If you master the mind, you master the whole universe because once you master your mind and bring it to neutrality the Universal Mind will serve you. ~Yogi Bhajan

The mind is beyond time and space. It is part of the Universal Mind. It is given to you as an instrument to serve you. What happened? It became your master and you became the servant. The mind becomes a monster when it becomes your master. The mind is an angel when it becomes your servant.  ~ Yogi Bhajan

What to do with the mind?
Meditation. What prepares you to receive this higher communion with your being. Many things can take you there, and one is the specific ancient science and wisdom of kundalini yoga!

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Warm greetings of joy to you!!!

Great excitement bubbles through me as I begin to write this newsletter … writing is spontaneous … Let’s talk about awakening …

So what is this about? Awakening to what, you may ask? And how does this fit in with Kundalini Yoga?

Awakening to who you truly are. Because while we are buying into what we are not, we simply suffer … maybe not initially, but eventually.

Awakening to your true self is incredible … exhilarating. The ultimate and only true union. Holding onto ideas of what you are not, feels restrictive, and we may ride that wave for a while, but ultimately it is unsatisfying. You know something is missing … something big. Something significant. And life will reveal this to you through stress.

So what is missing?

Some refer to it as loving yourself truly, unconditionally. Recognising the DIVINE in you, as you; that pulse of creative, blissful, centred, calm and infinite life itself …

There are many ways in which this search and ultimate need manifests.

Often I share about yogic perspectives in class, through various layers of perception we call the chakras; which are centres of consciousness that we can be aligned or misaligned with.  Are we grounded? Are we ruled by fear? Are we flowing? Speaking our truth? Trusting our heart? Are we ok with uncertainty? Are we ok with our primal and higher selves?

For me it is also very simple. Here is a short cut.
The egoic self, the identified self as an individual, a pure focus on that, is being asleep, in other words not awake to the truth of who you are. Sometimes that sleep is ok and all we can ‘enjoy’ it for a while. We are not ready to let the false identity with the ego die. Yes, it is sometimes easy and obvious, other times it is so hard, letting go of egoic concepts it is like a part of you is dying. And so it is. And it is painful but hugely liberating. People will come into your life to help you with this, by triggering you to feel this!

Another way to look at it is to question your beliefs, starting to observe and become aware of the thoughts we regularly identify with, the repetitive nature of certain ideas… and the effects that have upon our way of being in the world. All thoughts have an energy and create a reverberation outward to then have it manifested.

These systems (of thought: conscious and unconscious) are extremely complex and the yogis have seen through them all.

Waking up is not about seeing auras, or the law of attraction, feeling energy or your healing abilities … these are wonderful experiences, yes!

… waking up it is about realising totally who/what you are and who/what you are NOT. It is not about your wealth or relationships or such things, although they reflect your belief systems and mirror your internal world. Ultimately though awakening is about dropping the ideas of ‘I know’ and realising beyond that .. then tapping into the vast field of infinite consciousness from which you are never separate. You realise you are not the doer. It is all one and the same Source/God/Field of Consciousness/Love/The Divine.

I notice that while I hold any belief ultimately, my ego is at play, and I am in my own limited prison and cannot, in that way, behold the expanded nature of what I truly am.

At this stage, right now, there is an acceleration for me to be dropping more and more concepts and to surrender even more … there seems an endless ocean for this, which means an endless way in which the egoic (false) sense of self is holding on and trying to keep a sense of identification. … it is seen and felt as suffering! I observe, I don’t enjoy it (those limiting beliefs), my being wants to release i/them .. and it is! That is grace …

As many spiritual masters explain in so many ways, while we are identified with the ego self, there is attachment, and hence suffering, limitation and there is a believing in a lie about the ultimate reality.

You know it is time to shift when the suffering becomes obvious and the false belief becomes uncomfortable to hold on to anymore! Thank God too!

The stress of holding on and resisting our invitation to spiritual growth (conscious expansion) – and hence peace, alignment, joy, bliss, awakening –  manifests in many ways, uniquely for humans: as stress in the body, tightness, fears, anger, tears, resistance, passions that take much of your focus, looking to compensate with other things like perhaps food, drink, alcohol, sex, people, entertainment, new partners, internet, intense hobbies and fixations, gambling… risk taking behaviours … depression … blame … etc .. these are all unique for us all.

And that is totally ok. It is part of the journey and of the process too.

They are here. If they are. And seeing this is awareness.

So all this is part of the human spectrum and arises in all of us from time to time, to certain degrees, whether we recognise it or not.

So how does Kundalini Yoga fit into this and helps us to awaken from illusion and delusion? 

See my little reflections below …

Please know I am merely using words to describe my experience and seeing … using words to describe intricate details that could take up volumes to fill an entire library.

This awareness used to stop me from wanting to write. For this is just ‘my’ perspective. Yours is equally as valid and divine!
For this is a limitation and inside me dwells some perfectionist as a personality … I see this and hence write anyway … it is seen that everything is a tiny part of the entire incredible experience we call life … nothing can truly touch it in words … so please rest assured that your version is as relevant as mine and anybody elses’ … that I respect your unique difference as another way for the divine consciousness to dance … there is no inherent judgement here at all … judgement may arise in moments, different preferences may be seen, but even that is illusion ultimately. Seeing these and not identifying is the key. We live in a vast field of collective (oneness) consciousness. What is yours or mine is really not separate.

My challenge has been that I began having higher expectations and projections of someone very close to me … and often our most intimate partners are here to show and reflect anything that most other people would not bring up in us … this is a great gift, and hard work, and supremely rewarding… the ultimate gift are those who trigger us the most! While we can be triggered, there is seeing to happen and ego to release … how wonderful!!!! I bow to that and all triggers and triggerers! 

Kundalini Yoga and Awakening

Kundalini Yoga is totally about you realising your true infinite nature, and the kriyas show this every week, as I hear feedback and also of course experience it myself since my very first class! It is here to liberate us from hidden delusions, pain, stored away emotions and it does a brilliant job of it.

If you have stopped attending class, because the pain of release was too much, please reply to this email and if you are interested, allow me to share with you support and yogic insights and tips to move through these. Yes, do rest and take a break, it is all in divine timing, and YOU know what you need!! 

Realising the fact that we store memories and tensions in the body plus in your unconscious programming, is deeply honoured in kundalini yoga and the way of release from long-held painful experiences, hurts, wounds, limitations from difficult past experiences …. this is done by awakening the balanced flow of energy (chi, prana, life force) through your many bodies: pranic body, physical body, mental body … chakras .. and beyond … we have *ten energetic bodies,  that kundalini yoga will work to balance you with, so you can feel aligned with your totality. (This*  is the kriya for the week by the way!!! See more below)

The kriyas which rewire blockages will allow spontaneous seeing, healing and deep inner guidance. This can be confronting at times… but trust me and trust yourself – you deep down want that spiritual and physical and mental liberation … it is work … and it is truly being alive, conscious and incredible!!!!

Often people want a happy pill…
but they don’t last
they don’t really empower you
they don’t teach you to embody it
they are short term illusive happiness

Kundalini yoga is working your being for lasting change into your truth, which is a graceful, deep, integrated, high frequency way to truly be alive, vibrant and boundless and free … freely creative, freely yourself, freely giving and present and embracing all life offers you on your resonance … to expansion … being able to see problems and challenges as wonderful invitations for release, expansion and self-realisation.

So how does it do it?

We change our breathing which heightens relaxation and expands consciousness by changing your brain frequencies.
Your pranic intake is increased for healing and shift. Increased health, vitality and energy.

As the body moves and it is able to hold higher frequencies more, and your eating and self care habits improve — all so you can hold the higher frequency at with you vibrate  … your meridians release and your entire being heals and starts to experience its full potential … these are called miracles, in kundalini yoga, the yogis said these are normal things to expect …

This is in you. This is available. To all!

We also realise the neutral mind .. the meditative mind … from here we make amazing decisions that reverberate into other peoples lives as beneficial too … we tap into our knowing, into our higher consciousness … this gives grace and courage… the mind is programable .. we un-programme the unconscious as these rise to the surface .. there may be the last experience of unconscious outbreaks and habits after a kundalini yoga class … that is the energetic leaving of that heaviness and the lightening of the load and mental balance arriving …

We deeply relax, training your being the art of letting go … surrender …self healing … trusting ‘ease’…  so much goes on as we balance the energy flow and the physical body just adjusts naturally …

Each move and practise is so very deep … each kriya, each meditation rewires you into better, healthy alignment .. so you can be that total being consciously… it is like brushing teeth, which we all do 2-3 times a day; why are we not doing yoga/meditation daily? Even just the (conscious) breathing ? So much identification with the physical, when in actual fact the physical will benefit even more from a heightened consciousness that directs its life.

We are remembering to not take the amazing temple called the body for granted … there is great wisdom within it .. equally we are remembering that the mind is programmed to protect us from past fears, and we are recognising that we don’t need to be run by every thought .. to see this and become conscious of these things, in a world where the information field to influence the mind in any direction, seems to have sped up and more information is available to almost overwhelming amounts, possibly confusing us from knowing which way to turn … so we may borrow more truths. There are endless relative truths.

The real truth does not need to be proven or derived from a story. It simply is. And it is universal.  The way to realise this is: inward. Here is the greatest gem of all. The gem is in you! You are your only source of reality. You experiencing the real you. Through you. Everything else is ‘relative’. And kundalini yoga nourishes, guides and supports this in every way.

This explains my passion for it, doesn’t it? Such true JOY!

Finally and most importantly I wish to say that there are MANY ways to reach awakening or true self discovery, and the road is not usually a straight road. There is great order and beauty within the apparent chaos. Check out ‘chaos theory’. Check string theory and quantum physics … “Quantum physics shows us that the world is not the hard and unchangeable thing it may appear to be. Instead, it is a very fluid place continuously built up using our individual and collective thoughts.”
– See more at: http://johnassaraf.com/law-of-attraction/why-you-should-be-aware-of-quantum-physics-2#sthash.XxAJs1aO.dpuf

Here is another:




Consciousness/Awareness is everything, affects everything, create your experience.

And kundalini yoga is ALL about helping you realise this in you, as you.

So as you enjoy kundalini yoga, all of your experiences so far lead you to this practise, and from here your consciousness expands, and from this expansion you are in touch with your higher inner guidance more and more … it will then be able to communicate ( with you receiving the communication) about what your being needs next … what kind of food supports you, whether the physical body needs a rest or a swim for example; whether you could do with a healing by a healer, and if so, which healer… it guides you to reveal contrasts and choices of this infinite universal expression. Everything is connected … all you need becomes clear, you can observe it from your clear and pure point of self-awareness. You can observe thoughts coming and going, emotions arising and that is liberation.

We attend yoga or read books or listen to podcasts, or hang out with high frequency/aligned friends to remind us of this truth. Why do we need these reminders? Read the top of this newsletter again (… that reminds me, I love full circles ) … hint: the programmed egoic self, when unchecked, will limit you and help you forget this truth. Hence meditation and release of subconscious programmes are the key. And once again, this is exactly what kundalini yoga is about. It is yoga beyond posture! True union with all that you are! It prepares you to meditate and to align your entire field to experience your infinite self.

This week’s kriya: your ten bodies! An amazing kriya to open you up to the reality of your ten yogic bodies.