self care only sporadically? Share with me, if you want to own it and look at it and hence transcend it …

Regular practise is joy and as I hear from many students, like is always better afterwards… even with clearing going on.

So even though you are a miracle in a miracle body, and anything is possible, the alignment with regular self care is essential… feel free to discuss this with me … just reply with your thoughts …

Shine brightly and love deeply..

Sat Nam
Abnashjot (Sabine)
M:0424 029 032
e: sabine@kundalinistudio.com.au
fb: www.facebook.com/adelaideyoga


Yogi Bhajan inspiration for you (he brought us Kundalini Yoga)

By cleansing your mind your soul will shine through you.
Yogi Bhajan

Keep the path of meditation to the point that you cleanse yourself, so that you can come out of the wounds.
Yogi Bhajan

Try to realize that there is a built-in cleansing process in your body, like lymph glands, sweat glands, liver cleans your blood, kidneys clean your blood. There are so many cleansing systems in your mechanical body. In your mental body also, there is a huge vastness of consciousness, which cleanses you always, always, and forever if you want it.
Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga is an individual conscious cleansing process. As person you have to know with your emotion, with your feelings, with your security and insecurity, your commotions, and your imagination. If I take all that away from you and do not give you intelligence, intuition, knowledge and consciousness, then I am doing the worst of all to you. The Law of the Vacuum is, there is no vacuum. So the process is, slowly and gradually, you become more aware, more intelligent, more intuitive.
Yogi Bhajan

Understand what meditation is. At that time repeat Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru. That’s meditation. Meditation is not closing your eyes and feeling blessed and good and all that. I don’t know who says this. I have never understood that that can be a meditation anywhere. It’s a mental cleansing  process by self-will and whatever the garbage of the day is, it must pass through as negative and you must cut it with a mantra and make it positive.
Yogi Bhajan

Meditation is your first habit. Every human should meditate to keep the mind clean. Meditation is nothing but cleansing the mind through a process. You will take a bath so that you may not stink, but if you don’t take a bath and you put on cologne, you will stink differently. Meditation is the cleansing of the mind so that mind can tell you who you are.
Yogi Bhajan

Clean the body, yes, we take a bath one, two, three times a day. How many times do you meditate to clean the mind? You take a bath to clean the body; you meditate to clean the mind. There is nothing more to it.
Yogi Bhajan

The art of meditation is very simple: to clean your mind. The wheel of life has two sides to it, body and mind. And soul is the axle on which it goes on and on. We meditate because we want a clear mind. A clear mind can give you intuition and intuition can let you know the cause and effects. For the effects you don’t want to face, you drop the cause. You can’t drop the effect.
Yogi Bhajan

You are supposed to remain you, come what may. That is the actual strength of your mind when it is clean and clear.
The Mind by Yogi Bhajan

We have the fastest and the most wonderful power—our own mind. It can take us to God. It can take us to ourselves. It can take us deep into our self or far out into the universe. When clean and open the mind can do anything that we want.
The Mind by Yogi Bhajan