You are infinite divinity .. breathe in deeply, breathe in this truth ย … slowly exhale, soften and open as you release tensions …repeat … shine brightly! ๐Ÿ™‚
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Warm greetings to you ….”You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”

~ Buddha.

So what does loving yourself mean to you?

You can possibly guess what it is for me? Regular kundalini yoga ~ for it offers me everything … ๐Ÿ™‚ .. including being my own master .. realising the divine within … once this guides you in full awareness, you are boundless, fearless and at home always.

As you know there are many aspects or dimensions to ourselves,ย that when not taken care of, will create suffering instead of alignment and

natural bliss and flow in our lives.

For me I feel so complete and balanced even inย the midst of chaos and movement … deep down I am always awareย and in my centre, regardless of what is happening around me or even through me. This full union with all that is, and yet awareness that I, as Sabine – just like you, as your unique expression of life itself and consciousness – am just an aspect of all that is, within all that is ~ and all that is.This is peace,ย connection and balance … kundalini yoga is theย gift and tool, theย practise, the lifestyle… it offers you everything literally … mostly toย realise your divinity, infinity, and truth; to live it fully and in incredible joy, creativity and love for the world.

In our kundalini yoga classes, we are looking at our Ten Yogic Bodies gradually over the next few months.. they are an amazing exploration into who we are and what is expressed in life. They reveal ย our depth and incredible potential.

You can look at it like exploring yourย digestiveย system and balancing it, yourย respiratory system, your nervous system, your skeletal system etc .. you can enjoy learning and experiencing these and balancing these ….whatever class you attend, you will gain deeper awareness .. trust that whatever class you are drawn to, is perfect for you in that time … we balance the physical body regularly – ย it is the same with your ten yogic bodies. They are all one, and yet you can explore themย separately .. toย empowerย yourself about WHO and WHAT you truly are.

In life we have to take care of all our systems, right? We know about it if we don’t eat well.We know about it if our framework/ skeletal system is out of balance. We definitely knowย when your nervous system is strained … and so do those around us too … And everything affects each other. We can’t separate our lifestyle (e.g dietary choices, or ways ofย relationship, or physical health) from ourย energetic self …ย Everything is energy.

Taking care of each aspect helps you and ensures you live life in healthyย vibrancy on ALLย levels, body, mind and spirit. We take care of theย physicalย body by showering it, and clothing it, grooming it. We train the mind through schooling. We tone the body through exercises.

The spirit or SOULย body affects everything. Why would we ignoreย this powerful and deepest aspect of our being, and offer it so littleย attention in comparison to for exampleย regular daily bodyย showers?

When we honour and balance these aspects, the more physical aspects of our lives naturallyย flow and come intoย balance.

The most powerful tools you have are your BREATHย –ย which isย intimately linked with your degree of inner peace, clarity andย expanded consciousnessย – and your ATTENTION.

Where your ATTENTIONย goes, life energy flows, and your life literally is there, in that moment.ย Learning to channel your attention into positive directions is whatย kundalini yoga is all about.

This week we areย enjoying a kriya and meditation that brings you into deeper awareness and conscious alignment with your soul body. I am sharing more aboutย thisย below to the left …

Please book intoย classes by replying to this newsletter, or texting meย directly, or messaging me onย Facebook, or using my website (a new one is ready to be launched any day now and bookingย will be really easy and much improved for your convenience).ย 

Newsletters are posted my yogaย page and personal page onย Facebook also. ย  You can always explore them there.ย 

In my lastย newsletter I wrote extensively about the Ten Yogic Bodies, whatย they represent in your life.

If you are interested and don’t have this/last week’s ย newsletter, you can request a copy from me, or find it on my Kundalini Yoga Studioย Facebook page:

I would LOVE to see you there, and also communicate with ย you there.

All classes areย back to normal. Thank you for being flexibleย around this, and attending the 4pm class at our re-scheduled 7pm time slot as a once off.

Our Nourishment Day last Sunday was awesome and we are soย privileged to enjoy this sacred work and deepย connection with such amazing women who attended!!!ย Deepestย gratitude and BLISS!!!!!

Much love always. One love!
Namaste Sabine Abnashjot

M:0424 029 032


Booking into Kundalini Yoga class ~ you will see a calendar to the left on my website home page – click on the day of your class and fill in a few questions and done!ย 
Your divine and amazing Soul BodyWhen your Soul Body is in balance and alignment with all that you are (the full Ten Bodies), you are intuitive, creative, sunny, steady, and compassionate for the world & the world’s wellbeing. A true understanding won’t put your heart centre out of balance; you don’t over-give, you don’t live for others and not for yourself; you don’t become a doormat — you’re in a yogic state of balance.

In a SPIRITUAL ย sense, the soul needs attention. It is a paradox of sorts that the one thing you carry beyond this life seems to have the smallest voice in this life when unconscious to it. It is so easy to get caught up in the big, noisy needs of the ego, and to not recognise the inner self .

In a MENTALย sense this is about the balanced awareness of weighing things logically and intellectually, and following your feelings and emotions and heart into a state of fulfilment.

Our emotions are keys to deeper understanding of ourselves. To pay attention to emotions is essential and links you with the soul body’s messages. You must experience this through the heart centre and intuitive self.

PHYSICALLYย this is achieved by tuning in to the body. If you are not tuning into the messages of the physical body, you are missing out on important signals from your Soul Body. Your body is your BEST FRIEND. The signs and warnings are important to be aware of, from the start.

Your negative ego will try to omit this, and try to keep the intuitive and sensitive awareness in the background and have you marching on regardless. Your Soul Body communicates through these signs physically and through your intuition and heart centred awareness.

If you are ready to rejuvenate and deeply connect with your own divinity, and you love the idea of the land of the Gods, Bali, lush, heavenly surroundings, beautiful soul centred locals, incredible healthy nourishing food, massage, healing dance, daily kundalini yoga and meditation and yoga nidra (deep complete and conscious relaxation), plus daily should bath .. exploring sacred sites, meeting Balinese healers… and much more (art, diaries, swimming, chakra balances etc) .. then you are still in time – a few spaces are still left.ย You will be held in a divine sanctuary, beauty all around .. you will be supported,ย guided and nourished by three women living their passion which we share with you.ย 

Dates: July 8-13th 2015

Contact us on 0424 029 032ย 
And enjoy our Sacred Woman website:ย 

How to get the most out of your kundalini yoga sessions with me:

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class starting time.
  • Bring your own mat, blanket, pillow and water to really take best care of your unique needs; it is easy if you keep your gear in the car always. It is better hygiene if you have your own mat, plus greater commitment to practising yoga regularly. You can get amazing mats online or in sports shops.
  • Set an intention before arriving by contemplating about your current priorities. You can use intention setting as a powerful tool to release old habits or to bring in new ways of being. The group energy supports this enormously! Set your intent in a “now” state, as if it is happening now. Paint the image in your mind, and FEEL how you would feel with this already fulfilled. Then let go and trust, without clinging.
  • Have only very little in your tummy. If you need food, see if you can have it latest an hour or so before class, and perhaps something light, like fruit or a bit of yoghurt, or coconut water .. it will sustain you and keep you hydrated in a great way full of electrolytes. Yoga is best on an almost empty stomach.
  • See the yoga time as a time to connect with yourself, to empower yourself, and to realise that all people in your life will benefit from your yoga practise, as you vibrate high and have great self-care, others will learn from you, be inspired and also see these benefits .. and as your vibration rises, so does the world’s naturally. As you take care of yourself, you can offer more love, depth and creative joy into others lives.
  • Communicate with me if you have questions or experiences: experiences can be incredible joy, or wishing to stay within, or the mind becoming noisier as it is seen for what it is .. I have a fair bit of experience and am here to reassure you and to share tips and awareness with you in how this process of raising the kundalini manifests and works. It is unique for everyone, and there are common points we all share on the seeming journey. I am here to share and support in yogicย ways.
  • Let me know if finances are challenging or if you changed to going back to studies (concession) – I truly honour this and invite you to talk openly with me about this.
  • If you wish to include some of our work at home, talk with me, we can create a home practise to anchor your practise. This can be uniquely tailored to you completely. If you wish for a 15 minute or 1 hour practise .. if you wish to work through a specific challenge (addiction, relationship, breathwork, toning, increase awareness training, stress release, better sleep, spinal adjustment, hormonal balance, immune system boosting,ย emotionalย challenges etc), if you wish for a general practise.. there are infinite possibilities.
  • Offer me feedback of how you are going and what you are experiencing and if there are certain things youย wish to hear more about, or learn moreย about.