Warm greetings dear Yogis!

This newsletter will be shorter and factual about this week’s work. I am truly really looking forward to sharing two kriyas and a potent meditation set with you!!! My challenge is to stick to the 1.5 hours!!!

Let me begin:

I wish to begin with the description of our three stage meditation:

Meditation for the embodiment. 

Exercise 1 will powerfully cleans out the subconscious mind. Your whole body must shake with the power of the navel movement.
Exercise 2 puts pressure on the third and fourth vertebrae. Practising this daily can give you the spirit to conquer death.
Exercise 3 cleans the subconsciously mind through stimulating the pituitary gland (responsible for intuition and projection)

Now for the kriya:

Reserve Energy Kriya:
To tap the reserve flow of the kundalini energy in your body, you can activate the sexual energy in exercise 1, the navel in 2 and 3, and move that energy up the spine in exercise 4. During exercise 4, the thyroid gland is stimulated and opens circulation to the upper brain as the head turns left and right.

This clears your thinking and adds energy to the will. 

The last exercises charge and strengthen your electromagnetic field and stabilise the new energy state you have created.

This set gives you extra resistance to the fluctuations of the environment. 

Varuyas Kriya (just one potent amazing pose!):

This kriya will make you sweat if you do it fully. You may also notice a burning sensation in the cheeks. The practise and perfection of this kriya is said to optimise the responsiveness of the pituitary secretion, regulate excessive sexual energy, and increase general immunity to disease. 

It tests the nerve strength and balances the magnetic field of the body. If you don’t want to be shaky when you are older, this is an excellent practise to start as early as possible.

This kriya helps to circulate the ‘vital juices’ , the ojas, into a form that can be used to maintain your entire nervous system.

So? Are you ready? I am. Deeply!!!

With oceans of gratitude to the great masters before us, offering us this gift beyond mental comprehension.

Please book into class using the booking system link below.

Keep taking good care of yourself, be kind to yourself, love yourself totally.

Sat Nam! Wahe Guru!
Sabine Abnashjot

From my heart to yours:

Always love yourself, the divinity you are, so unique.

Only with true self love can you shine and give and receive highest love, before that you are not receptive, blind to it in ways, feel unworthy of it, and you may unconsciously sabotage it.

Set yourself free from within your divine innocent heart within. Peel back the layers of perception and mind to see this.

Kundalini is all about supporting this potently.
This includes knowing what is serving you and what resonates, and as you change, your outer world changes with you ..

You are strong and clear to discern, you can see through love, the truth… and this can mean to walk away from things/situations/persons. This can be in highest service to yourself and the other. Love is not to stay where you are not feeling the connection or mutual alignment.

The current dynamic either dissolves away, or it improves in response to your shift, or new energy in the form of loving presence comes into your life…

With a greater matching frequency for you in this moment.