Balance and Integration

There is so much information about this out there in the world… we all know it is they key to a rich, creative, wonderful, inspired, positive life experience … we all wonder how to create that balance, and we all lose it and find it … at least somewhat.

So here comes my version of my concept of what integration and balance means, how to achieve it, and how/why kundalini yoga can assist you greatly with this.

Firstly let’s take a moment to relax, completely, right now. Things are as they are. Accept. Allow. Whether you like it or not, you are here. So why fight reality? With this take a deep slow breath in and slowly exhale … really slowly … the slower the greater the benefit upon your nervous system.

So now that we start to accept this moment, in fact, let’s even go so far as to celebrate it. You are here. You made it this far. You are alive! (some people are not that blessed)

You have infinite potential ahead of you. You can save so much energy right now, by not adding stress and tension by resisting. As you relax, your higher creative self comes into action and offers you solutions you could not even dream of before that.

In the stress state, or fight or flight state, creativity is less evident. You are relying more on past experience to safe your life so-to-speak. The mind perceives that there is no time for creative new ideas. So you run on adrenaline and old habits that have you exactly where you are right now.

So relax. Open up to the infinite knowing beyond the programmed rational mind …

That is how I see it.

And kundalini yoga totally empowers this. It helps you be aware of your inner stillness. To be in touch with that infinite self. To use consciousness in the highest way. From that your way of seeing the world and interacting with it, completely changes from feeling controlled, trapped, restricted to feeling your inner freedom (which becomes outer freedom), empowerment, divinity, spark and joy for all that is …

Isn’t that what we all want?

We think that the new partner, or new house, or job or something will offer this deep and stable inner balance, groundedness and happiness – but it cannot and will never. Only temporarily for a short time, seemingly, yes.

If you want to shift and change your life, open up to this … the shakti or kundalini energy within is the most potent life force there is. It is directed by your breath and awareness … It is transformative and truly empowering.

Remember: everything is energy/consciousness. Your consciousness is how you see the world, and what is mirrored back to you. It is the source of what you call your life. And much of it is unconscious. We operate deeply on old unconscious habits until we awaken to this. These keep us trapped, like on a repeat cycle.

What are your repeat cycles?

So you are affecting your energy field/chakras every moment  anyway, through thoughts, food, habits… so why do it unconsciously and not in a directed and aware way? … You are so powerful! I cannot understand why anyone would chose to remain unconscious … and yet in the dance of life and consciousness this too is part of it. And ok. Everything is consciousness …

Well this is it for me for now …

So in summary:

  • Accept this moment
  • Release the stress (heavy energy drain) of resisting it
  • Allow the new influx of energy from this to offer you ease
  • Open to your infinite creativity that can be taped through this relaxed state.
  • Allow it to guide you, inspire you and watch your life integrate, balance and flourish!
  • Breathe consciously … conscious breath equals conscious life. Life becomes richer, mire divine with conscious breath awareness.

In class I’ll be teaching many tools towards this. Like the square breath, Kirtan Kriya (SA TA NA MA), kriyas for hormonal and chakra balance. When your chakras are balanced, your life is magnificent. Often these kriyas need to be practised for 40 days at a minimum to get the full effect, although as you know, just once a week in class it very potent.

If you wish for a home practise tailored to you specifically, contact me.

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Sat Nam!!!!!

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A persons energy can tell you more about them than their words.
You are human and divine. Your human troubles help you discover your divine nature.

—  Mooji