Warm greetings to you!!!!

It is so exciting, enjoyable and cosmic to be doing kundalini yoga outdoors … so this Saturday is in Bridgewater, just ten minutes up the freeway … 2 Silver Street … in among a mini forest of birch trees (oh bliss!!!!!!!!!), by a romanic little lake .. on grass in the dappled morning shade …honestly like a quaint fairy garden … the energy in the air totally heavenly … and it looks a scene in a dreamy movie!!!

If you join us, let me know .. take down my phone number in case you need to reach me. As you drive into Silver street, park immediately, without descending down the road much .. I’ll guide you by foot to the magical spot from there ..

More details below in the section below.
The following week we are at the beach!!!

Inspiration spontaneously written through me, right now for YOU reading it:

Recognise yourself as holy, divine and a perfect unique creation… all is sacred and divine around you .. as you embrace this, breathe it in … feel it … let your breath get softer, slower, velvety, deeper … lengthen it … inhale deeply … and suspend your inhale …. feel the stillness therein … nothing to do, nowhere to go … you are IT, all is IT .. perfectly as it should be in THIS NOW … resisting this is futile, and like a denial that makes no actual sense … embracing this makes you infinite, connected to all and taste the wholeness in this very now … the eternal perfection .. you are alive now … you are full of gifts, you will discover more … life is rich, dynamic, full of beauty in all you can behold right now … let’s feel grateful for being here and now … so incredible … every idea, sensation included .. NOW … include any resistance or willing surrender and anything in between this vast spectrum of being…

Wherever we all are right now, reading this … perception so unique. Life so unique. Let us recognise we have arrived in this moment and only see some aspects of all that is … we can only see as much as we are willing to open up to .. and we don’t usually see the bigger, fullest picture .. meaning: you are walking this, semi blindfolded, for the adventure, the unique unfolding, the learning, the experience of contrast, perception, creativity … it is in this separateness we play and move .. and yet, once we drop that, as we expand more and more in consciousness  – while taking care of the physical appearing vessel so it can hold and receive and process this awareness – we realise it all … yes … we dissolve and become consciously one … with all ..what a gift … to move to these states, experiences and recognising who we truly are … wow … I’m in awe each time!

Allowing yourself to master and see who you are … breathe consciously … be here and now as much as you can … presence … let the shoulders relax .. feel the soles of your feet … feel the breath, the air, the scent .. the sensations .. gravity .. wow … what a gift this life is ….

The rest of this newsletter is now a repeat of last week’s, sharing the info about our new workshops, classes and our upcoming retreat to Rishikesh and Amritsar in December!!!! I seriously am filled with cosmic bliss and a huge overwhelming wave of unconditional love just tuning into it …

Oceans of love !!!
Take awesome care of yourself!!! Love yourself like there’s no tomorrow !!!

Sat Nam !!!