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The deep dive has been amazing … and continues …

.. and you can always join us anytime!

Sat Nam dear Yogis!

This August newsletter has many sharings, news and inspired ideas within it .. so digest and nourish yourself gradually and enjoy … you will soon find another  YouTube on my channel “Inspired Matrix” for diving deeper into our chakra journey so far… plus a new free gift I am offering (see below) – full of inspired joy- at all classes! (button below).

And a few special dates to put in your diary, if it has space!
And THANK you ALL who have offered great sharing on your amazing journey, so deep and such great release and elevation!I appreciate your sharing! Feel free to share as a Google Review or a Facebook Review too, if you feel inclined! Thank you in advance!

So in case you’re busy and just want the specifics and dates, let me dive into the dates for diaries first, then after this section, go into more elaborate information. If you have any questions, simply click REPLY to this newsletter and I will reply asap.

  • Our dinner get-together after our chakra series finish: Sunday 1st of September from 6pm onwards @the Cinnamon Club The Parade, just a 4 minute walk from yoga class. Please RSVP if you wish to attend.
  • August 22nd (Thursday) and 25th (Sunday) AURA cleaning and expansion class. Please – if you have any- wear whites of natural fabric .. as close to it as possible … it is an amazing experience as this expands your field.
  • Please bring  (for aura classes) a small glass jar (or plastic ) for the aura class/es – because I wish to gift you wish a sample of an amazing natural body scrub for aura cleansing.
  •  A NEW and INSPIRED IDEA – And Free Gift to you and me, which I actioned straight away last Thursday: After each class I will stay for 30 minutes and we can sit together (those of you who wish to), to ask questions  or share experiences. This is to give you immediate feedback/support/answers to questions, plus to enhance our community, as we sit in a little circle together after class for just 30 minutes for now – this may increase to a longer women’s community circle meeting.
  • A very special weekend class coming up- a spiritual  heavenly artform of contemplation and getting closer within through VEIL painting. It is very beautiful, etheric and created by Rudolf Steiner. Nobody teaches to the public in South Australia as fas as I know. I have searched for years. We are blessed to have Madonna visit us from Victoria to hold this beautiful workshop on the 22nd and 23rd of September from 10am -5pm. At The beautiful St Davi’s church, Burnside (on Glynburn Road). All materials provided. You will take home 2 pieces of art of your own spiritual dimension. The equipment is specialised and if you wish to pursue this divine art form (I certainly will) then you can request to buy your own equipment.

EARLY bird is available. See details below!

  • On that Sunday the 23rd (when we have the veil painting workshop), our usual kundalini yoga class is moved from 4pm to 7pm staring time as an exception.
  • On Sunday the 8th, after our Sunday class I am going to hold a 2 hour workshops on how to make YOUR OWN personalised, take home AURA cleansing spray! It will be sooo fun and so great!!! I provide the essential oils, bottles and labels! Feel free to ask any questions you have about essential oils then too! More details below.
  • On September 26th we start the amazing series of: The 10 light bodies of consciousness! More details below!
  • Anyone who is interested in being a potential volunteer for some of my sleep studies as part of my PHD, do please email me back, so I know to approach you with the details.
  • I just realised Thursday the 15th of August and  Sunday the 14th of September are classes on a FULL MOON! So we shall additionally connect with  this powerful energetic with specific kundalini yoga kriya and meditation for harnessing full moon energies of transformation.
Also another SPECIAL CLASS  – next week the 8th of August, (Thursday) when we are diving deep into our third eye, Ajna chakra centre, we also have the 888 lion’s gate vibrational energies! Many  people will be tuning into this particular point of time and its gifts!

The opening of the Lions Gate Portal is a wonderful and supported  opportunity to awaken into new frequencies within yourself, and to shift into a higher consciousness at an accelerated rate.  If you tap into the energetic potential of this yearly portal it can open new portals within yourself.⁠

The number 8 represents energy, abundance and harmony between both the material and etheric /pure vibrational energy worlds. Additionally if you turn it on it’s side you get the symbol of infinity. It is said that infinite abundance and energy are available for us if we tune ourselves into this harmonious frequency.

As you know, you create our own reality on your deepest levels, and to release fear based patterns is easy at such times, enabling you to enjoy your  higher frequency. This will help you attract the prosperity that is always available for you once you open up to it!⁠

  • Burnside Ballroom meditation is just $2 and every Thursday from 1-2pm. Amazing group of over 40 divine beings, diving deep, learning and enjoying and laughing and feeling better each time. I LOVE to teach as much as I can about what I am aware of, to uplift, empower and support our individual journeys as one.
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Amazing images by Madonna our teacher of VEIL painting! It is a heavenly, soulful art! Etheral and not taught in Adelaide, hence I personally invited Madonna to teach us – cause I deeply wish to enjoy this art form. If you check my Pinterest and our fb page, you will find more Amazing  examples of what you can create with this truly magical form of spiritual art.
Spiritual Art Workshop – highly compatible with kundalini yoga – VEIL painting

Nourish your whole being over a weekend to yourself – as you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of colour.

Experience the health-bringing effects of developing an intimate and personal relationship with the beings of colour.

This weekend immersion and mini retreat is a deep privilege, as Madonna travels from Melbourne to teach us the art of veil painting. Examples are posted in this link/invite below. This art form is not taught in South Australia to the general public, so I am deeply excited to offer this to you here!!!

You can find out more about our teacher Madonna below.

Together we will dive deeply into the world of colour through colour meditation, observation and water colour painting. Whether an experienced painter or someone who has never imagined themselves picking up a paint brush, this workshop will enrich your inner life and lead you into a world of awakening.

You will explore the technique of veil painting: a beautiful, soft, spiritually-inspired art-form that gently counters the harshness of modern life. You will experience the deeply nourishing effect of pure colour overlaid in sheer layers (veils), working slowly and meditatively to gradually build depth and dynamism on the paper. Witness the social activity of the colours as they come into conversation with each other on the page, and feel the wonder of being invited into their world.

Both days will be quite full, enriching and transformative and you will find it most helpful if you are able to create some quiet space for yourself in the evenings to digest and reflect.

I am delighted to be sharing this work with you and look forward to our time together.

All art materials provided. You will create 2 pieces of personal contemplative art.

Please bring a shared vegetarian lunch for both days.

Refreshments and drinks e.g. tea, water, light refreshments and juice provided!

You will be held in sacred space in a divine, creative environment, to express, share, contemplate according to your unique way and needs. St David’s church, Glynburn Road, in Burnside, which is beautiful, is warm, light-filled and spaceous!

About Madonna:
“Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself: my name is Madonna Holmes.

I am an experienced teacher with both state and Waldorf (Steiner) training. For more than 20 years I have been teaching in primary schools, both public and private, throughout Melbourne, Australia, and I love to teach.

In recent years my teaching has branched out from the role of classroom generalist into the area of painting. I have fulfilled the role of painting teacher in Anthroposophic settings in Australia and in China, where I have taught in a number of Steiner Kindergarten Teacher Training centres as well as fulfilling the role of assistant and support teacher in an Anthroposophic Painting Therapy training.

I am constantly inspired by the privilege it is to support others in their striving toward new thresholds in their personal, spiritual and artistic development, and am thrilled by every new opportunity to bring alive the spirits of light, darkness and colour through working with watercolour and charcoal.”

This will be a workshop for anyone who is willing to explore their artistic nature further, men and women are invited, couples discount available!

Early bird and concession available, please see details below:

For further information please comment on this invitation or message me on sabine@kundalinistudio.com.au or M: 0424029032.

Early bird: Bookings before 22nd of August: $50 discount!!

This is a two day workshop/ creative art contemplation of a spiritual and contemplative nature! A rare offering!
If you love the art-form and wish to buy the equipment to further paint in your own home, you can ask Madonna about purchasing your own equipment that you use during class (all is brand new for the classes, and custom made)

Regular fee is: $360
Concession: $310

Bookings are via direct transfer to
Kundalini Studio
BSB 105 086
Account 053 430 240
Please text/email your screen shot of payment to register.

Remember: Early bird: Bookings before 22nd of August: $50 discount!!

Take out time for yourself to dive deep into your flow, introspection and the world of colour …. to inspire and guide you at the start of Spring and elevate you into Summer with increased awareness, harmony and joy! You will have your own artistic expression to take home! I am sure it will be divinely beautiful! Letting your heart and soul paint…. bliss … the true you!

This is a true gift from YOUR heart and soul to YOUR heart and soul!

So in Summary:

Date/Time: Saturday & Sunday 10 am-5pm. This is a two day immersive experience of self care & self-discovery/retreat.

Venue: St David’s Church Glynburn Road, Burnside
Contact: sabine@kundalinistudio.com.au or message on this invitation
M: 0424 029 032

Early bird: before and including 22nd of August – $50 discount

Regular fee: $360
Concession $310

This is priceless. And you cannot learn this anywhere in South Australia.

It will be nurturing and deeply transformative through meditative contemplation and the world of colour and water on paper … your unique creation. Soul art! ♥

Couples discount: $20 off each registration as a couple/mother daughter/husband/wife etc.

How to make your own personalised, uplifting, healing aura spray with pure essential oils

In this workshop on Sunday the 8th of September 6-8pm (after kundalini yoga class, in the same venue) you will learn more about the essential oils, their amazing diverse ways of supporting us emotionally and spiritually and ways of using for your highest good, in deep sacred respect and creative co-creative joy.

All supplied! Just bring a snack if you feel you may need something after yoga or during this time.

I will supply the blue glass spritzer bottles, labels and of course the essential oils, emulsifier and water!

Bring all your questions and enjoy this creative time together.

You can book in via the kundalini studio app, or by emailing me to let me know of your intent of joining us.

A few new yogis that joined us for the chakra series as their first exposure to our kundalini yoga classes were asking:
What do you teach when the chakra series are done? Wondering  and asking me about what happens in classes after that specifically …

Currently we are enjoying the deep dive into each chakra centre of consciousness, so the focus is to relate to one each week, while balancing our entire being. This will still continue, for example when we do a kriya for our immune system, we automatically are dealing with the heart chakra, air, lungs, arms etc as we discussed in our series. We may have a class for our adrenal glands (base and second chakra), or our pituitary gland (third eye), or an OVERALL kundalini rising class … all kriyas are WHOLE and benefit you in so many more ways than just one aspect, it is always deep. Body, emotion, psychology, spiritual. Hence to amazing!

Also coming up is another themed series for which I’ll be offering a discount if you commit to the series… to reward YOUR COMMITMENT and to encourage your regular self care.  … besides the next series of a deep dive into the 10 light bodies of consciousness, we always have a theme and context. More subtle but equally as powerful as the pure chakra focus.

Each class will harmonise your chakras and work on your elevation. Check out the hand outs we have in class to learn more; they are at the tables at the wall of the space.

Feel free to join us on facebook, where I have posted some ‘lives’ to discuss what we are about to enjoy in class … you can do this by connecting with my personal fb account or our fb page, links are below (a button).

Here is an excerpt about kundalini yoga, and this could be an essay of 1 million words – if we wished to begin to dive into the infinite detail of this yoga!
Kundalini Yoga is the supreme technology to awaken your awareness and take you into your original self. It is a natural unfolding of your own nature.

With Kundalini yoga you gain a stronger immune system, stronger vital glands (hormonal axis), a stronger nervous system, healthy circulation, and a deep awareness of the impact of your habits. You will have a deeper, more restful sleep and gain more energy and clarity through your inner development.

We work directly with the life-force, prana, to re-channel for ultimate health and balance of the nervous system and the energy vortices called chakras, which determine the nature in which you experience life!

You can learn to transcend and transform your subconscious habit of self-belittlement ( self sabotage) so you can expand and experience that your mind has an infinite horizon!

I post newsletters on our fb page and on our website www.kundalinistudio.com.au on the blog.

Keep shining brightly! You are amazing!!!

Blessings always, Sabine

Remember: You truly have ALL you need within you, go within more deeply, breathe consciously to reconnect, honour your true heart-centred self, feel it all, be grounded with the pelvic floor lock and belly breathing and feeling your feet … ( we talk about this in class always) … and KNOW this moment is perfect, even if it feels hard – it is temporary and you have infinite potential, and as you raise your frequency through self care, doing what makes tour soul dance in joy, journalling, breathing consciously, doing kundalini yoga weekly (this is what keeps me truly centred and even if challenges become overwhelming, I can see that, relax and just nurture myself and go from there…) it REALLY works, powerfully so! So remember change is uncomfortable most times, because the unconscious mind sees it as a threat to safely and security as predictability is reduced – but that feeling is short lived and only scary from the old established rigid ego state .. your soul has plans for you that are far faaar faaaaaarrrrr  higher than your ego … it is so creative and infinite …. let’s look at it this way .. it is an integration of healthy ego with divine inner self .. and hence nothing is truly lost, it (ego limitation) is just not your master anymore, but YOU (all that you are, way beyond the ego self) are the observer and master of all that you respond and take action upon… to truly shine your incredible light!!!!

As you shift into your self-realisation and personal JOY , you will inspire others to feel free to also do so … and that is the highest way to serve the world … I feel. Sooooo celebrate when you’re uncomfortable … cause it’s an awesome sign that great change is happening .. and as you move into this embrace, keep connected with your divine self and take amazing action .. knowing there is no perfection, only divine creativity flowing … and you know that  it represents GREAT things!!! Sat Nam!
Sabine Abnashjot

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