Including the theme of surrender into the divinity that you are, this week we are going to enjoy a powerful technique to deep peace and a kundalini meditation to clear emotions from the past that affect you negatively in this life.
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Warm greetings dear Yogis, 

this week continues with practises and ways to surrender into who you truly are, and hence into ease and joy and flow. It is an absolute joy and pure love! 

There is a meditation and kriya to clear chakras and to go into deep state of peace – and another precise i am guided to teach this week that helps to release past hurts and emotions associated with it. 

It will be amazing, as this grace flows so deeply for us all. 

Please join us for free yogi tea (chai) and bring your own mug. 

Also please check our sacred women’s soul retreat website: 

We are offering a Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat in October, over the long weekend. If you wish to immerse into yourself more deeply, shed old patterns, and reconnect to your soul in an environment of sacred sound, dance, yoga and all women, then this is for you! It will be Fiona, Ahilya and myself facilitating this retreat in an eco-lodge in the Inman Valley. 

Absolutely sublime, modern, eco and you will enjoy healthy vegetarian food, juices, nature walks, art release, meditation, relaxation, dance, chakra balance, and sound bath healing. It is an amazing way to delve deep, release and rejuvenate on all levels. 

For more information and bookings, our website is:
Also In September we have International Kundalini Musician and teacher Jai-Jagdeesh coming to our studio in Norwood for an authentic voice workshop, and a concert! She is amazing! 

Please check here to book.!

Our CURE for BRAIN CANCER with Kundalini Yoga was wonderful and we thank each one of you who attended and who donated! We raised over $1600 !!! We are still having last minute sales and donations and hence don’t have the exact figures yet! 

THANK YOU ALL SO DEEPLY!!!!!!!!! It was pure bliss !!


When we surrender and soften into our heart, life unfolds in miraculous ways. Doors open that could not even be seen before. Grace flows, wisdom inherent in us all rises into awareness. This allowing and opening also moves the kundalini energy, balances the flow through the chakras, and hence offers a wholesome experience of life; integrated and balanced, vibrant, deep and conscious. In surrender we open up to infinite possibilities which we could not see when restricted to the boundaries of the ego-mind. 

In the NOW we can be inside totality, to be expanded within it and sense the vastness within. The freedom and peace and knowing within. Then the external dance through the physical embodiment takes on a new dimension.

This is also something that can remain unrealised due to unconsciously held beliefs. With our kriya and breath of fire we release this depending on your readiness. 

You are fully supported in your journey of readying the physical body to hold this new energy and to embrace a deeper connection to yourself and hence all of life. 

Right now, notice the support of the body from the chair, couch or floor beneath you … realise the breath happening, opening the chest  … allow the shoulders to relax more … soften your face gently … and allow the breath to become deeper and slower … ever so slightly … note the shift in awareness … enjoy … 

Much joy and blessings 🙂

See you in class when and if you are resonating. I know it takes courage to be open to yourself, and to see the limitations, fears, hurts that want to stay there tucked away. It is all your perfect divine timing. Trust it. Talk with me if you need ideas, guidance, support or just be heard. I am there for you in my utmost capacity. Reach me after class, or by phone or email, or arrange a time. 

Bless yourself! Place your hands on your heart and bless yourself right now. Left hand on heart, right hand over the 10th gate (crown).. Like we did in class last week!If you can, vibrate “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo”. Pour the blessings into you, receive them and walk in radiance and knowing of the divinity in you. 

Sabine Abnashjot

M:0424 029 032