Corporate Kundalini Yoga

There is much information and research showing, ( health and fitness is a growing priority and a significant contributor to work productivity, employee satisfaction, stress-reduction and increased overall physical and emotional health; and in particular it has been clearly demonstrated that many workplaces are now actively open and engaged in connecting work productivity and employee health by affiliating with a gym or most naturally as an extension to in house yoga (this is a huge trend in America) (, and gaining significantly positive outcomes from this . The benefits of in-house yoga, over gym membership is twofold; firstly employees save time, in not having to leave the office, secondly the benefits of yoga are of body, mind, and spirit, creating deep rejuvenation and deep relaxation. The National Yoga survey, conducted under the umbrella of RMIT University, Melbourne in 2006 ( reveals many positive statistics, such as yoga being on the rise among many choices for physical activities, and continued attendance due to not just physical benefits, but the emotional wellbeing that is often experienced and valued as well.

Corporate Yoga

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Health benefits of yoga have been extensively studied, and many studies continue to be undertaken, helping people see the benefits of yoga. In this particular Australian study it was found that there was an overall 95% of conditions that had improved through yoga practise.  There is an important final quote in the study to be aware of: The Mental Health Foundation of Australia says: “One in five of us will experience depression at some time in our life. Unfortunately, only about 20% of depressed people are correctly diagnosed because depression can mask itself as physical illness (such as chronic pain, anxiety, sleeplessness or fatigue). Depression can contribute to, and be caused by many physical illnesses. The World Health Organisation has concluded that by 2010, depression will be the world’s major health problem”. Enhancing wellbeing in the workplace, where we spend most of our time, is a powerful way to increase work-satisfaction, colleague relationship harmony and overall productivity, significantly reducing sick-days-off. It can aid in reducing the possibility of stress induced depression.  This is due to the rejuvenating, calming and energising effects of kundalini yoga, and the powerful re-balancing effects it has upon the nervous and endocrine system. Clarity of thought is enhanced, through increased capacity to focus for longer time periods; and innumerable health benefits are received at the same time.