Warm greetings dear Yogis!

For some reason I am super excited for this week … a burst of immense joy and bubbliness poured through my being as I was guided by my inner stillness regarding the theme and hence kriya and meditation for the classes ….

Do you get tension headaches, or tightness in your neck and feel just tight and hence not in the flow …? Our kriya is here to exactly release that, PLUS work to strengthen your commitment to your self, your truth and empowering that self alignment with powerful will of inner centredness!!!!

How great is that??? To do a yoga sequence for that outcome of mental strength, to support you in your life!!!!!!?

Our meditation is also incredible, I have never taught it before, as there are so many, but this week is the divine timing for this one!!!

This meditation potently balances your nervous system. And you KNOW that everything you do is related to the health of your nervous system!! 

Nothing is better than this meditation practise for your Sushumna Nadi and the Central Nervous System. It will bring elaborate changes in an individual who practises it. 

Yogi Bhajan quote around this meditation:

There is nothing quick in this world. Pay off your karma gracefully – the Divine shall help you. Have no doubt, no duality: YOU ARE THE INCARNATION OF GOD. Every mind has the possibility of expanding to Infinity.

Below is more info on what I offer and what’s happening with kids yoga, adult meditation, worshops, our upcoming retreat and more … like our Himalayan Ayurvedic Kundalini Yoga retreat. There are still spaces left, and I have kept it open for yogis I personally know, and not advertised internationally yet. But will possibly do that after June. We had 20 spaces and now only 7 spaces left. Flights go up significantly as this is the holiday season (December), so if you wish to join us, for an glorious transformative journey, now will suit finances better than later ;-). In fact flights can actually fill up and we won’t be able to fly together and potentially good flights flights from Australia to Delhi can be fully booked up by the middle of the year. It is true. And then only business and first class are left.

See you in class.. a safe, silent, meditative environment to go deeply into yourself and remember who you truly are!

Oceans of love!!!
Abnashjot (Sabine)
M:0424 029 032

Info for you:

My new app is birthed/launched and LIVE  since April !! It is FREE for you!

It makes booking in easier. Do check it out in your app store!
Simply search for kundalini studio or click the appropriate link below.

There is a ‘phantom’ class every Sunday after 6pm, for clicking to pay a yoga class that you couldn’t book in in time – so a post yoga class payment option.


Links are: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fitnessmobileapps.kundalinistudio


Let me know your thoughts!

If you have any question, simply reply to this newsletter!
I love your replies!

Other news:

  • Our Himalayan retreat is filling up and will be so so awesome! If you are interested, read below and let me know! Flights are still quite good, but they go up unpredictably every week now.
  • I am offering donation based (just gold coin which goes to charity) community meditation and stretching classes at Burnside community centre every Thursdays 1:10-1:50pm. Awesome space and energy!!!! Geared towards corporates (so you can attend in your work clothes) and anyone curious or even afraid of meditation … I make it easy, accessible and joyful!
All welcome, no previous experience needed, and just gold coin donation toward community funding! Bring your parents, but you must book in via the Burnside Community Centre, 401 Greenhill Road, Tusmore. It is geared towards absolute beginners and the elderly. Phone: 83664230 (you may be put on hold though, as they are very busy usually) or book in by letting me know.
  • Early announcement: I am planning on teaching KIDS FUN yoga as a community event – only $5 to cover hall hire! Really it is a free service from my total heart!!! Kids have so much fun and learn about feeling good, self awareness, how to release stress, and how to rest well and being proud of who they are!!!! Parents are welcome to join in!!! Tentative Saturdays from 10-11am BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL – and via myself. Total FUN! And self expression and self  love for kids! This will start in June if I can secure the venue!!! Book in if it resonates!!! By replying to this newsletter or texting me on 0424 029 032.
  • I now offer NLP sessions  and will talk more about this soon, giving talks and maybe youtubes on this… I graduated as an NLP practitioner and Timeline practitioner recently. Awesome stuff!!!! More info etc coming soon!
  • Kundalini Studio is listed on the general MINDBODY app also, for easy bookings, and as you know, a specific Kundalini Studio App is is also launched.
  • We are back in the BALLROOM on Tuesday the 9th of May, if you prefer that venue, put it in your diary now and see you there!!! It is just sooo cosmic there!!!! 
  • Please note: Workshop days have changed: The info in updated form is below!

Thank you all so much for writing to me, I love it, so please keep going, if it feels great for you!

Sat Nam!!!