The body is constantly working to be in balance, to be in homeostasis. If we allow this to happen, by relaxing and realigning through aware yogic poses, we can feel immediately lighter, more at ease, more flexible, freer and overall ready to flow with life and enjoy it deeply!

More about how the body does this, in yogic terms, scientific terms and everyday analogies.

Our kriya will support this, as will our specific kundalini yoga meditation!


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Beginners class: tonight, Tuesday 7:30-9:00pm. Beginners-intermeditate: Thursday 7:00 -8:30 pm and Sunday 4:00- 5:30pm. All welcome!

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Sat Nam and much gratitude for this moment, you, the world, and all that is!!!!



Warm greetings ย to you!

From a purely scientific perspective, we know that the body is constantly keeping incredible balance on literally countless levels throughout the day and night. From keeping the body temperature at its usual, to raising it when a bacteria or virus colony has invaded to allow the immune system to function at its peak, to brining in and out fluids to keep the cells perfectly hydrated, to the incredible extraction of micronutrients from the food we consume, to transporting and storing this wherever needed, to literally rebuild the entire body on average every 7 years! Sometimes I wonder how the body manages that with what some humans seem to eat. And yet there it is!

That and the countless biochemicals communicating throughout the body, sending the right messages so that a male remains male, and a female female for example … this is a supremely fine tuned system… fighting invaders and also eliminating any cells that seem to have become unhealthy (or cancerous)…. this is what happens every single moment. Skin, hair, all organs, your skeletal and muscular system .. wow!!!

And the communication via the neuronal system!

The brain is so complex it is studied and studied and more and more new discoveries are made constantly. As you know, science now sees that we rewire the brain with our thinking!
And that our thoughts affect our DNA! This can be found on an easy google search like “epigenetics” and ย “neuroplasticity”.

The body is a total pro at this stuff usually. We just challenge it by not giving it the rest it needs to know it is ‘repair’ time… for when we remain stressed, the body’s innate intelligence thinks we are in a potential fight or flight situation, and hence will keep its energy ready for that, rather than fixing some hair follicle for example .. hence perhaps the hair loss that comes with too much stress for some…

We also inhibit this by certainย eating and drinking consciousness and by whether we nourish the body with suitable exercise/movement too.

This all becomes obvious the more we tune in with our yogic practice.

So next for the yogic perspective and where kundalini comes into it .. notice the above image as an illustration for this …

Yogically we stretch .. we open the meridians … we create suppleness by breathing into and out of the body consciously … we practice allowing the body to open further with the rhythmic movements of kundalini yoga style breath and asana combination. This is highly effective and tunes you into the flow and softness … and ultimately into the realisation of your spacious nature … thoughts may come and go, you use the mantra to release and go deeper …

We learn to relax. and become conscious so we can stay calm for longer periods in our days.

You learn to harness the power of prana/breath, and to breathe deeply and consciously into your divine vessel, connecting with it, co-creating as one … and beautiful, natural self healing takes place.

From this,ย everything else of course benefits: your mind, your skin, your organs..
When you look at the energy diagram at the top of this newsletter, you can see the channels of Ida and Pingala swirling up the spine… forming the chakras which affect how you experience life, literally, as they are centres of consciousness. This is what kundalini yoga is based on, and works directly to balance!

I LOVE combining my background as a scientist, researching into immunology/biochemistry for a cure for cancer with now this brilliant yogic science which shows the yogis have understood it all, and in kundalini yoga, within a kriya, every aspect of your wellbeing is enhanced- including every chakra system, all biological systems, the brain, mind and your consciousness … including pranic body, radiant body, arc lines, mental bodies and auric field for example just for starters … ah and let’s not ย forget all the glandular systems, for example pituitary, pineal and thyroid etc.ย 

Hence people who do yoga usually look and feel younger, can relax consciously and meditate deeply. They can take on more tasks, without falling apart.

Kundalini yoga is designed to take you into deep meditation after the kriya work. It assists you to reach the stillness that is already there, within you. Here you are one, at peace, clear and simply present.

Everything is flow and energy balancing itself out constantly … everything is balancing, dancing, moving. Allow yourself to become softer so flow is easier … If you are stuck, feel free to ask me before or after class, or book in for a private session to have further personal guidance and self empowerment.
Of course everyone knows this classical, ancient symbol of balance… alignment … and what one could call the law of life itself …

So perhaps contemplate where you may wish to create more balance in your body, mind or relationship with yourself and others. Allow the flow of natural alignment, which is experienced as ease and grace, to guide you.

Sat Nam!
Sabine Abnashjot