Blessings to you!

How are you as you are receiving this newsletter? Are you breathing deeply and smoothly, giving yourself the gift of the pranic lifeforce and great wellbeing of that deep conscious breath and hence straight spine? It is so worth it!!! WithSelf Care as a February theme, I will be drawing all our practises and classes into deepening our self care, by listening to our inner wisdom more, writing this information down, and taking action on it.

I will be suggesting simple ways in which you can increase your level of self care and self awareness. Inner congruency, living your divine truth, is the essential ingredient/focus of a fulfilled, radiant life!

Thank you all for your attendance in our recent Christmas fundraiser .. we had I think 40 yogies, special reduced class price as my gift to you, incredible energy and  50%  which made it $ 228 went to Hope Cafe!
What a perfect evening!!!!
Thank you all.
These kinds of events totally bliss me out!
I will be running more soon!
Keep checking the newsletters for dates, or do please get our free kundalini studio app. Other than that check our fb page for updates!

Also I ran a fundraiser chakra balancing class in Melbourne  late last year and $225 went to Backpacks for Kids. An amazing charity!

January has been divine, heavenly, sunny and creative!

Our 3 hour immersions have taken yogis much deeper and the feedback has been amazing!

They were offered as a deepening practise while I was not offering Thursday classes.

The schedule is still not back to our original one until March.

Look out in March for our amazing chakra series, where we delve deeper into each chakra, one per week, while also harmonising all chakra systems. Those special 8 weeks will take us into the end of April.

After that we shall commence the 10 light bodies of consciousness. Possibly that would be in May. These classes really allow us do realise our full potential, on all levels, physically, emotionally, spiritually and on many other subtle levels of consciousness. I simply love it!!!

All classes result in greater & deeper self awareness, chakra harmony and feeling immensely supported in our journey to self-realisation. The divine dance continues!

Special self care workshops are scheduled for February! We start off with a deep dive into hormonal balance for women.
2nd of February 2-5pm 
@ Infinite Yogi in Hazelwood Park

An incredible class teaching you how the chakras affect your endocrine system, and how you can use kundalini yoga technology (chanting, mantra, awareness and postures, kriyas and specific meditations) for chakra health and hence hormonal harmony. Hormones affect your state of being and everything within your body biology! The class will draw on the ways of detoxing, why it helps, and ways to achieve this .. the biology/medical aspect of it! I love to draw on my background of scientist, yogi and naturally a curious human who has done a lot of research and who practises the yogic lifestyle as much as possible.

I love to support and be in alignment with mother earth and my own inner connection to her a and the incredible wisdom we all have therein.
A great class for ladies only. Only 10 places, almost full at this stage. Bookings essential, only $80 and you receive notes. Book in via the kundalini studio app on your phone, or email me to book in directly with me.


Equally as Renee is going to Queensland soon, we decided to run a special workshop for ladies.
Each participant receives a 15 minute heavenly “aromatouch” treatment/massage  – just on the back of your body, along your spine! It is incredible! It elevates your vibration and is potent at shifting out of blockages and creating great wellbeing!!

You also learn about HOW the essential oils can help you to haveincreased self care, such as greater emotional balance, healthy skin care, greater capacity for immune health .. how to meditate deeper, and of course that amazing blessing of bath time therapy for the goddess in you! You will receive a free oil mix just for you and notes!
Just $100
Friday night the 8th of February! 7-9pm
@Infinite Yogi in Hazelwood Park

Spoil yourself just so – or because you’re getting into Valentine’s mode!


FREE Ballroom meditations with me are:
7th & 21st of February
1:10-2:00 pm


I am also offering Sunday 9 am- 10:30  classes besides the 4pm- 5:30 pm classes
@ Infinite Yogi in Hazelwood Park
Our cute home studio

I am also opening Thursday night classes 
7-8:30 pm on ALTERNATE weeks in February:
Thursday the 7th and 21st only.
This will be on the app.

See you soon!!!

In the meanwhile I am attending family, PhD and going to Melbourne every fortnight.
Like I mentioned above, by March I will return to the Clayton Wesley for regular Thursday nights and Sunday sessions.

I really look forward to seeing you soon! I love each and every class I get to teach and share with you!
True inner bliss!

Stay blessed!!!
Feel free to  click ‘return’ and share/discuss your ideas.
Sat Nam and Wahe Guru!


I’m also offering women’s coaching programmes and packages for the year now, which draw on NLP, hypnosis, kundalini yoga and breath-work, plus Russian DNA regenerational healing.

Check out my website (link below) for further information, and if you are curious email me to receive further info on what I offer, pricing, testimonials, and any other questions you may wish answered.

We can chat on the phone also!  Just request a chat by emailing me. Simply reply to this newsletter. Easy!

If you love what I do and you wish for me to come to your corporate environment, do invite me! I have taught corporate level wellbeing! It is amazing! I m happy to chat with your boss or HR manager about this anytime!


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